The Latest Fashion in French Cities

French cities are the homes of eccentric fashion. Paris has been an important fashion center since the 17th-century. Fashion all over the world will always owe a tribute to Paris as the center of development for modern fashion. French fashion is a trendsetter for fitting into Western world fashion.

French fashion has certainly evolved over the years, but as always, it is all about looking good while being comfortable. Becoming the latest fashionista in French cities isn’t the hardest thing to achieve, you only have to get to the end of this post to know the latest fashion in French cities like Paris.

5 of the Latest Fashion in French Cities

Fringe Jackets

What’s a French closet without a perfect fringe jacket? A fringe jacket is stylish and eccentric Western outerwear that keeps your wardrobe updated. Don’t feel laid back about rocking your fringe jacket any time of the year, because it’s perfect for all seasons.

Fringe jackets are a staple in every French closet. You can style your fringe jacket easily with a skinny jeans, a slim-fit dress, wide-leg pants, booties, sneakers, or platforms.


Cashmere is a fabric synonymous with wealth and luxury, which is why you will find a lot of it in French cities. This incredibly fine fabric matters to every French woman and man. Cashmere as a fashion piece is a very important one for all seasons in Paris.

The amazing thing about cashmere is that it is a favorite in French cities, so you can always update your styling according to the latest fashion trends. Nude cashmere has been making waves lately as one latest fashion items in French cities. 

Shirt Dress

When it comes to the trendiest types of dresses, rocking shirt dresses in versatile ways are among the latest fashions in French cities. The shirt dress has a striking aesthetic. One of the reasons why every French wardrobe should be updated with shirt dresses is that they are fantastically versatile to style. You get the choice to pick your desired length and hemlines. Pair your dress shirt with Chelsea boots, flat wraparound sandals, stilettos or loafers to create a look of sophistication. (Bonus: This year, try out the exciting fuchsia fashion trend with a fuchsia shirt dress!)


So, platforms are back in trend! If you don’t own any platform shoes right now, you should hurry to invest in a pair. Platform shoes go with anything and can be easily styled. This fashion item is one of the major highlights in the latest fashion in French cities. They can be styled with your midi dress, jeans, short skirt, wide-leg pants, or anything else you may want to wear.

Leather Skirt and Pants

Leather skirts and pants are the next biggest thing in French fashion. A leather skirt speaks sophistication, and they come in different styles, designs, and colors. They are great for every occasion, whether casual or formal. A leather skirt and pants can be mixed with all kinds of materials, whether cotton, silk, sequins, etc. This will make a great addition to your French wardrobe.

Now that you know the latest fashion in French cities, what fashion styles will you try next?