What is an Understated Style?

In the world of fashion, celebrities are often considered one of the best or worst dressed at red carpet events. As a non-celebrity, everything depends on how you choose to style yourself and if you’re trendy or not. It’s also about expressing yourself through your style. Many people, however, choose to avoid the frills and excessiveness of trendy clothes and instead opt for an understated style that’s more classic and relaxed.

What is an Understated Style, Anyway?

When you hear the term “understated style” one thing should come to your mind – simplicity. This is because understated style is fashion with no glamour attached.

Just like the name implies, there’s nothing special about it, it’s just there. Over the years we’ve seen our celebrities rock these styles while showing up at events.

Now, I like to think that no one should be caught or seen with a wacky fashion style (unless of course you’re Cyndi Lauper). Why? Because I believe in the saying that goes: “You get addressed the way you are dressed.” So, why would anyone want to be seen wearing clothing items that don’t suit their body or at least seem a bit attractive?

Are Understated Styles Uncool?

The truth remains that not everyone would want to draw so much attention to themselves, so they keep everything about them simple and short! Because at least we’ve all established the fact that wearing simple dresses makes us safe from fashion police and naysayers.

However, you can look your best if you are into simple styles. This is where your fashion stylist has a huge role to play. An outfit should be made with the utmost carefulness while bearing the mind photo of the client’s physical features in mind.

An understated style tends to rely on a simple color, style, and shape that is designed to suit a person’s body. I remember seeing Rihanna attend an event some time ago, wearing an all-white jumpsuit, coupled with white heels, and black hair with little to no makeup. That particular outfit was one of the best dressed that year. It didn’t have any drama or get any unsolicited attention, yet it was simple and beautiful.

How to Style Your Understated Fabric

1. Choose a good color that best suits your skin tone.

2. Look to choose articles of clothing that complement your body type.

3. Add accessories like sunglasses, a belt, and jewelry to flatter your look, but keep it simple and classy.

The key to understated style is understanding your personality, mastering, or repositioning your charisma to suit your motion. Loose items of clothing are the best for understated styles. You want to look like you didn’t put too much effort into the style, but you still are well organized, polished, and put-together.