Top Japan Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers, in general, have the power to influence a vast majority of people via social media and blog writing. Japan has produced some of the best fashion bloggers in the world, providing fashion tips and secrets to anyone looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends in Japan.

Japanese culture has a long, rich history of unique traditional clothing and ceremonial costumes (such as the sleek kimono), while cities like Tokyo bring a modern, almost futuristic view of style to the fashion world. From the world of entertainment, Anime-inspired Lolita and Kawaii styles can also be seen on the streets. It’s a feast for the eyes, there is something for everyone in the world of fashion that can be found in Japan. These styles are all topics reviewed by the top Japan fashion bloggers.

Some Japan fashion bloggers even go as far as creating their own fashion styles and have successfully brought about trends that are followed by people all over the world. While Japan is a small country, it has shown to have a significant impact on the fashion industry. Without a doubt, fashion bloggers are very important to brands and without them, some brands would not have gone as far as they have. This implies fashion bloggers deserve way more recognition than they are accorded – at least we think so!

What We Love About Japan Fashion Bloggers

Japan fashion bloggers are very diversified in terms of age and style, with some as young as 15 years old and some with questionable fashion styles. Nonetheless, you are sure to benefit from following any one of the bloggers mentioned in this article. Often, the best way to get it right is to follow those doing it right! Here are some of the top Japan fashion bloggers you should consider following to remain relevant whether you’re in Japan or anywhere else in the world.

5 Top Japan Fashion Bloggers


Who better to give you fashion advice than a young, vibrant fashionista? Mappy is a teenager making waves in the fashion blogging scene. In 2014, she was one of the top seven female fashion bloggers/Instagrammers to be followed by Vogue Japan. Mappy is full of style and excitement and also features affordable clothing which she promotes on her Instagram page.

Tetsuko Okuhira

The writer and manager of the Japan fashion blog “Cotton Candy,” Tetsuko is also a fabulous wife and mother. When she is not fulfilling her numerous duties as a mother and wife, she uses her blog to write about her life adventures filled with fashion, fashion… and more fashion.

Yuki Kinoshita

Not only is Yuki a top Japan fashion blogger, but she is also an actress, model, and mother. She has shown a unique and interesting approach to fashion and as such has gained over 30K subscribers on her fashion blog. So yes, you’re probably missing a whole lot if you’re not following Yuki.

Emi Suzuki

Besides having a pretty cool-sounding name and a perfect face to go with it, Emi has been a model since 1999. Her blog, “Little Bit,” serves as a photo album filled with awesome pictures of her professional activities and is a go-to blog for top trends in the fashion industry.

Natalia Natchan

Natalia is not originally from Japan but quickly got accustomed to the country’s culture and fashion while staying in Japan and studying hair and makeup at a vocational school. She runs a YouTube channel that is all the rage about her life in Japan.

Still wondering if these are the best Japan fashion bloggers? Check out their blogs and Instagram pages for further confirmation!