Best Classic Celeb Styles

We love how celebs have taken trends to a whole new level from risqué extravaganza to fashion explosions, but sometimes we like to step back and take a look at timeless styles of some celebs. Even though these trends are always daring and bold, these celebs always stick to timeless, classy looks.

So if you’re into more of a classic, minimal, polished styles instead of an attention-grabbing look, then you can connect with women like Michelle Obama, Blake Lively, Cameroon Diaz, Angelina Jolie, and Amal Clooney. These celebs are always veering for classy, poised look no matter how crazy the trends get. Not only do they set this timeless appeal, but their poised confidence makes them exude effortless finesse.

Here are some celebs who no matter what thoroughly stick with their classy styles.

6 Classic Celeb Fashionistas

Natalie Portman

As an ambassador for designer Christian for and the miss Dior label, it’s no wonder how portman sophisticated styles easily portray her feminine flair and French elegance. Even with the trendy styles coming out by the day, Natalie stills proves her knowledge of good style with simple elegance.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota not only has a Hollywood lineage but her style also matches her appeal. This celeb style is going from sophisticated to classy. Known to have downed elegant dresses from famous wardrobes like channel, Christian Dior, Gucci, and Michael Kors, her timeless style matches her femininity which leaves a lasting appeal.

Penelope Cruz

This all-time Spanish beauty does not try so hard. She’s always stylish and classy even when off duty. On red carpets, she prefers her dramatic gowns which she still exudes her élan while off duty she elegantly rocks her figure-hugging dresses which still leaves her stylish and classy.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria is always on the list of our classic celebs who always look amazing even without putting too much effort. Victoria became is the brand ambassador not only for the eponymous fashion line but also for herself. She’s an enviable fashion designer whose collections are sort after by some of the hottest celebs. Her style can be described as elegant, chic and classy. From slim silhouettes and a hint of sexy vibe all incorporated into a timeless, elegant appeal, it’s no wonder that no one rocks her collection better than she can. She can give us fashion advice on how to dress classy and cool.

Blake Lively

Two words to describe Blake’s lively sense of style classy elegance. Blake has always been a lover of fashion. She veers for a strong independent statement that incorporates elegance to her contemporary style. This starlet has not only been a red carpet favorite, but this classic celeb also effortlessly pull off her classic magnificence and vintage styled fashion statements.

Julianne Moore

Julianne is definitely a confident actress that exudes classy elegance. Not just in her style, she has also stayed true to her style with her auburn hair and beautiful alabaster skin. This classic celeb is a fashionable lady that is never stereotypical.