Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion and Design

Today I would be talking about Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion and Design. We all know that fast fashion shows garments made with machines, produced in high quantities, priced lowly, and then would have a deficient quality. They are the type of products that ends up in landfills. 

Slow fashion garments are those that are made using hand. They consume a lot of time, and they are done using a high level of talent. They have high prices and have very high quality.

These slow fashion clothes are comfortable and warm even after washing them over a while. They could last for a lifetime. 

Sustainable fashion is concerned with making use of upcycled, repurposed, organic materials. The selection is made by opting for materials with a reduced amount of chemicals, minimal impact, less waste, less resource, energy, and dyes. 

Slow fashion

The author of Sustainable Fashion, Kate Fletcher, explained the essence of shifting to a more sustainable fashion industry. This word was coined when she followed the prolonged movement of food. The main property of slow fashion is that it is produced with high quality and not in bulk. This is done with a high emphasis on craftsman skills. The raw materials are gotten locally as products are made with hands. All steps are checked gently, which makes the entire process very expensive. 

This slow fashion serves as an ethical bond between raw materials, the environment, and the labor force. The traditional and classic design methods of creating clothes and fabric are parts of it. This languid fashion is not seasonal. It doesn’t work as a trend, though. They all take time to produce and prepare, and they all have purposes with high levels of intention. This approach looks at the complete life cycle of the entire product. These are targeted and sustainable to serve for a very long period. These are available in tiny stores and not available in large retail outlets. Annually there are limited collections. 

What choices do people have?

Different people choose to purchase high-quality things; bio is degradable, limited edition, organic, primarily natural too. This is the result of the high amount of awareness caused by the harmful effects of speedy fashion.

My thoughts on Fast Fashion Vs. Sustainable Fashion and Design 

The thing is, the way everyone lives presently, we wear clothes for different reasons. Sustainable fashion and design are essential if you have essential places to go to, like a wedding or graduation or a classic dinner. Do you get it? But if you are staying at home. Not going anywhere special, there is no need for you to wear fancy cloth. That way, you can quickly wear something that was created massively. In other words, fast fashion has its time to shine; sustainable fashion and design also have their time to shine. The important thing is that you wear them when appropriate.