How to Make a Knitted Midi Dress

There are many fun types of dresses you can make yourself. One of the most popular form-fitting options in a knitted midi dress. Keep reading to find out how to make your own.

Steps in Making a Knitted Midi Dress

First, if you want to make your very own fit and flare knitted midi dress, you need to get a T-shirt that fits you and then make sure it fits the curves of your body very well.

Put the fitted T-shirt on the table, make sure you can see below, get the middle and then trace around it. Mark both necklines and trace the length of the shirt. Make it reach where you want the skirt to attach.

Pull the sleeve back and scrunch the body of the shirt small where the sleeve touches the shirt, you should see a small S curve, that’s where you’ll trace.

Here you’ll get two patterns and then you cut on the fold. Retrace the pieces and add seam allowance as you cut the fabric.

From this point, cut two sleeve pieces and two bodice pieces, one with the back and the other with the front neckline.

Get two skirt pieces, they should be the length you want with an allowance. They should ask to be as wide as the measurement of your waist.

Construct the bodice, lay the back and front sides together and stitch through the shoulders.

Try on the bodice and adjust till you get it right. You could use darts. Pinch and pin all excess fabric till the top lays nice around your body.

Then sew the darts to be equal to the center and let them stop and start at the same place so they’ll be even. Sew them in and try them out till it’s correct.

Once you like this bodice then you add the sleeves and make sure the sleeve is folded into two. Mark the center with a pin and turn in inside out.

Match the pin and move it up. Put it into the armhole and make sure the sleeve has a different curve.

Do this with the other sleeve, and that’s it.

Then take one of the skirt pieces and put it flat down. Use the pen to mark the center then measure out 2 inches and mark it. Do the same on the other side.

Make pleats by holding the pin from the center and fold the fabric towards its center.

Create three pleats on the different sides of the center and pin them very well. It is a bad choice to sew through them with a basting stitch.

Mark the skirt on where the bodice side is and do the same with the other skirt piece. Mark the back skirt with where the bodice side seams.

Join the skirt pieces together at points you make. Making both points the same width as that of the bodice.

Now you can turn the skirt inside out and keep the bodice right side out. Then you can slide it inside the skirt.

Join all the raw edges and see with a stitch that would stretch like zigzag or stretch stitch. Now finish it, do the neckline and hem the sleeves also hem the bottom of the skirt.

Now you have your knitted mini skirt.