Women’s Clothing Styles for Fall

It is a known fact that the weather affects our choice of clothing and fashion. We tend to wear thick coats and furs during the cold winter months but wear lighter clothes that show a lot of skin during the summer months. The effect of weather on fashion cannot be overemphasized.

The fall is one of the four seasons. It serves as the midpoint or transition between the cold summer months and the warm winter months. One of its main features is the shedding or falling off of leaves from trees. Since the weather becomes noticeably colder, the clothing styles usually change from lighter to thicker fabric choices that match the colors of falling leaves, such as browns, reds, and oranges.

So what can we wear to keep us trendy and fashionable at the same time?

Here are a few tips.

1.     Choose the right fabrics.

Fabrics like linen, silk, and laces are usually meant for warmer seasons, especially the summer. The fall season is all about fabrics that can keep you warm like flannel, felt, wool, and cotton. To make it trendy and fashionable, it can go along with a long leather jacket.

2.     Wear layered clothing

The fact that the fall and winter are cold do not mean you have to dump your best tops that are made of lighter silk materials. They can still be worn as long as they are layered. They can be worn under a leather jacket or a sweater. For example, a knitted dress of cotton can be used over a long-sleeve shirt. To keep the legs warm, jean pants, long skirts, or garments should be worn. If you prefer to wear a short skirt, it should go along with leggings and high heeled boots.

3.     Choose shoes that will keep your feet warm.

Shoes like boots and sneakers will suffice. Or for a more comfortable appearance, choose shoes that are lined with furs to keep the feet warm. You can also choose some fashionable riding boots or knee length boots to go along with leggings or jeans.

4.     Choose the right colors.

During cold months, clothes with dark colors are usually preferable. Choose black, dark blue, dark brown, grey, dark green, forest, or orange green. Also, warm colors based on the fall of leaves are trendy too like cream, gold, bronze, dark red, and dark orange.

5.     Shop for some warm weather accessories.

Some warm weather accessories can go along with the right clothing to keep you trendy and fashionable. Some of these accessories include scarves, hats, gloves, cardigans, and mufflers. Leather gloves are usually preferable in cold climates. Wool scarves and cardigans are great too.

6.     Wear contrasting colors.

The fact that we’ve said darker color shades are to be preferred in colder climates does not mean we can’t mix and match contrasting colors (dark and bright colors) to be chic and fashionable. For example, try pairing a dark brown shirt under a bright red knee-length leather jacket, a black lace shirt under a dark floral sweater, or a flowing bright blue gown under a black turtleneck, while securing the blue with a colorful silk scarf.

Women’s fashion during the fall does not need to be boring. With the right combination of texture, color, proper layering, and fabric, you can still have that trendy, fashionable look that can turn heads. Check out more fall 2020 women’s fashion trends here.