Looking for Made for Life Clothes? These Fabrics Won’t Wear Out!

It’s pretty annoying to buy a shirt that only lasts through a few washes, only to fall apart, rip at the seams, or shrink a couple weeks after we bought it. We all want clothes that last forever. But with the “fast fashion” craze of today, manufacturers make clothing out of cheap, inexpensive, and trendy materials that aren’t built to last. So what happens if you actually want made for life clothes from fabrics that won’t wear out?

Made for Life Clothes: Best Fabrics for Longevity

There are some fabrics that last for several years without wearing out, no matter how many times you wear them. However, if you want to have made for life clothes, you must be willing to spend a few extra bucks. In the long run, this will benefit you in the long run, as you will not have to spend money buying replacement clothes.

4 Made for Life Clothes Fabrics


Besides the fact that cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear, it is also one of the most long-lasting. Clothing (or bed sheets) made with Egyptian or pima cotton are generally softer and more resilient than non-organic fabrics. Of course, there are cheaper cotton fabrics, which only goes to show that in order to get the best quality, you should be willing to pay a bit higher.

Denim is tied with cotton for durability and longevity, but you’ll have to look for the thicker denim used in jeans and jackets a few decades ago. Modern denim products, unless they’re from higher quality brands, tend to fade and rip after a few wears. … (Talk about “wear and tear!”)


Polyester has many features that make it a perfect fabric for made for life clothes. Because it is a synthetic fabric made from plastics, it is very strong and can last for several years without tearing or fading. It is also a fast-drying material, which is extra convenient for those with an active lifestyle.


Like polyester, Rayon is a synthetic fabric, but it is composed of materials made from plants. This makes it extremely durable and breathable.


Known to be an expensive and tasteful fabric, cashmere will not wear out for years to come as long as you buy the original, not the cheaper versions. It is however a delicate fabric, so don’t wear it while doing chores or strenuous outdoor activities.

Fabrics are deemed durable based on what they can be put through and how well they last under such conditions. This includes constant stretching, sweat, or general strain placed on your clothes during outdoor activities and exercise. Of course, clothes that you sweat in a lot will not last as long as those you wear just to go to the store.

So, in deciding which fabric is the best for you, be sure to consider what you’re going to be doing in those clothes. The idea that these are made for life clothes does not mean they are suitable for all kinds of activities.