What to Look for in a Wedding Shower Dress for Bride

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of many people. It is a day that opens up a chapter of joy and happiness for the couple, so lasting memories must be made both before, during, and after that day. One way to make such lasting memories is during the wedding shower.

This can be done by carefully selecting the best wedding shower dress possible for such an occasion. But to successfully do this we first need to know, is the wedding shower the same as the bridal shower?

Though both are gift-giving parties held before the wedding day, the main difference between the two is that the bridal shower is bride specific, held for the bride and is focused fully on the bride. The guest list will include just the bride’s friends and family members. Men are usually not invited or present. The occasion will be held either in a hotel or the home of one of the bride’s friends. So the dressing is not usually conservative and not too discrete.

Meanwhile, the wedding shower covers both couples. The friends of the groom as well as that of the bride are both invited and present for the occasion. The occasion is held in a more public place, usually, and a lot of planning goes into selecting the wedding shower dress to be worn by the bride.

Some things to look for in a perfect wedding shower dress for the bride include:

1.     Casual dress

The wedding shower unlike the wedding itself is a casual affair held in a casual venue, usually in the evenings. So the dress worn to a wedding shower must be casual. It shouldn’t be too formal because it will give the occasion a boringly formal atmosphere. You don’t want that for yourself, do you?

While some people may prefer to wear a cotton mini dress, some will prefer a sexy jumpsuit, long pants, and crop tops or a romper. The bottom line is that the dress must be casual and not show too much skin. Remember, the groom’s friends and family will be present.

2.     A trendy themed dress

Most wedding shower parties are usually themed. So the wedding shower dress must match up with the team at that party. It will be out of place to wear a love-themed dress to a “save the Earth” themed wedding shower. Meanwhile, the bride has the liberty to select from all the available dress styles that will give her that chick and trendy look while sticking to the theme of the party.

3.     A color that matches the occasion

Even though most brides prefer to wear a white gown or dress for the wedding shower, this is not a rule. The truth is that a bride can choose from a range of colors that are appealing to the eyes and give off a trendy, soft but bold appearance. For example, a pale pink mini dress, a blue romper, a purple jumpsuit, a red flowing gown, a black mini dress, or a white lace dress are all perfectly acceptable colors, as long as they match with the theme of the wedding shower and are casual enough for the occasion. So it will be wrong to stick to a particular color such as pink or white as the color of the wedding shower.

4.     Sleek dress

A wedding shower dress must be sleek, stylish, and attractive. It shouldn’t be boring to look at. It should motivate the bride to step out in style and it should be trendy. The style should be of the latest fashion, not old fashioned. Of course, unless the theme of the party requires a vintage old-fashioned appearance.

5.     Weather friendly

The perfect wedding shower dress for a bride must be weather friendly. While a bride chooses from a wide range and colors and style. The texture of the material used to make the dress should match with the weather. A light lace material for hot seasons and a thicker material during periods of cold, especially if the shower is to be held in the evening hours. It will be graceless for the bride to start sweating profusely during these graceful occasions or for the bride to wear a sweater on top of a perfect dress because of the cold. So the style of the dress should not show too much skin during periods of cold.

Best wishes as you go shopping with these tips at your fingertips. Get that perfect wedding shower dress and make that day stick in your memories. Make it a day you will always remember.