The End of Sweatsuit Season

It’s so sad for Sweat Suit Season to be over. Over 2020 some people have worn ties and coats all through the year. There are brand new directors like those from the Taiwanese companies of Chicago’s cultural and economical office. They wanted to get acquainted over a Zoom call. One would be sure they’ll be putting on a tie and coat. 

For one not to look disrespectful, one had to dress that way. You know how it is. But the meeting ended up in me going to dress using a proper suit. 

It was just a diplomatic productive, and frank ideas exchange conversation. After talking to him for a few minutes, I realized the time people needed to keep wearing Sweat Suit had ended. 

My Opinion on the End of Sweatsuit Season 

The Pandemic made a lot of people work without wearing pants. There were several different businesses which you could handle in your living rooms. These days, the entire country is going for vaccinations. Everyone is waking up from hibernation. Would one need to start dressing up to go to work? Would one go to work with sweat pants? Would one need to go to the market to purchase brand new clothes? These are brand new challenging times, to be honest. 

Things like courts, trade shows, and the theater are just re-opening. There are financial institutions that have not opened yet. 

Some fashion stores don’t feel there’s any reason to put various displays of clothes on display because they’re not sure anyone would come and buy them or check them out. 

Several shops are in the business of selling clothes. These shops have gotten rid of their mannequins. Thankfully the customers are coming back gently. 

The end of the lockdown 

I’m very sure that title is relatively old news these days. But it’s written like that to explain how Sweatsuit Season has officially ended. Now people that work in offices would need to go to their rooms, enter their drawers and wash off their suits or office clothes. These are important because even though a few offices would let you go to work with your sweatsuit, there are a lot of them that wouldn’t let you do that. The percentage of those that would not stand you coming to the office with your sweat pants is about ninety percent. So you can imagine. The era of Sweat Suits is entirely over. 

How good or bad is this news? 

It is excellent news because many people couldn’t stand being locked down at home. But now, thankfully, that’s all over, and the sun is shining again. It is terrible news for people that love and enjoy wearing nothing but their sweat pants and working at home. It is all good, though. We are humans. We are a robust set of beings. One of the things I love about us humans is that we can quickly adapt to situations. So we would thrive and soar in the absence of wearing sweatsuits all the time.