What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is basically a fashion industry that produces items of clothing and fashion accessories in ways that are eco friendly and not harmful to the environment. Climate change has been a never-ending debate on the lips of governments of different countries. One of their strongholds is in the recycling of used materials. Unlike the sustainable fashion industry, the fast fashion industry does not make recyclable clothes, instead, they make cheap clothes that tend to satisfy the current trends. These clothes are worn and after a short while disposed to acquire the latest trend. These fast-fashion wears are harmful to society, and cause harm to the environment, as they take a very long time to decay. Sustainable fashion is the answer to the wrongs of the fast-fashion world. Sustainable fashion can be easily degraded into absorbable waste, and can also be recycled to produce other products

Sustainable fashion products are made up of naturally produced materials like silk, wool, cotton, hemp, and leather. All these are natural materials and can degrade to form compost which can be absorbed back to the soil. This is unlike the synthetic fibers eg Nylon produced for fast fashion which is not degradable and posses toxic chemicals.

Advantages of sustainable fashion

Water consumption

During the production of these sustainable fashion, much water is not consumed, also when we was clothes that are from the sustainable fashion industry, much water is not used, and toxic chemicals are also not released.


Sustainable fashion products are known to be biodegradable and can be absorbed back into the soil. This is unlike fast fashion which piles up as waste. Products of sustainable fashion can also be recycled into other materials.

Energy emissions

Less amount of energy is used in production and future maintenance of these sustainable fashin products ( ironing, washing), etc

Ways to support the sustainable fashion industry

Most fashion brands are now taking to sustainable fashion as something for the future. Steps to take to support sustainable fashion include

Purchase clothes that are produced from organic materials. Examples of these synthetic materials include hemp, leather, cotton, wool, linen, etc. also look out for fashion products that have organic certifications for plant-based fibers.


Before disposing of fashion products, always look for ways through which you can recycle these materials to produce other products.. also look out for fashion products made of recycled cotton, wool, leather, or hemp.

Use of eco-friendly dyes

When purchasing dyes for clothing materials, whether for fast fashion or sustainable fashion, purchase only eco-friendly dyes. Dyes naturally consume much water and also release toxic chemicals to the environment. Eco friendly (plant-based dyes) dyes are natural and consume less water.

Proper maintenance of cloths and purchasing of second hand

Proper maintenance of clothes, increases their shelf life, and keeps them out from landfills. Instead of purchasing fast fashion products, which get worse and are dumped easily, go for durable items of clothing of high quality or instead purchase second-hand clothing.

Squat Proof Leggings are the Latest Athleisure Clothing Craze

This article would be talking about beautiful leggings that are Squat Proof. These are from waist-high fits to those that at made sustainably from styles. Some of these have picks that can manage several rounds of lunges, squats, and deadlifts without rolling off. These could see through turning, stretching, and slipping too. In this article, some of these are among the latest at leisure Craze for clothing these days, you know. 

List of Squat Proof Leggings 

Nike City Ready’s Women Tights for Training

This has thick tights, which are of excellent quality. They are generally created for high-intensity workouts, and they have significant waist seams and flattering designs. You wouldn’t want to get them off.  You can get them for $120 AT NIKE.

Lululemon Align Pants II 25″

There are several different reasons why these leggings by Lululemon have turned ubiquitous and fitness studios and gyms all around the country. Several other workouts have been done, possibly on them all from HIIT to severe lifting. This comes in about two different lengths, and we can enjoy a variety of colors. You could change these by the season. Sadly you might own a dozen or two as a result of the budget you’ve got. This is a sexy and beautiful sweat. Make sure you flaunt it after you get it. 

You can get this for $98 AT LULULEMON.

3, Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-Rise Leggings

These leggings that are collective are for ladies that feel like they are girlfriends with their girls. This is not so heavy, and it is excellent for several different workouts. They are also made from water bottles that are recycled. They come in several different ranges of sizes. You could like precisely the high rise style because it fits your type of body. 

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II Tights 

These leggings are durable and lovable. They are soft and excellent for all movement types. These movement types could be dancing, high-density movement, looking for, and getting your flow. Using this, you cannot beat the pocket too. 

You can get this for $98 AT ATHLETA.

