What is Fast Fashion?

You have probably heard it one too many times and now you are wondering what it really is. This could be because it has something to do with fashion, which the entire world currently relates with.

As much as we all want to wear the latest attires and move along with the latest fashion trends, we also care about the quality of what we wear, not just because we want to look expensive and sophisticated, but to promote the original work of the designer. This article will show you everything about fast fashion and you can decide if it is good or if it is bad.

What is fast fashion?

You may have attended some fashion shows where designers, both new and well known, showcase their products and designs for the purpose of marketing. These designs cost so much to make because they are made with authentic materials and a keen eye for detail.

Now, some fashion item producers, in a bid to replicate these authentic designs and make them very cheap for everyone to afford, will end up making something similar to that design but with very low quality. These items will look really alike but will not feel so. Anyone who knows fashion and is enthusiastic about it will not have a hard time figuring out that you are wearing a fake.

From the explanation above, it is clear that fast fashion is any fashion item that replicates an authentic but comes in low quality. So many people have argued that fast fashion really shouldn’t be a bad thing since it gives other average individuals the chance to wear something that looks like a luxury at an affordable price.

Why is fast fashion not a good idea?

There are one thousand and one reasons why you should steer clear from fast fashion. Although the good part might be that you get the privilege to wear something that looks like the original, it is also a disadvantage on its own.

It is more luxurious, much better, and saner to wear a fashion item that is not branded at all than to wear one that is just a copy. It doesn’t only make you look cheap when people find out; it also makes the efforts of the designer futile because the entire idea of making the item from strong and original materials would be defeated by the low price.

Fast fashion also affects the economy because most of the items that are mass-produced are cheap, and this means that everyone can have them. Meanwhile, the same producer who made them could have made his unique design and make people want to buy it too. In the long run, it affects the original designer, the fake designer, and the person that uses the commodity.


Fast fashion trends only after a few weeks of their entrance into the market, and this is why it is referred to as fast fashion. After a while, it either begins to fall apart, or you begin to realize that people don’t rate it as high as the original.