Mask Fashion Styles During the Pandemic

Different Mask Fashions people have worn during the pandemic as a result of fear and confusion. I was about to rewrite something confusing. But I’m going to wing this.

Mask Fashion Styles During the Pandemic refers to the different types of masks different people wore during the time that the COVID-19 virus was spreading all through the world like wildfire. We’ve heard that the pandemic has reduced in some countries, while in some countries the numbers are still increasing. Well, that’s happening because these people that spread the disease were not wearing their face masks properly and they left everything open. This would make the virus spread faster and make more people catch it. This was even was made this pandemic start in the first place. It started as a result of the fear of death and not knowing how to manage and handle the situation. These are why different people went ahead to make their face masks. Using different types of materials and designs. Let me break them down for you to understand.

List of Mask Fashion Styles During the Pandemic

Created by Designers 

In the pandemic, I’ve seen people especially celebrities that have gotten their face masks created specifically for them by these designers. You would see some of them with face masks that have their names on it or has their logo on it. That’s all cool though. 

Created to match the remaining other clothes

I’ve seen people that sew native dresses or gowns that are like pink in color and then they would tell their seamstress to sew them a face mask that would match the cloth they would put on. Thus way they are protecting themselves from the pandemic and at the same time looking as gorgeous as ever. I would like to do this one of these days. 

Gotten from Hospitals 

The usual face masks which can be gotten by anyone from hospitals. These are the types that are used in hospitals for surgery. People these days wear them out. You can find these mostly in supermarkets or malls. It is easy to get, easy to carry around, and very easy to the disposer.

Tying Head Dress in front of the nose and mouth 

There are people in some countries in the world that I think cannot afford the usual face masks. They instead get their hair dress and cover their faces. Their mouths and their nose are covered. This doesn’t work because with this, the virus can still penetrate and thus that’s a waste of time.

Using shirts to Cover face in a hurry 

There are places you can’t go to without a face mask. I know people that would just use a nearby shirt, cover their faces, and go where they want to go to. This is also not safe because if the virus comes, it would get you without stress. After all, you are not guarded enough.