Celebrity Style Icons & Menswear News

When we think of our forefathers, we rarely think of them in a fashionable sense. However, over the decades, male celebrities have been taking more and more space in the fashion world. These days, you can barely talk about celebrity heartthrobs without thinking about their style and their consciousness of what is fashionable, what is fit, and what is good looking. (All you have to do is look at an issue of GQ magazine!)

Long ago ,the span of menswear news and fashion awareness did not go beyond a pair of jeans and t-shirts. With the aid of icons and statements, menswear fashion has been evolving.

This consciousness has given rise to several style icons, most of whom are celebrities, although in a sense, every man with an appreciation for fashion can be considered a style icon in some sense.

From menswear news below are some fabulous male celebrity style icons.

Menswear News Celebrity Style Icons

Tom Hardy

His celebrity is usually not the first choice of many when thinking of style icons, fashion or what is fashionable. This may be due to the fact that he doesn’t have much care for fashion trends and stuff. He is considered a celebrity style icon in menswear news mainly because his sense of fashion and style of dressing is effortless.

This sort of effortless fashion sense is what a modern man should embody; it is also trendy even though it is casual. He is one of our style icons, because he gives off the vibe that’s he wears clothes out of necessity. All these qualities make Tom Hardy a fashion icon, because sometimes you don’t need to overthink what you wear. You can wear a three-piece suit to the red carpet, but jeans and jacket is a fashionable way to step out of the house sometimes. These are exemplified by Tom Hardy.

Jack Guinness

This is another celebrity on our style list, as his style is usually showcased at the parties that he is invited to by his celebrity friends. He is a top male model, and his style is considered cool without effort. Part of his fashion style is his famous beard, accompanied with suits that have textures that are considered bold.

His suits usually have patterns. This is generally not easy to swallow, but somehow It works, perhaps because of the confidence that Jack Guinness exudes whenever he steps out in his iconic wears. You can try any of his looks and rock it with all confidence, because confidence is an indispensable accessory in fashion.

Kanye West

This is a celebrity style icon that has shaken the fashion world with his bold denim choices. Kanye West is a rapper that is a fashion icon for several reasons, his fashion line, and marrying one of the most famous female fashion icons of this age, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West is always in the spotlight, and he doesn’t shy away from it, this no doubt informs part of his sense of dressing well. The vibe of his style sense is highly influenced by the streets. You can always spot Kanye West wearing jeans that are ripped, hoodies, or t-shirts. It is obvious that Kanye West experiments with several clothing pieces and textures.

His appreciation is limited to single colors, as well. He loves black, ripped jeans, and bold Timberlands. Any street style you can think of that exists – Kanye West has most likely experimented with it.

No matter your lifestyle, fashion is an important part of life. Why not look to the latest menswear news and live in style?