How to Clean Hats Properly

I’ll be talking about ways you can clean hats very well. I’ll be focusing my attention on baseball caps because they can get dirty. Let’s go. 

The Fast Clean

You can wash a baseball cap quickly using this method if it just needs an easy refresh. 

It would be best if you start by filling your basin or your sink using cold water. You can also drop some laundry detergent. Then dunk your hat and then let your water flow out. This way, you get to create some suds. Allow your baseball hat to stay in the foam for about five to ten minutes. 

It would help if you carried the hat and then rinse it seriously using cold water. Then squeeze the water out of the hat with ease. Do it like this so the brim wouldn’t get twisted. These could bend things out and rip the shape. Use clean towels and pat your hat down. You can hang your hat or change the shape of the hat. You can also use a towel to make it dry. 

But I’m sure this isn’t why you came to read this article. You want your baseball hat to look as clean as you bought it. That’s okay. That’s normal too. Read the next part of this article. That has precisely what you’re looking for. Don’t go putting your baseball hat inside the washing machine, though. 

The Deep Clean

Using these methods, you can change your baseball hat and make it so clean one would think you just purchased it. 

Wear gloves before you start. Use a basin or a sink with freezing water. Make use of Oxiclean as instructed by the producers. 

Target areas that have high stains. Put the hat inside the foam and then apply a detergent on the spot. You could make use of a very soft toothbrush and scrub the area gently. 

It would help if you allowed your hat correctly, along with your Oxiclean solution, for about an hour. You should check your hat, and then you should see if all those high stains are not there anymore. 

It would be best if you then rinsed your hat in immaculate cool water. You should follow the steps above to dry the hat by making use of a towel. 

If you’ve got a baseball hat that’s made with a brim from cardboard, you would not want to pour water all around. Make use of the detergent and attack those parts that have grave dirt.

Can I clean my Baseball Cap inside the dishwasher? 

You could wash it, I guess. But don’t do this all the time. It would be best if you washed it with your hands in the piece. 

If you want to use the dishwasher by force, use cold water and handle everything gently. Not in a rush.

But since you came here and I’ve taught you how you can wash your baseball hat by hand, why the dishwasher again. Using the dishwasher has lots of consequences, and you need to be very careful as you try using it on your lovely baseball hats. You’ve been warned.