Enavant Active Nova Leggings

This legging has soon become one of the best athletic brands which teach and help you train. These leggings are breathable, durable, and genuinely flattering. They provide tremendous support, and they wouldn’t ever leave you using see-through pants. These designs are truly unique, and they would remind you of your competition days for dancing. 

So there we have it. Now you know about these skin-proof leggings used by athletes and for people who want to engage in strenuous, rigorous activities. If this is you or this sounds like who you want to be, you need to settle, go to the nearest store and get yourself one of these lovely sweat pants. You’re going to have fun wearing them.

Why is 90s fashion making a comeback?

You may have noticed that some of the fashion trends that you thought were already outdated a few years ago are beginning to make the rounds again. Some of these trends may not have been popular in their days but are making the fashion industry these days look more trendy.

The 90s fashion is one of the trends that’s making a comeback and I know you have wondered why this is happening. Isn’t it too old already? Aren’t there other more recent fashion items to replace them? Why are we going back in time for fashion when these new designers are killing it currently? We will find out here and now.

What brings back old fashion?

One good thing about fashion is that it can always come back at any time in life. However, there are several factors that influence when it comes back and how. Most of the reasons we have some of the old fashion back can be because the designers decided to improve on the design, a certain popular figure rocked them once again, the weather or season of the year, a particular event, or just the need to rock vintage styles.

One thing that makes the 90s fashion even more relatable is that we still have the majority of those folks that rocked them around, and they are showing the younger generation how to rock them better.

So why is 90s fashion making a comeback?

From the above explanation, you should already know that some of the 90s trends are still in vogue up till today, and top-notch designers like Calvin Klein, Fila, Hackett, and the likes are trying to recreate some of their old styles in vintage form. You know that it is good when it comes from one of these designers.

Another thing that is helping them make the rounds is that your favorite celebrities are rocking these items, making them look like they were made just today. Well, who can blame them? Most of them were not around when those items were trending hot back in the day.

Millennials are still around and they really don’t have to stress too much or look too hard to find a fashion item that suits them. Just a quick look at any boutique or clothes store can get them just any fashion item because most of the items they enjoyed are still well around.

This can also be an advantage as they are a promoting factor to those items. If you know 90s fashion, you’ll know that they are majorly light satin clothes that are super-suitable for the summer. Now, we are already moving to that time of the season again, and there is a need to adapt to the weather. The 90s fashion items will definitely come in handy.


Fashion is everlasting and it doesn’t really ever go away. It may become less used and patronized but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have designers making them anymore. The 90s fashion has come to stay and is even better than it used to be.

What is Fast Fashion?

You have probably heard it one too many times and now you are wondering what it really is. This could be because it has something to do with fashion, which the entire world currently relates with.

As much as we all want to wear the latest attires and move along with the latest fashion trends, we also care about the quality of what we wear, not just because we want to look expensive and sophisticated, but to promote the original work of the designer. This article will show you everything about fast fashion and you can decide if it is good or if it is bad.

What is fast fashion?

You may have attended some fashion shows where designers, both new and well known, showcase their products and designs for the purpose of marketing. These designs cost so much to make because they are made with authentic materials and a keen eye for detail.

Now, some fashion item producers, in a bid to replicate these authentic designs and make them very cheap for everyone to afford, will end up making something similar to that design but with very low quality. These items will look really alike but will not feel so. Anyone who knows fashion and is enthusiastic about it will not have a hard time figuring out that you are wearing a fake.

From the explanation above, it is clear that fast fashion is any fashion item that replicates an authentic but comes in low quality. So many people have argued that fast fashion really shouldn’t be a bad thing since it gives other average individuals the chance to wear something that looks like a luxury at an affordable price.

Why is fast fashion not a good idea?

There are one thousand and one reasons why you should steer clear from fast fashion. Although the good part might be that you get the privilege to wear something that looks like the original, it is also a disadvantage on its own.

It is more luxurious, much better, and saner to wear a fashion item that is not branded at all than to wear one that is just a copy. It doesn’t only make you look cheap when people find out; it also makes the efforts of the designer futile because the entire idea of making the item from strong and original materials would be defeated by the low price.

Fast fashion also affects the economy because most of the items that are mass-produced are cheap, and this means that everyone can have them. Meanwhile, the same producer who made them could have made his unique design and make people want to buy it too. In the long run, it affects the original designer, the fake designer, and the person that uses the commodity.


