The Return of 90s Hip Hop Fashion

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Have you noticed a few things from the nineties coming back to the public eye? I’ll talk about them now. Well, come on already. 

List of things that show the return of 90s Hip Hop Fashion 

  1. Dungarees

Out of all the wonderful and weird styles, the popularity of denim dungarees is welcome. It is one of the hardest things to place. Baggy or fitted having strapped with one part of it not done and then styling it out with things like button-ups, hoodies, and T-shirts. The unexpected trends have gotten cultural cosigns like those from the Fugees, TLC, Will Smith, and strong men of that age like Tupac. 

  1. Bold, Big Patterns

When Hip Hop started, it was broken down into various minor genres. After the eighties, there were a lot of styles that broke out for every group, respectively. In New York, there are artists like Quest De LA Soul, people like Native Tongues who were musical collectives that helped promote pro-black, Afrocentric, and African concepts. These included spirituality and positive thinking too. 

Some groups were distinguished by the striking outfits they had. These outfits included tie-dye, African wax prints, and also bright colors. 

Some styles influenced Will Smith’s clothing in the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where he made us know and learn a lot about nineties hip hop fashion. This made everyone feel collective levels of positivity and complete joy. 

  1. Denim

This list would not be complete in the absence of denim jeans. It could be a fashion staple these days. That was not the case right from day one. It was used from a variety of subcultures like the flower power movement. The eighties denim jeans moved from pure workwear to credible fashion garments, which heralded a brand new age of designer pieces of denim. 

In the nineties, we had beautiful labels like Calvin Klein, Moschino, Versace, Guess Jeans, which all led through to the way in fashion-focused high-end pieces of denim. Black-owned titles including FUBU and Phat Farm cemented denim, making it a massive part of the nineties hip hop wardrobe.

Artists from the west coast like Eazy E and Tupac from N.W.I also took this style to a different level. They paired denim jeans with oversized denim jackets for one to get the complete ensembles. 

My Thoughts on the Return of 90s Hip Hop Fashion

It’s fashion time, people. If you are a firm fan of fashion, then it’s your time to go at it tonight. I remember Kanye West and Rihanna wearing heavy Denim jackets and jeans for their Four Five Seconds video. They looked excellent in it. This means the nineties hip hop fashion is indeed coming back. Let’s all go shopping and get the best fashion trends from the nineties and feel among. So we would not be left out. I’ll get myself baggy jeans and a denim hat. What do you think? It would be nothing but amazing. Dungarees wouldn’t be a bad idea too you know.