Fashion Tips: How to Distress a Sweatshirt

Upscale clothing brands sell a lot of merchandise, including distressed sweatshirts, but many of them are too expensive to buy. To save money and distress a sweatshirt yourself, you don’t need to be a vintage collector or a rock star to do it, you simply need to admire the style of distressed fabrics and do it on your own. It is easy to craft using items found at home with a little dash of creativity and ingenuity.

How to Distress a Sweatshirt Yourself

A lot of people love distressed clothing, especially sweatshirts and jeans. These fashionable people love the rebellious disheveled and grungy style. 

A distressed sweatshirt is a piece of clothing you intentionally rip or slash before you sell wear it. You could treat clothing this way or pre-rip it for it to have a roughed-up look. It is meant to be bold, edgy, and to give off a sense of unruliness.

Whether you’re pre-ripping a sweatshirt, jeans, or even some good old denim jackets, distressing clothes have a few easily recognizable trademarks.

These include rips and holes in the jeans that are at the pockets or the knees; ripped threads off the hems and cuffs; frayed or slashed edges; fraying, bleached, and colored spots, and more.

All these beautiful additions make the distressed sweatshirt a matter of choice and taste. The trend may not be popular everywhere, but it allows you to be creative with what you like.

Reasons Why You Should Distress Your Sweatshirt

1.     Loved by Designers

A lot of trendy designers like Calvin Klein call distressing your clothes one of the biggest trends in clothes for people these days. This trend has completely refused to stop. They dominate for a lot of reasons. And it’s stolen is completely flexible.

2.     They Tend to be Softer

Distressing your sweatshirt sounds like a horrible way to treat your fabric, but a lot of people do it gently to make your clothes last longer. During the production and manufacturing stage, these clothes get all the treatments and washes which gives it that distressed look.

3.     Express Your Creative Side

If you make it select a distressed sweatshirt, you determine exactly where the rips on the sweatshirt would go. You know where the paint would get splashed and how the entire shirt would look like. Distressed clothes do not need any particular structure or order, and this makes distressed clothes more random, creative, and chaotic.

4.     Distressing Works with Punk, Grunge, and Vintage Looks

Slashed and ripped clothing was a huge part of the British punk look in the 1960s. These days, the distressed sweatshirts are more stylish and intentional than their predecessors. The fraying, ripped edges and hems on distressed clothes lets you use the scattered pieces in a lot of different looks for a unique and fun style.