Live Stream Shopping is the Newest Fashion Trend

Like Luisa and Espirit, Bambuser is a live video shopping platform that showcases fantastic beauty brands and the latest fashion trends. Can you believe Live Stream shopping is the newest fashion trend? Well, I’m not surprised because the COVID 19 pandemic has done so much to the world. It has done so much I can’t even begin to explain its impact. 

The world has entered the world of live shipping. Being partners with Bambuser,  NAME IT is one of the highest-selling brands that launched its live shipping platform, which broadcasts all things available for sale. It has a dub name called NAME IT LIVE. Quite catchy right? 

NAME IT would broadcast a lot of times weekly. It has prominent Danish influencers on occasion. They take high part as guests or hosts. It has initially been restricted to a Danish audience. NAME IT LIVE’s inaugural broadcast kicked off on the 22nd of February 2021. 

We are all so proud of being one of the first Danish kids to have a brand that has launched a live shopping broadcast. This possibility is so unique, and we are glad that we could beautifully communicate with our customers. Using live streams, we would highlight trends and styles. We would also share content that’s more educational, like those from our Better Materials program. Matilde Louise Damsgaard stated this. She’s an international marketing manager from NAME IT LIVE. 

VERO MODA expects us to be available live on some specific days. We plan to run about three different shows on three different days. We have our main focus on Denmark, Germany, and then the Netherlands. 

VERO MODA expects to go live on Friday 26 February 2021, with a run of three shows in three days, with an initial focus on Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany.

When we checked out our statistics, we have fantastic live viewings from Facebook, which increased by about fifty percent all through the time the world was on lockdown. Viewings on IG increased by 70%. 89% of our consumers increased their live shopping in the year that’ll soon be here. That’s what VERO MODA stated. 

We do not doubt that this live format is highly relevant, and the direction retailers need to go through should be followed. Another essential thing for one to note is that consumers need to have proof before purchasing what they need, and they need to be reassured. Human-driven content like influencer streams is essential to create trust between the clients and the owners of the business.

My thoughts on live stream shopping

I’m excited about this, honestly speaking. Now people can shop for practically everything over the internet. WOW. Like, this great. Now I want a broadcast to go on. Let me select what I’ll like to purchase from Bambuser. They are doing a great job. I’m glad for them. We need more businesses to upgrade to this level of mobile freedom and innovation. Kuddos guys.