Fast fashion trends only after a few weeks of their entrance into the market, and this is why it is referred to as fast fashion. After a while, it either begins to fall apart, or you begin to realize that people don’t rate it as high as the original.

How to Style Short Hair

Do you have short hair and you are wondering how to make it look beautiful for any occasion? Did you know that you can style your short hair in a way that it looks far better than when you had it long? Well, you will find out here.

The length of your hair doesn’t really have a huge role to play in how beautiful you look. What matters is what you do with the hair on your head, which is why this article will focus on some of the things you can do with short hair that you probably didn’t already know.

1. Go low, go beautiful

As mentioned earlier, it is more about what you do with the hair on your head than how long it is. They say the hair is the beauty of a woman; a low cut makes a woman even more beautiful and stylish because it easily says, “Hey, look here, see what I did with my hair.” Go for a style that matches your face, and you are in good.

2. Go for the curls

Curls always do it for any length of hair, texture, and any face type. If you are not very sure what you want to do with your short hair, you can easily get it relaxed and curled. From being curled, whatever you decide to do will turn out beautifully. If you already had natural curls, it’s an advantage for you.

3. Braid from back to front

This may sound like a simple style but it is one of those short hairstyles that easily stand out. You can decide to go natural with just your hair or go at it with some attachments to make it look longer. Braids are of different kinds and you can style your hair in more than a hundred ways.

4. Flatten the hair with hair glue and style it with a headband or two

You can apply hair gel or glue to your hair to make it stand out in a certain way before you wrap it up with a headband. Headbands come in different styles, colors, and designs; the one you choose will determine how good you will look. The best part is that you can change headbands as you change your clothes every day.

5. Create bangs, fake ones

Yes, I know your hair isn’t that long yet, but you can make it look like that with bangs. All you simply have to do is make a part in the front and sweep a part of your hair across your forehead. You are thinking it won’t stay still, right? Well, you can hold it in place with headbands.


It is true that you don’t really know what you have until you lose it. People with short hair may never truly realize the freedom that they enjoy, coupled with the fact that they have as many options–if not more–as those with long hairs. I hope this article has shown you enough. Also, try this product for more results.

Cutest Baby Style Clothes in 2021

Let’s talk about some cute baby clothes, shall we? I would be talking about cute baby clothes for girls cause baby boys are epic in whatever they would be wearing. So for our baby girls in the house. This is for you.

All baby girls love being princesses. You know. The only one in the eyes of their father and soon their spouses. 

One of the ways you could help these beautiful little sisters go get this dream is to dress them according to how they are supposed to look at parties or different events during the coming holidays. 

Cute Baby Girl Clothes in 2021

Make sure you do not let all the decorations to clothes your baby girl can wear make you confused. Just be simple. Your girls are babies. Do not go and spend all your money and go over the top to dress them. Do you understand? 

Make sure you get a designer that would make the dress your baby girl wear to fit her perfectly. Make sure while she’s wearing those clothes, she looks great and she feels completely free. 

Make sure to don’t forget that children can be very careless especially when it comes to what they are wearing. Different fashion designs need to adjust their sewing techniques to the habits of the kids they are sewing for. 

These designers and manufacturers need to make these cute clothes using natural materials and fabrics. 

This is done to make sure that the baby girl has a dress design that doesn’t reduce the number of movements she can enjoy.

Make sure you get your baby’s gentle and calm colors. These are the necessary types. Make sure that everything is tender.

Make sure your babies are dressed in the theme of the party. This is very important. Don’t put her in an extravagant puffy dress. Train your girl to look nice and glam without destroying the world.

Different designers gather themselves to create clothes using synthetic materials. These are the elements used to decorate the clothes of your little girl.

Make sure you pay serious attention to fabric quality. These are in very serious contact with the body of your child. So if you get a dress with shitty fabric, that’ll be bad for the skin of your child. This is why the fabric of this cute dress is emphasized like this.

Your baby’s clothes no matter how cute it wants to be need to be comfortable. Don’t joke or play with that. Okay. Some people do not understand this. They just want their child to be in a serious very fine dress. That’s all. One cannot blame them for all of these though. You need to get a clothe that would fit your child perfectly in a way the material would be perfect, they wouldn’t feel tight and they would look very cute in the process. Take your child shopping, with all of these you’re good to go.

