The ’90s Are Back: Get the Perfect Scrunch Hair Style!

With the wake of every new day, styling trends that seem to have been lost to the sands of time are coming back to become the preferred hairstyling trends for the modern day. Perhaps you are one of those lucky individuals who participated in the hair scrunching trend back in the ‘90s. We have good news for you. The scrunch hairstyle is back, and it is even more sophisticated than before.

We’ve come a long way from scrunching with strong hold hair gel. Thankfully, those days are far behind us. This hairstyling technique has undergone some very serious upgrades. In addition, ’80s style crimped hair styling has evolved from the rigid gel-held hairstyle that it once was, to offer a more natural-looking texture. 

But as it is with most styling techniques in the world today, the perfect crimped or scrunched hairstyle is reliant on your hair type. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the beauty and glamour that this hairstyle offers, regardless of whether you have wavy or straight hair. 

So if you are looking to achieve the perfect scrunch hairstyle with or without a mousse, here is how to achieve it. 

Scrunch Hair Style for Curly Hair

As you already know, crimped hair is a great look for people who have curls in their hair, and it is the most laid-back way to style your spirals. You don’t need much to achieve this look on those with curls; just your hairbrush, a diffuser-installed blow-dryer, and mousse (optional). 

To achieve the look, apply mousse to your slightly dampened hair, then brush your mane to allow for an even distribution of the mousse. (We recommend using mousse and other natural hair products from Acure Organics or Aubrey Organics.) Next, bend over, so your hair is hanging loosely in front of you. Then, use your blow-dryer in an upward-movement pattern to supply hot air from the ends of your hair to your scalp. 

While using the blow-dryer on your hair, move the strands upwards and scrunch its ends. Do it again, and again until you have achieved your desired look. Flip your hair back to its natural position and seal the newly crimped hair with your favorite hairspray. 

Scrunch Hair Style for Straight Hair

Scrunching straight hair can be even more rewarding than scrunching curly hair. With the right technique, of course. For more defined straight strands, scrunching offers a lot of options. But you’ll need the right products (hairspray) to make it happen. Also, you’ll need bobby pins, hairbrushes, and mousse. 

To scrunch straight hair, brush your hair to ensure that your strands are not tangled together. Then grab a one-inch section of your mane and twist it from the scalp to the end. Then twist the already twisted section to form a bun. 

Pin down the bun with a bobby pin and repeat the process on other sections of your mane. Spray the buns with your preferred hair spray and let dry. Wait for some time and spray again with a stronger hairspray to seal the scrunch. Remove the buns 15 minutes post-spritzing, and relish a perfect scrunch hairstyle.

Scrunch or crimped hair is a classic look for straight and curly hair. By following the steps provided, you will achieve this style in a matter of minutes.