Fuchsia Fashion Trends for 2019

Fuchsia is the unexpected color that happened in 2019. This color has birthed many striking superheroes of fashion on the runway this year – from the U.S. to France and beyond. The 2019 Oscars had fuchsia flying around all over the place, and we have seen our celebrities rocking fuchsia on the streets too. Beyond the runway, fuchsia has also made it into our hearts. This color is a continuation of vibrant, bold, and statement colors that we’ve seen in the past years.

While going monochrome with fuchsia is a great fuchsia fashion option, there are also amazing and eccentric ways to use the color of the moment to create a pop of color in your look. A pop of fuchsia fashion from your socks, shoes, blazer, tee, or trousers can make you look more sophisticated than ever. Finish this year off strong and follow the fuchsia fashion trend to fit into the season’s hottest style. Here are six of our favorite looks!

6 Trendy Fuchsia Fashion Staples for Your Closet

Fuchsia Capes

Fuchsia capes can make you realize that capes are not only meant for superheroes, but they are also meant for you! Look radiant by wearing your fuchsia cape over jeans and a tee, or pair a simple dress with little fuschia accessories. When wearing a fuchsia cape, you should let it do all the talking.

Fuchsia Dress

When it comes to trendy types of dresses, nobody looks more vibrant than a lady in a little fuchsia dress. Just as fuchsia is the bright, bold color of the year, it can turn several heads in your direction when you step into a room wearing a fuchsia dress. Be the chic trendsetter and snag a fuchsia dress right now. This fall, try pairing a fuchsia maxi dress with a denim or leather jacket – three of the best fall 2019 styles in stars clothing!

Fuchsia Blazer

Fuchsia blazers are a top item in fuchsia fashion. Make your office wardrobe complete with a stunning fuchsia blazer. One of the top blazers in 2019 is the Jacquemus Raffaella Wool Blazer that is selling out everywhere. You can easily pair your fuchsia blazer with jeans and a white tee, or a flowing flowery dress.

Fuchsia Satin

Fuchsia looks amazing in satin. One of the best fuchsia moments in 2019 was when Rihanna turned heads in a fuchsia satin mini backless dress at her latest Fenty launch. It’s an excellent fashion staple for all seasons. It speaks elegance for every occasion you decide to grace. Steal the moment with a fuchsia satin piece at your next event.

Fuchsia Shoes

Create a smoldering hot look with a monochrome fuchsia dress by pairing it with your favorite fuchsia shoes. You can also create a color pop with just fuchsia shoes in case you don’t want to go monochrome. Several designers including Zara, Gucci, and others are making fuchsia shoes this year.

Fuchsia Leather

Leather is amazing but classic when in fuchsia. Fuchsia leather in a skirt and pants can make you look absolutely stunning and stylish. Fuchsia leather is one of the most amazing fashion items to own at the moment.