Brown is the New Black: The Brown Trend in Fashion

I just talked about the latest fashion for all my guys out there. Brown is turning to the new black these days. If you have not noticed, it is a sustainable fashion production championed by several designers like Kinori, Fortgrens, Camiel, Emily Adams Bode, and Evan Kinori. 

Kinori is known as a designer that lives in San Francisco. He creates his clothes using his hand. He doesn’t create products massively. He uses his hand to make small batches with numbers. Altman has high aims to re-make classic American silhouettes by using natural textures and deadstock textiles. Adams Bode makes use of brand new pieces using Victorian quilts like bed linens, grain sacks too. Fortgens deliberately creates gender-neutral styles by using sustainable materials. Some designers finish making products which are not cheap. These products are intended to look timeless. They could be worn over and over. 

They end up projecting a lot of things using the color brown. The general idea and use of that specific color explain the connectivity and soberness with the environment. Altman states that color trends he calls a return to nature or reject fine spaces and screens. The product at the end, he explains, feels closer to raw materials. He also tries to forget about wasted processes used for manufacturing; these all include outsourcing methods of production. They are using materials that are toxic and focusing on quantity instead of quality. 

Real luxury means one feels close to the origin of production. For a long time, we all have prized the general idea of standardization and removal of luxury. Are these imported, where they got from, how far away could one get these luxury items brought to one and take them to a place that no one would have it. These all change the rules of dressing at official occasions. Brown is indeed a great color. 

My thoughts on Brown is the New Black: The Brown Trend in Fashion.

Gently, slowly, but surely, brown is bearing black in the market these days. Brown is an overpowering replacement because it is a collaborative and more open color. People with their eyes set on fashion would always confirm that the color black is leaving catwalks these seasons. These days if you notice what celebrities are wearing whenever they step out to moments like those from the Red Carpet, you’ll see a lot more Brown than you’ll see black. Tone-on-tone Brown gets paired with colors like green, teal, and red. These days, they are all stealing the spotlights, and the celebs caught wearing these lovely colors are praised for their beautiful style.

BeyoncĂ© was caught wearing a beautiful brown dress with nude makeup when she got the award for best video Brown Skin Girl. So you can see, Brown is the New Black and it is a rising trend in fashion that will remain for as long as possible. I’ll be staying because brown is a lovely natural color that matches everything.