How to Style Short Hair

Your beautiful short hair is one of a kind. The thing is, people don’t know it yet. I’m sure you’ve got hair like gold, but you don’t know how to style it. Don’t worry. This diva will show you some awesome tricks you can use to style that beautiful hair of yours. So get your comb to let’s do this. 

Ways you can Style your Short hair

I hope you know that Bobs are quite classic. This is a version that Kaia Gerber wears. It is so cool too. As instructed by Rosenkranz, for you to have this look, you should start by putting a smoothing serum, then make sure your hair is blown and dried using a wet brush. You need smooth hair, but you don’t need to stress yourself on getting it straight perfectly. After it gets dry, you should get your medium-sized sections and use a curling or flat iron to bend it gently at the end. Bend this both away and towards the face. This could alternate different sections for you to get a natural feel. 

Another excellent tool option is the brand new Styling Iron. This would help you shape your hair to different amazing styles. It is like a wand, curling iron and flat iron all in one. You could break your hairstyle using these different tools. You get to create natural looks instead of a pattern that’s uniform to the texture. 

Have you tried the Beyoncé short hairstyle before? This would make you want to cut your hair some more. For you to achieve this, you need to make use of some pixie cuts. These cuts are chic naturally. But, add in some textured take. This gives you that fresh, breezy look. To get this awesome but easily maintained look, you need to style simply using a little amount of wax or molding paste. You should try Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste. You can get this for thirty-nine dollars, and trust me when I say it will do the trick.

We all know Mica Arganaraz. Being one of the best poster girls of shag, she worked with the texture of her hair and embraced all of her curls. She achieved a beautiful look that is both cool and casual. Some layers got added to her awesome but shaggy texture. This created movement and softness. These reduced the high amount of frizz, and it let the hair curls enjoy themselves. Of course, you could always blow-dry this using a diffuser or air dry it instead. 

If you want to keep your beautiful short hair all healthy and bouncy, you should make use of a detangling conditioner when you take your bath. Then, all you need to do is put it on, comb your hair, apply it, comb it through one more time and then rinse everything when you’re done. But make sure you do all of this before you officially take your bath. This would keep your hair glowing after you’re done.