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woman in blue and white floral dress standing on snow covered ground during daytime

Corset Dress Trends

A corset dress is a type of dress that cinches in at the waist, giving the wearer a slim, hourglass silhouette. Corset dresses often have lacing or corset-style details at the back, which can be adjusted to create a more fitted look.

woman with black lipstick and red lipstick

Makeup Trends of the 90s Still Popular Today

The 90s were a time of big hair, bold makeup and lots of glitter. While the trends have changed over the years, many aspects of 1990s makeup are still popular today.

white and brown floral long sleeve shirt

Feng Shui Influences on Fashion Colors for 2022

According to feng shui experts, the colors we wear can have a profound impact on our lives, affecting our mood, energy levels, and even our relationships. So what are the best colors to wear in 2022?