How to Decorate a Womens’ Army Style Jacket

So you’ve got a womens’ Army style jacket, and you want to decorate it, but you don’t know how or what to use. Well, try these styles from downtown Los Angeles at the YMI jeans showroom for womens’ Army style jacket ideas.

Womens’ Army Style Jacket Decorations

These jackets range in any type of color, size, and design. Opt for bulky, complete camouflage, or a cropped version.

People use womens’ Army style jackets in casual looks, but you might want to know how to style it for a more sophisticated occasion.

So on the model, you could take a fitted green womens’ Army style jacket and pair it with a graphic t-shirt. This is great way to add some personal style to a basic denim jeans and t-shirt outfit. Use one with gold detail and skinny jeans to keep the casual cute look.

The sophistication comes from the high heels and accessories you wear. This is to add to how casual you could look with your womens’ Army style jacket. You could add sleek black pumps and use golden jewelry so it would match with the golden cuffs. Simple gold hoops could be added too to increase the design on your womens’ Army style jacket.

You could also emulate how some countries have Army uniforms with features like high boots, long greatcoats, and collar patches of various ranks. Decorate your womens’ Army style jacket with ornaments and decorations you desire in a similar way using brooches, patches, or lapel pins. You could also wear a peaked cap or a beret. In cooler weather, pair your jacket with a long fashionable scarf that matches your trousers. Voila!

Have a great time while you enjoy your womens’ Army style jacket.