Mom Jeans are back! Why High-Waist Jeans are in Fashion This Year

No one needs to tell you what they are; you will definitely know one when you see it. What are we talking about here? They are the Mom Jeans. They are always plain and simple with ballooning hips, generous thighs, and sky-high waist. Recently, these jeans were taken out of the market as many claims that they have become old-fashioned and unflattering, and that they are only for mothers.

These jeans that were once ridiculed in 2003 have made their way back and are now being embraced by sexy, slim celebs, including mothers Kourtney Kardashian and Sienna Miller, and also child-free starlets like Gigi Hadid and Jenner Kendall.

According to one global fashion-search podium, it was discovered that there were about 105% Mom Jeans searches. Right now, people, especially online shoppers in California and New York hunt more for mom jeans than skinnies.

Levi’s is already joining the train: In March, this brand made a new design of the old-fashioned denim shape. The global Women’s VP at Levi’s design, Jill Guenza, describes the Mom Jeans they newly made, as ‘familiar’, and that is actually what they are called.

The resurgence of Mom Jeans is on us.

Why high-way jeans came back in fashion

The creator of one celebrity-bog, Jessica Morgan, gives her verdict on why these jeans came back. She says that one reason why they came back is that they are so ’90s and that they will be like a kind of retro. She also says that people who wear them will find it entertaining.

Jessica Morgan also claims that the people who wear them, including the leggy, conventionally beautiful, and slim ones are rocking them not because they are so beautiful. She said that it is just fashion stuff where things are worn intentionally because they are ugly and interesting.

Amy Leverton who forecast trends and is also the creator of “Denim: Obsession, Vintage, Style,” explains that those mom jeans that have a high roomy butt and nipped-in waist, taper, and then hips and thighs, done in the acid wash or stone wash, were not always a sort of joke.

Leverton explains that the first appearance of these jeans in 1980 referenced the “starlet shapes” that are seen on curvy ladies like Marilyn Monroe. This style was restructured in a different and modern way, but it has a kind of pinup attitude.

This denim cut that is now divisive was a response to the straight-legged, skin-tight style that was molded in the Calvin Klein advert of 1980 by Brooke Shields. Instantly, one bottle-blonde singer, Madonna, adopted it.

Leverton said that she began to notice the renaissance of this trend in 2010 in Europe. This was after Jessica Simpson was cruelly ridiculed on the internet because she was seen with a pair of high-way jeans while performing in Florida in January 2009.

Since then, body positivity has become fashionable, & Morgan suggests that the growing trend of Mom Jeans is actually good news for women.

Since that time, mom jeans continue to become popular and many women and ladies are happy with them. Today, we have the high-way jeans in fashion again.