How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Moving Day

black and white short coated dog

Moving is stressful enough, but moving with a dog can add an extra layer of stress you don’t want. They get scared if they hear the moving truck or are left alone to restlessly wonder where you went. It may be best to leave them home to wonder why you’re gone all day instead of moving them somewhere new.

Moving can cause several problems for your dog because moving tends to be very loud and scary. There are moving trucks that have signs on saying “Don’t strand pets” in order to make people take their dogs with them when moving.

The moving process can also cause separation anxiety because it means its owner will be leaving for hours, which causes the dog to not trust the owner around other people (in this case movers) and be suspicious because it thinks the owner will leave them behind. Dogs may also chew or scratch because moving boxes make strange sounds when they are moved around by moving men.

If your dog doesn’t like moving or gets separation anxiety, it’s best to leave them at home with someone who can watch them during moving day. Pets also get frightened by moving trucks (and if you’re moving in the summer, there is the added threat that your pet could overheat). If your dog gets too hot, they could suffer from heatstroke which requires immediate medical attention while being brought back to a cool temperature while being given water/fluids via an IV drip. Because of this possibility, some companies have signs on their moving trucks saying “Don’t strand your pet.”

If you have to move with your dog, here are a few tips:

– Make sure they’re wearing an identification tag just in case they get lost in the moving shuffle.

– Bring their usual food and water so their stomach doesn’t get upset from a sudden change in diet.

– Crate train them before moving day so they’re used to being in a small space for a period of time.

– If they react badly to moving trucks, try putting them in another room where they can’t see or hear the moving process taking place.

– Bring a favorite toy or blanket to help comfort them.

– Give them lots of love and attention on moving day to make up for you being gone.

– Make moving day a gradual process by moving them to new areas of the house or moving their crate closer to the moving truck before moving day comes.

– Work with a moving company that has worked with pets in the past. A quick call with the moving company should help you answer this question.

Make sure you care for your dog on moving day and keep them safe from harm!