New Color Blocking Fashion Trends in 2021

The fashion week in New York may have been meandering down already, but the street style of the city has continued to pave way for trends that you need to be familiar with and need to try out today. From the classic dugout coats to audacious animal print, there is a continuous growth of the catalog of styles that you must have as we approach fashion month.

So far, the street style has also been experiencing color stories surfeits. The show-goers of New York and Copenhagen have together proven that investing in the all-over brown trend is really worth the penny. It is also now evident that secondary and primary colors, such as fire-engine red, classic blue, 2020 Pantone’s color, and Kelly green are now becoming core street style color-blocking that are worn together.

As we already know, each year has its trend, and so does color blocking fashion has in 2021. In this article, we will talk about some of the 2021 colorful trends that you need to know and can also try out. Below are 7 ideas that can help you be on track:

New fashion trends in 2021 (color-blocking)

Tory Burch

The first that we are going to talk about is the tie-waist dress (Tory Burch)

If you are talking about a color-blocking dress that has contrasting colors, then this one is a typical example. You are free to pair red with green, as far as there is a contrasting color is used as a drawl or accent. Presently in the market, this Tory Burch dress tie-waist dress is available at 798 USD.

Mohair-blend Logo-Patch Loewe Scarf

The second on our list is the logo-patch Loewe scarf.

This scarf is now reckoned as a staple of the street style, and it is one of the trends that you may like to try out in 2021. It is easy to know why a lot of people love this fashion trend. The main reason is that you can use any outfit to wear this color-blocking scarf. If you have up to 270 USD, then this scarf can be all but yours.

The Row (Ballet flat canvas)

Another trend of 2021 that we have for you is The Row brand of canvas. Secondary colors have been added perfectly to this brand. The sum of 790 USD will get it for you.

Mara Hoffman Cloque Dress

Number 4 on our list of 2021 color-blocking fashion trends is this cloque dress that is being sold for $995. Mere looking at it will make you know its worth.

Ceramic Tray (Octaevo Apollo)

This little item can do two things for you. It can make your home have a touch of 2020 Pantone’s color and can also serve as a tray for you to keep your keys, and you know what this means; that will not get missing. Just $38 can get you this tray.

Panama Notebook (Smythson)

You can upgrade your journal from black to yellow with this brand for $105.

To follow the 2021 color-blocking fashion trends, then you may need one or some of the items/brands mentioned above.