Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends

We all know that fashion is fluid and never static. The dynamic state of fashion has continued to move with the times. In the new normal that is the COVID-19 pandemic, fashion has evolved to accommodate the “new normal”_ Athleisure clothing. “Athleisure” which is coined from the words “athletics” and “leisure” represents the combination of sportswear usually and formerly in the exclusive preserve of athletes or those who visit the gym and leisurewear. This merger, that is athleisure, are a growing trend and one that can be traced to the lockdown and certainly seems bound to continue for a long time after. We know you want to move with the times and that is why we have created this list of Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends for your perusal.

  1. Tennis Dressing

During the height of the pandemic, we had no choice but to stay at home to keep safe from the scourge. We sat in our short skirts and short like the ones donned by Tennis players and even now as the restrictions are being lifted, that trend is to continue. There’s something extra stylish yet so simple about tennis dressing that even if you’ve never played the sport, it is a look you should go for as it is set to continue trending this Fall 2021.

  1. Terry Fabric

Terry fabric makes it onto our list of Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends not just for its ability to keep you warm but because it is very comfortable. You can make your Terry Fabric work by styling it into shorts or sweat pants accentuated with jewelry.

  1. Sports Bras

Sports bras have always been a thing. But non-traditional sports bras backless tops and front with low rise cuts are expected to trend this Fall 2021. While these non-traditional sports bras will perform the task of normal sports bras, they are a riskier choice as they are shaped better.

  1. Cutouts

This COVID-period has had us all covering up to limit the risk of infection. But with the COVID-19 vaccine readily available and restrictions being lifted, it is expected that people want to show more skin. And with that expectation comes the trend of cutouts that are in themselves sexy and stylish.

  1. One-shoulder Tops

This Fall 2021, one-shoulder tops are bound to make a resurgence. They will replace your everyday tank tops. It is a classy and sexy look that shows just the right amount of skin.

  1. Brands

One trend which is bound to continue to trend this Fall 2021 is branding. Before now, it was commonplace to see designers promote their brands by plastering their names on their garments. In Fall 2021, their approach is more subtle. The trend now is for designers to use the logos of their brands as a design on their own.

  1. Jumpsuits

Our Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends would not be complete without jumpsuits. Jumpsuits save you the hassle of finding a bra that matches your leggings. They are a fashionable way to finesse that sophisticated monochrome look and they are set to trend this Fall 2021.