Mask Fashion Styles During the Pandemic

Different Mask Fashions people have worn during the pandemic as a result of fear and confusion. I was about to rewrite something confusing. But I’m going to wing this.

Mask Fashion Styles During the Pandemic refers to the different types of masks different people wore during the time that the COVID-19 virus was spreading all through the world like wildfire. We’ve heard that the pandemic has reduced in some countries, while in some countries the numbers are still increasing. Well, that’s happening because these people that spread the disease were not wearing their face masks properly and they left everything open. This would make the virus spread faster and make more people catch it. This was even was made this pandemic start in the first place. It started as a result of the fear of death and not knowing how to manage and handle the situation. These are why different people went ahead to make their face masks. Using different types of materials and designs. Let me break them down for you to understand.

List of Mask Fashion Styles During the Pandemic

Created by Designers 

In the pandemic, I’ve seen people especially celebrities that have gotten their face masks created specifically for them by these designers. You would see some of them with face masks that have their names on it or has their logo on it. That’s all cool though. 

Created to match the remaining other clothes

I’ve seen people that sew native dresses or gowns that are like pink in color and then they would tell their seamstress to sew them a face mask that would match the cloth they would put on. Thus way they are protecting themselves from the pandemic and at the same time looking as gorgeous as ever. I would like to do this one of these days. 

Gotten from Hospitals 

The usual face masks which can be gotten by anyone from hospitals. These are the types that are used in hospitals for surgery. People these days wear them out. You can find these mostly in supermarkets or malls. It is easy to get, easy to carry around, and very easy to the disposer.

Tying Head Dress in front of the nose and mouth 

There are people in some countries in the world that I think cannot afford the usual face masks. They instead get their hair dress and cover their faces. Their mouths and their nose are covered. This doesn’t work because with this, the virus can still penetrate and thus that’s a waste of time.

Using shirts to Cover face in a hurry 

There are places you can’t go to without a face mask. I know people that would just use a nearby shirt, cover their faces, and go where they want to go to. This is also not safe because if the virus comes, it would get you without stress. After all, you are not guarded enough.

Best Documentaries About Fashion

Epic Documentaries that would give you necessary information about fashion. This also has the ones that would make you inspired on a career path towards the fashion industry. 

Documentaries have the power to increase fantasy. It also helps people that want to go into the fashion world. These recent years that just passed, we’ve witnessed some of the greatest Maisons that have opened doors to different cameras around. They have gotten wonderful Maisons and these have opened doors to those cameras. Look at Dior and me, they have great looks.  

List of Great Documentaries on Fashion 

2018’s 7 Days Out 

This talks about an insight into the Chanel house. This is promising and it talks about Kate Lagerfeld Karl who was a custodian. He has a movie which is quite poignant. This 7 days out from Netflix talks about the SS18 couture collection and it watches Karl enjoy his fittings, castings, and passes through backstage on the day of the show.

1995’s Catwalk 

This follows the lifestyle of supermodel Turlington Christy. The documentary burns through the course of summer and spring all through the year 1994. It also whizzes from Milan to the backstage at Versace. This Turlington burn is not the only thing you should take on a journey. It offers serious looks into the first years of careers that have present household names these days. These names include Kate Moss, Helena Christensen, and a look at an industry titan Gianni Versace and John Galliano. 

2018’s Punk. Westwood. Activist. Icon 

Westwood Vivienne has been one of the most dominant forces available for decades. Though it took till 2018 that we for a great look at the story of this designer in the film. From this documentary, we get to look at the career of Westwood. Watch as Westwood tries to make her legacy and brand using enthusiasm that made her extremely fierce. Westwood is no joke. In the fashion industry, whatever she stated she would do, she tries her best to do it and get it. She fought brave and hard to get her fashion dresses off the line before she became a world-class fashionista. If this is your role model, then this is the documentary for you.

2018’s McQueen 

This talked about the epic career of McQueen this movie settled down to talk about the mind properly. Using this legendary designer and having a serious focus on various fashion shows. This documentary talks about how the east and west of London became a Paris toast. If you want to learn about McQueen then this is the documentary you should get your hands on. This has all itsy bitsy details about McQueen. How she started her fashion career, where she got the courage to do so, and everything you need to be a force of nature that aspires all that want to be like her.

So there we have it. Some little information about the best Documentaries About Fashion available. 

