Best Fall 2019 Styles in Stars Clothing

With fall already here, finding clothes to wear can be a little confusing as you want to look appropriate for the weather while looking your very best. That’s why we have celebrities who give the best fall fashion advice – spanning from trends in the U.S. to the latest fashion in French cities – and give you an insight on what to and what not to wear.

This is our list of 2019 best fall outfits in stars clothing based on celebrity interviews.

5 Stars Clothing Trends for Fall

Checkered Patterns

Checkered patterns never go out of style as they are a fall favorite of celebrities from all over the world, including Jessica Alba and Kirsten Dunst. It gives a delicate and sophisticated look, and you can match it with a trench coat, plain colored boots and of course, black sunglasses. They can be paired with other patterns as long as you know what you’re doing. Reds and yellows also pair well with checkered clothing.


Another favorite that never goes out of fall fashion is the denim look. It is simple, yet very fashionable. You can opt for a double denim look or pair it with plainer colors. Double denim would always give off a nice retro look, and you can pair it with your favorite sneakers or stilettos. A lot of stars are spotting the double denim look, and you might want to give it a try.

Maxi Dresses

It is no surprise that among the coolest types of dresses, maxi dresses are a top option among stars clothing. They keep you comfortable, make you look delicate, while also being very fashionable all at the same time. Stars like Halle Berry and Kate Hudson wear maxi dresses for a casual hangout and maybe something a little bit more sophisticated. The great thing about maxi dresses is that they can be paired with plain white sneakers or heels. Some even come with pockets!

Leather Jacket

Just like maxi dresses, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket. They can go with just about any piece of clothing you have on and make you look totally badass. Leather jackets have been fashionable since they ever existed, and this year is no different. So if you have a leather jacket, great, if you haven’t gotten one yet, why?

Trench Coat

This is a no brainer. Trench coats will always be a go-to item for fall, and it’s what everyone looks for whenever the season comes around. It is a cool, yet classy way to appease in just about any occasion, just make sure you pair a trench coat with other clothing appropriately. One important reason trench coats are loved is because they pretty much go with anything thanks to their simple designs. A little action such as pairing it with a belt can go as far as enunciating your waistline and changing your look. Want to really stand out? Try out a fuchsia trench coat, which is the most exciting color trend this year!

If you want to be trendy this fall, be sure you have these fashion staples of stars clothing in your wardrobe!

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