woman in black minidress and black sunglasses standing on street

The fashion industry has been firmly established since humans knew how to put on clothes. Whether it was to make a statement or inspire an entire generation, fashion as a form of expression has been immortalized and keeps evolving.

With each passing decade comes a new fashion trend that takes over the world and inspires a new era of change and expression. 

It is no secret, though, that women are the highest consumers of fashion, and they are constantly looking forward to the latest trends, what’s in and what’s out, and how they can keep improving their appearances. Fashion moguls and icons are tasked with coming up with impressive styles that keep the people wanting more. This kind of enthusiasm has turned the fashion industry into the billion-dollar industry it is today.

As a woman, it could be a little hard and stressful to keep up with the fashion trends today, and sometimes you want to throw on a cape and waltz out of the house without a single care in the world. But, even with all the ever-changing styles and trends, there are some that remain a staple of women’s fashion no matter the era.

One such example is the Little Black Dress (LBD). This is a dress that has stood the test of time by remaining versatile and body-type friendly. Honestly, if you do not have this phenomenal piece in your closet, then you probably just got to planet earth. The LBD is a must-have outfit that should be in your closet. 

But, how did the Little Black Dress become such a staple in women’s fashion? The one and only Coco Chanel initially introduced this dress sometime in the 1920s as a Flapper Frock. However, it got its first real shot at the spotlight when the legendary Audrey Hepburn adorned it in the first scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hepburn wore the LBD styled as a sheath designed by Givenchy, and since then, the dress has been worn and styled by so many influential women that it has cemented its place in fashion down to recent times.

The most pleasant thing to note about the Little Black Dress is that it is timeless enough to make a bold statement without being too distracting, no matter how it is styled or who wears it. The LBD has got you covered no matter your taste in fashion, edgy, flashy, or conservative. 


From the early 1920s until now, the Little Black Dress has been worn by so many different people in many different ways, and it has maintained its authenticity and simplicity. The evolution of the LBD is so timeless that women of all classes and ages can afford to wear it according to their taste and still appear chic and fashion-forward. The dress is a wardrobe essential that cannot be over-emphasized. If you do not have this staple piece in your closet, then it’s never too late to shop for one, as it never goes out of style and will forever be trendy.