Baby Boomer Fashion and Beauty Mistakes: Clothes Your Parents Wear That Maybe They Shouldn’t

Do Boomers really think some of the things they do and wear appeals to our eyes? Nah, mum. Personally, I think they should be told about the things they do that are not so cool; I think it will help them do much better.

If you’re from the boom generation, chances are that you will definitely wage a war after this article, but that’s just all there is to it (tongues out). So, hey, just hang on.

Shortly, we will take you through some of the obviously annoying Baby Boomer Fashion and Beauty Mistakes that you didn’t think of yet. Shall we?

1. Crocs

Crocs as they are known, are majorly shoes invented for boating purposes. They came into being in 2002 and slowly warmed their way into people’s hearts—almost everyone practically wore them. You may think that by everyone, I’m referring to people who have enthusiasm for boat rides, but no, I mean everyone around me. I feel that what drew Crocs closer to people was the fact that they were so easy to wear, and most importantly, they are comfortable. But that’s just it—they are still ugly and shouldn’t have been worn by the Boomer generation.

2. High-waisted Jeans

High waisted Jeans aren’t so cool to be seen on a Boomer’s body. It has a way of making you look a lot bigger than your size, and I’m sure that isn’t what you wanted for yourself, right?

3. Capri Pants (Khaki)

Alright, down to the men. You can’t honestly think that Capri pants are appealing, do you? Most especially when it’s a Khaki; that’s a huge turn-off, and I’m starting to worry about whether you were able to woo girls while on those.

4. Making Everything about Denim

One piece of clothing that hasn’t ever been scarce in my wardrobe is the denim, so I love wearing them a lot. But it gets worse when you have to make a full attire about denims. This is exactly what the Boomer generation did. They do not understand how really annoying it gets, and how this isn’t as beautiful as they think!

5. Socks – Sandals Combination

The wearing of socks against a sandal happens all the time. Each time I observe this particular act, I tend to get confused and wonder how anyone was even able to think up such a combination.

Dear parents, sandals aren’t made to be worn with socks, so, quit the performance of this act.

6. Tight Shoes

I keep seeing Boomer women who maybe saw something different in tight shoes that ends up causing them pain. That’s pretty not cool. Shoes are supposed to offer you comfort and a balanced ground to walk on. At your age, you shouldn’t patronize fashion items that would stress you further.

7. Too Much Make-up

Wearing makeup is totally fine. But you should make it look good right? You can start by purchasing quality makeup products; as they will help you achieve good and flawless makeup.

So, there you have it; Baby Boomer Fashion and Beauty Mistakes that you shouldn’t make. I hope this article proves helpful.