Vegan Fashion Bloggers and Cruelty-Free Clothing Brands to Follow on Instagram

Vegan fashion is fast becoming a norm, since many people a lot of people are gradually embracing the vegetarian lifestyle and saying no to animal cruelty.

In respect to this, I’m going to be listing some of the Instagram fashion bloggers who have carved a niche for themselves in the vegan Fashion industry. They have taken it upon themselves to promote vegan life by consistently talking about them and they are 100% women.

Okay, in case you are wondering what vegan fashion is all about, it’s simply talking about clothing items and jewelry made from raw materials that don’t involve animal parts when making. Let’s dive into the details of these bloggers, shall we?

1.  MARTA CANGA @marta_canga

When we talk about vegan bloggers, Marta Canga remains one of those topping the list. She is a YouTuber and lives in London. Marta Canga has been acknowledged as one of the best dressed vegan bloggers that makes you widen your eyes in awe at the mere sight of her. She encourages young people to make out their own style and quit following the trends. Head on to her Instagram handles and fees your eyes.

2. LOVE AND BLOSSOMS @l.o.v.e_blossoms

Love and blossom is a top vegan fashion blogger with the biggest number of followers on Instagram. Many upcoming vegan bloggers look up to her brand and are gradually trying to walk in her footsteps. She is highly recommended if you have ever wanted to evolve your choice of fashion.

3. The Green Monki @thegreenmonki

If you are into vegan trends and you’ve never heard of Chloe, then you are missing out. She’s a blogger and high-class vegan enthusiast. She lives in Belgium and coordinates a fashion revolution. Chloe has a variety of fashion sense and can be anything you want her to be at any time.

4. Waterthruskin @waterthruskin

Talking about a vegan queen, she comes first in your mind. She actively represents the vegan lifestyle. She seems to be a born traveler because her brand clearly lets you know about that although she is based in Miami. You want to know about food, lifestyle, travel and fashion tips as a vegan, Valeria is your plug. 

5. Vegan’s First

What’s that thing you really want to know about being a vegan? Well, Tully has got you covered on that. She’s a vegan blogger who’s going to sweep you away and let you drown in the raw passion and love for veganism. She encourages vegan life in the best ways possible and tries to give out comprehensive reasons why this lifestyle is the best anyone can live. She religiously believes in her cause and she isn’t about to back out as it seems determined to get a lot of people to join veganism.

Those are some of the women who are out to strengthen the vegan mission. If I were you, I’d go over and feed your brains and eyes with the wonders these women have cooked up.