What You Need for a Retro 80s Style Aesthetic Outfit

To be able to create a perfect aesthetic outfit for Retro 80, you’d need to be updated with the fashion trends do and don’ts.

During the 80s, people placed a lot of attention and emphasis on clothing items and accessories which are mostly expensive. Most of the clothing tends to appear in bright colors. The women and girls weren’t left out as most of their apparels took an appearance that portrays glamour, success, wealth, and elegance. That’s because they wore large earrings, pearl necklaces, shiny jewelry, etc.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the things you need to be able to excel in fashion according to retro 80s, let’s go!

 1. Big Hair

One major thing that stood one out as a fashionista in the 80s was their hair. People were known to keep and nurture hair strands until they attained big volumes. So, at the end of the day, it gets heavily styled with curls. During the time, certain television shows like Dynasty often featured the glamour behind the hair, and this made it more popular.

2. Heavy Make-up

It’s not a surprise that women from the 80s loved to glam up with bright and heavy make-up. To achieve the 80s look, you need dark and thick lashes, light-colored lipstick, red or pink blush. They wore heavy makeup at every given opportunity.

3. Athletic Accessories

There were certain accessories that were specific to athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Due to the aerobics craze, people were mostly seen wearing wide belts, athletic shoes (sneakers), leg warmers, elastic headbands, etc.

4. Colorful Clothing

As mentioned earlier, colorful clothing was the order of the day in the 1980s. Some of the Clothing accessories that dominated the retro 80s era include:

●  Long will coats

●  Tapered pants

●  Spandex cycling shorts

●  Jumpsuits pastel colors

●  Fur coats

●  Beanies, etc.

These and many more were the trends then.

5. Power Dressing

In the 1980s, women felt the intense need to attain the same level of confidence that the male gender exuded in their place of work and career. They did this by obtaining new wears that helped to empower their courage and professionalism in their chosen field. Through the help of shoulder pads and large sleeves, the power dressing became achievable.

6. Athletic Clothing (for men)

For the men in the 1980s, they wore athletic clothing which majorly consisted of:

●  V- neck sweaters

●  Tracksuits

●  Straight leg jeans

●  Polyester button ups

●  Beanies

●  Velour polo neck

●  Hoodies

●  Cowboy boots, etc.

Most of these articles of clothing became widely accepted in the UK. This means that men were allowed to wear them in some of the places that only required suits.

7. Parachute Pants

Men from the 1980s wore a type of trousers known as Parachute Pants. They are mainly recognized by the overly baggy cuts they come with.

This article clearly highlights some of the Retro 1980s clothing that helped people to stand out at all times. This should give you an idea of what it looked like then. Some of them are still in vogue too.