What is a Midi Dress and What Accessories Complement It?

Before we talk about the accessories that can complement a midi dress, let us briefly discuss what this kind of dress is. A dress that has its hem ending halfway between your ankle and knee is a midi dress. Traditionally, a midi skirt or dress usually ends in the mid-calf. But, most people do not like it when it ends right there.

Wearing a midi dress is not just wear it stops. You also need some accessories to complement it. In this article, we will point out some accessories that you can wear together with your midi dress to look good.

Accessories to complement a midi dress

Use a belt to enhance your look

Ensure that your midi dress has a waist that is clearly defined. You can as well use a sash or belt to flatter your appearance. It will look nice both for casual and office events. If you are going for a party, then a metallic sash, colorful waistbands, or jeweled belt can be used to transform your sheath-style midi skirt/dress into a stylish midi dress.

Get nice shoes

Whatever shoe you use can also contribute to your appearance in a midi dress. If you are wearing a casual lightweight midi dress, you can put on a nice-looking strappy pair of sandals that have a little heel as well as laces that stop at your ankle. This will make your legs to be visually elongated. Other nice sandals that you can choose are gladiator or ballet flats sandals; these styles are comfortable and you can wear them without worrying that they might cut your height off. Wearing wedges or espadrilles with laces will add more height, and will also give your midi dress more subtle sexiness and style. You can use them both for semi-formal and casual events. If you want to wear a midi dress with heavier fabrics, then you can keep warm with knee-length boots and booties.

Chose the appropriate bag

If you are looking for a nice bag to complement your dress, then a cross-body trendy bag is a nice pick. If you are going for a casual event or work, then a solid color or leather bag is preferable. But, if you are going for a holiday party, fine dining, and any other fancier venue, a cross-body metallic bag will work out. 

Rock a jacket

Presently, we are experiencing a comeback of denim jackets, and they are mostly used to top a midi dress to have an informal look. If you are attending a get-together party with your friends or are going to the office, you can use a nice denim jacket to complement your sheath or floral-themed midi dress. If you want to look edgy, then the best jacket for you is the cropped jacket on your midi dress. You will be ready to attend elegant events.

Complete the work with a lovely jewelry

Another accessory that you can use to complement your midi dress is jewelry. You just have to know the appropriate jewelry to wear and the ones not to wear, and you will be good to go.

Finally, do not forget to dress your hair and wear lovely makeup, and you will look astonishing in a midi dress.