Ear Cuffs and Other ’90s Jewelry Make a Comeback

silver-colored earrings

Ear cuffs and other 90’s jewelry are making a comeback with some modern twists as celebrities rock them on the red carpet. Sure there were a large number of styles on the 25th annual critic’s award but ear cuffs were what stole the show. Different celebrities showcased this 90’s trend in their own marvelous and unique way. An example was Kristen Bell’s ear cuffs which featured a dropped long diamond design. Another spectacular design showcasing this trend was Anne Hathaway’s ear cuffs which wrapped around her ears gorgeously.

There were different popular trends in the ’90s like baggy jeans and name-plated necklaces but ear cuffs have persevered and are making a come back. With this tread popping back up more and more one better be able to know how to put on ear cuffs and all the different designs to not be left behind by the times. Let’s start with looking at some ear cuff designs the will make anyone look stunning.

. Missoma Silver Pyramid Ear Cuff

These rhodium plated silver ear cuffs are little and don’t take up much ear space which allows one to put on multiple to increase your beauty.

. AeraVida Treble Clef Ear Cuffs

Next up on our lost will have people looking your way just like a charm. This sterling silver ear cuff features a dangling design the can be worn at an orbital position.

. Cherryzz Ear Wrap

Up next on this list, this 18k gold plated ear cuff is definitely going to make a statement. This ear cuff wraps around your ear before being hung up by an orbital hugging cuff.

. AeraVida Dreamcatcher & Ear Cuff Chain

This ear cuff is definitely going to be in a lot of people’s dreams as its simple yet stylish design will make the look fabulous even in people’s dreams. Made with sterling silver and very lightweight this can be worn on the orbital or helix.

. Missoma Claw Celestial Ear Cuff

This 18k gold vermeil mixed with solid sterling silver is simply just elegant. This is a piece that will surely be loved by start-inspired jewelry lovers. This ear cuff features a stacked design that gives it the illusion of being three in one then a star sits on the end.

. SLUYNZ Silver Wave Cuff Earrings

Lastly, ear cuffs made with 925 sterling silver can be worn differently, either by fixing it on your cartilage and dropping it to full length or securing the middle inside your piercing. Different patterns can be used on different sides to give more beautiful looks.

With so many different designs finding an ear cuff that helps you rock the red carpet should be easy enough. And. if you are worried about getting multiple piercings then fear not because some can be worn without piercing to enable you to ride the trend wave.