Work-from-Home Fashion Trends During the Coronavirus Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic affected a lot of things and the fashion industry was not an exception. It changed our lifestyle and other vital components of human society. Fashion, significantly, was affected because of the quarantine and lockdowns in major cities and many more.

The internet became the only means for exchange, transactions, buying and selling, and most significantly by which new fashion designs are updated.

In this article, we shall be talking about the fashion trends during the coronavirus quarantine.

The Face Mask and Hoodie

Since the pandemic, the face mask and hoodie became very popular. The face mask is one of the protective wears prescribed by the health organization of the world. At first, when people began to use it, it was just for protection, but later human creativity began to transform face masks into a form of fashion.

Some face mask designs were like those of the turtle ninja, and many like the sub-zero-like kind of cover in Mortal Combat. When these face masks are combined with hoodies, they give a beautiful outlook. This fashion trend blew up the internet during the pandemic. Sales of designers face masks skyrocketed during the lockdown and quarantine period of the coronavirus.

For football lovers, many face masks designs carry football club logos and other pop culture images.

The Pillow Challenge

The coronavirus quarantine period birthed brand new beauty and fashion trends. It shows that no matter the restrictions placed on movement, there will always be an avenue to express our social life.

The quarantine pillow challenge on social media is a beautiful example. People creatively turn large pillows to mini dresses by tying them up with belts roundabout their bodies.

This has led to people searching for designer logo belts like Gucci belts, Moschino belts, Saint Laurent belts, and many more. Internet searches for designer belts have increased considerably during the coronavirus virus quarantine and lockdown period.

Loungewear and Sleepwear

Before now, loungewear and sleepwear are popular outerwear, but the pandemic has given it a new look because it can be used to attend different functions in that it can transition from work-from-home, to work out, and to Instagram appearances.

These wears were in high demand during the coronavirus quarantine and lockdown period, because they are easy to wear and comfortable.


Drops are in high demand during this quarantine period; for example, the sneakers drop. They are still very much in high demand for social entertainment on the internet despite the absence of live physical events and community shopping experience. Get one of these, and you can flaunt your style on the internet. Sneakers are still selling out. Nike is still selling out instantly; their sports-star backed Jordan.

The three listed trends above are the most popular fashion trends during the coronavirus quarantine and lockdown period. Social media is the central platform where these fashion trends were popularized.