Can Wearing Silver Affect Your Health?

Wearing silver pieces and jewelry happens to be one of the major ways of beautifully adorning yourself. They usually come in a metallic form ranging from earrings to bracelets to necklaces to anklets and more.

Can Wearing Silver Affect Your Health?

Wearing silver has done more good to our health than we could ever imagine. Silver has several health benefits as outlined below.

1.  With its microbial property, silver does well to help fight infections.

2. It helps in the prevention and cure, flu, and a great source of injury healing.

3. It helps to regulate heat in the human body and also improves blood circulation.

4. A lot of testimonies abound as silver also helps in regulating moods and improving energy in the human body.

5. Wearing silver aids to boost immunity and cleanliness.

6. It is used for sterilization.

Why Try Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23?

Natural Immunogenics is a health and wellness company known for supplements that help improve our overall body health.

Looking for a way to supplement physical silver metals? Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23 product line may be a good fit. Hospitals have already adopted using similar silver products and are using them to carry out health procedures on their patients.

Argentyn 23 is a bioactive silver hydrosol that promotes safe living. It’s a very efficient professional supplement type that thrives on its efficacy to make the human system better.

Features of Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23

1. It absorbs easily, because it comes in fragments as small as 0.8 nanometers, so it’s easier for it to smoothly go through every part of the body system without hindrance.

2. It’s charged positively at above 98% of silver ions of bioactives as well as silver nanoclusters.

3. It’s purified. The major thing that makes this product stand out is the mere knowledge of the fact that it’s made out of just two ingredients, which are distilled pharmaceutical-grade purified water, usually packed in dark non-leaching amber glass bottles.

Argentyn 23 existed for a very long time. It has been recommended by the doctors because of the level of expertise that was out into formulating it. It’s effective, it’s pure, and it doesn’t disappoint you.

Is available in a liquid, spray, gel and more.

Note: You can meet your doctor to be sure that you are safe to take this supplement. For dosage information, read the label on each individual product and get confirmation form your health care provider that it suits your unique health needs.

The saying goes ­– health is wealth. Protect your health by investing in foods and supplements that will help you. Silver is an important part of our health; invest in it.