What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is basically a fashion industry that produces items of clothing and fashion accessories in ways that are eco friendly and not harmful to the environment. Climate change has been a never-ending debate on the lips of governments of different countries. One of their strongholds is in the recycling of used materials. Unlike the sustainable fashion industry, the fast fashion industry does not make recyclable clothes, instead, they make cheap clothes that tend to satisfy the current trends. These clothes are worn and after a short while disposed to acquire the latest trend. These fast-fashion wears are harmful to society, and cause harm to the environment, as they take a very long time to decay. Sustainable fashion is the answer to the wrongs of the fast-fashion world. Sustainable fashion can be easily degraded into absorbable waste, and can also be recycled to produce other products

Sustainable fashion products are made up of naturally produced materials like silk, wool, cotton, hemp, and leather. All these are natural materials and can degrade to form compost which can be absorbed back to the soil. This is unlike the synthetic fibers eg Nylon produced for fast fashion which is not degradable and posses toxic chemicals.

Advantages of sustainable fashion

Water consumption

During the production of these sustainable fashion, much water is not consumed, also when we was clothes that are from the sustainable fashion industry, much water is not used, and toxic chemicals are also not released.


Sustainable fashion products are known to be biodegradable and can be absorbed back into the soil. This is unlike fast fashion which piles up as waste. Products of sustainable fashion can also be recycled into other materials.

Energy emissions

Less amount of energy is used in production and future maintenance of these sustainable fashin products ( ironing, washing), etc

Ways to support the sustainable fashion industry

Most fashion brands are now taking to sustainable fashion as something for the future. Steps to take to support sustainable fashion include

Purchase clothes that are produced from organic materials. Examples of these synthetic materials include hemp, leather, cotton, wool, linen, etc. also look out for fashion products that have organic certifications for plant-based fibers.


Before disposing of fashion products, always look for ways through which you can recycle these materials to produce other products.. also look out for fashion products made of recycled cotton, wool, leather, or hemp.

Use of eco-friendly dyes

When purchasing dyes for clothing materials, whether for fast fashion or sustainable fashion, purchase only eco-friendly dyes. Dyes naturally consume much water and also release toxic chemicals to the environment. Eco friendly (plant-based dyes) dyes are natural and consume less water.

Proper maintenance of cloths and purchasing of second hand

Proper maintenance of clothes, increases their shelf life, and keeps them out from landfills. Instead of purchasing fast fashion products, which get worse and are dumped easily, go for durable items of clothing of high quality or instead purchase second-hand clothing.