Sunglasses as Fashion Statements Over the Years

Did you know that Sunglasses have served as grand Fashion Statements Over through the Years? Yup. Let me explain. These sunglasses have come a very long way since they got invented in the twelve hundreds. In the twentieth century, the entire world ultimately realized that these shades had become a product that changes according to time. This granted several different looks all through the years to come. 

I saw something I didn’t want to explain. So I’ll go down to it. Sunglasses have represented time as we know it. Like there are some sunglasses you’ll see immediately and be like, “Hey, this sunglass is from so so so era,” do you understand. Like that how these sunglasses have served and remained fashion statements all through the years. Well, let me explain how sunglasses can now be recognized through time specifically. 

From the 1920S

This was the time that sunglasses joined the fashion world, specifically in 1929. This was the time when Sam Foster started selling protective shades on boardwalks on Jersey Shores. It would take a lot of time for them to follow the entire world. Earlier, Hollywood started adopting Grants. These include round frames that showed the world how great these glasses could be. 

From the 1930S

These are beautiful sunglasses. They were seen mostly on the streets. People like Bette Davis enjoyed these glasses so much. Here lots of people continued wearing shades. They did not follow trends that changed with haste. They created precedents that had a classic shape that returned every ten years.

In the 1940S

This year, we had incredible pilots wearing this aviator that was practical at war. These wouldn’t enter the space of fashion till the 70s and 60s. At home, we have trendsetters that enjoy maximal ways of re-making round shades. These were frames that were colorful and quite thick. They had pairs which you needed to have. Pairs that if you did not have them, then you were not cool. 

They also ended up looking like flowers. So lovely. 

In the 1950S

This era marked the first change in the shape of sunglasses. The cat-eye changed and became immensely popular because it started looking like what you needed to wear to show that the wars didn’t kill you. This look was flattering, and it became a significant part of that era. It showed up on celebrities like Hepburn Audrey. 

In the 1960S

This style marked the beginning of the Renaissance culturally. These sunglasses changed as fast as people sewed buttons. These sunglasses changed without wasting any time. 

I don’t have a lot of space, so I’ll bring it down to the 21st century. 

Well, you know how we have glasses of every kind and from every era. I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t have, even if it’s a pair of glasses.

Glasses, especially sunglasses, are excellent, superb, work very well, and sharp. They’ve genuinely served as fashion statements all through years come years passed.