How to Soothe Cracked, Dry Skin and Maintain a Healthy Complexion This Winter

Winter is here and everywhere is going to just be cold and the air would be very dry. You are going to need to keep your Complexion in check this period. This article would be talking about some ways with which you can take very good care of yourself as winter has come. It would also talk about reviews from lotions others have used and it worked very well for them.

Lotions Review for people with Dry Skin. 

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 

This can be purchased from Amazon for $18.99

A client stated that this is their best body moisturizer. It has ingredients like ceramides. This is a lipid that can be found in the skin. Hyaluronic, glycerin acid is necessary to pack all the hydration your dry skin needs. It also has fatty acids and cholesterol. These ceramides are important and responsible for creating a healthy skin barrier and retaining all the moisture that would be kept in the skin. There are lots of other reviews, all this client had to say is that this a great for people with very dry skin.

Intensive Vaseline Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion 

This can be purchased from Amazon for five dollars and fifty-three cents. A client stated that this lotion has protective petrolatum, glycerin for more sips. Cocoa seeds better nourish the dry patches in the body. It leaves the skin with a beautiful soft glow that would never look greasy. This is very affordable too.

Advanced Eucerin Repair Lotion 

Can be purchased at Amazon for eleven dollars and ninety-nine cents. A client stated that with this option for people with dry skin, you’ll be sure your skin would gain all the nutrients it needs. You can check out this moisturizer from Eucerin. It has Shea Butter, glycerin for adding serious hydration, lactic acid, and very gentle AHA. These help to keep your skin exfoliated. It would also help keep your skin looking more youthful too. Different reviewers of this product have stated that it has a mild scent, lasting power, and a very simple nongreasy application. The AHA helps in making you sensitive to the sun. So after using this, make sure you apply some sunscreen. Especially if you want to bask in the sun after.  

Skin Weleda Food, Original Rich Ultra Body Cream 

This can be purchased from Amazon for eighteen dollars and fifty cents. 

This Skinfood is a favorite from some reviewers. It has a thick formula, natural ingredients, it is versatile, you can put these on any dry patches, it could be on your knees, feet, hands, elbows, face, anywhere you’ll like. It all gets to hydrate skin that’s damaged using beeswax and oil base. 

So if you’ve got dry skin, and you don’t know which of these products to purchase from the supermarket or the store, now you’ve got a guide. You need to look for products that have these ingredients. They are necessary to keep your body healthy and strong from the external elements.

Top Sequin Holiday Dresses For 2020

Sequin dresses are often seen as the sort of clothing that are most times made out of plastic. You can easily find them in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Sequin materials otherwise known as paillettes or spangles are used for making bags, shoes, jewelry, dresses, etc. For this article, we will focus on the sequin holiday dresses of 2020.

The Christmas season is fast approaching and as such, there would be so many parties, and night outs to attend – even if it’s only on Zoom. This is more reason why sequin dresses would make a good clothing option as it has a sort of appeal it gives to the wearer. Let’s quickly get to see off the top sequin dresses for 2020!

Sequin Holiday Dresses for 2020

These are some of the sequin dresses that you should consider opting for in 2020:

1. Saint Laurent

As we all know, the holiday seasons are usually the most suitable if you want to show off some skin. The Saint Laurent sequin dress is one of the perfect choices if you want to show off those pretty legs of yours.

2. Caroline Constas

It is a classy woman who loves to be adorned with beautiful clothes and some splashes of colors. That’s why you may want to consider a Caroline Constas sequin dress. This will get very handy when you need that colorful holiday dress!

3. Halpern

A balloon sleeved dress won’t be an entirely bad option, right? The Michael Halpern sequin dress is one that fits the exact description of a party dress with a dash of drama and class. Also, it gives you an overall grown-up look and this makes it more ideal for petite women.

4. Attico

If you’re someone who loves to talk about fashion and also express it in the best ways that you can, the Attico sequin dress is one to look out for. I make a perfect party dress and can make a great fit for the holiday season.

5. Kitri

The elegant and glamorous sequin themed dress is here! The Kitri dress can pass for day and night clothes. It comes with beautiful puffy sleeves. Let’s hit that party with this! You have our permission to sparkle!

6. Arlington

The one-shouldered dress is one to watch out for during the festive seasons. Perfect for the classy, elegant woman, the 16 Arlington sequined dress provides you with comfort while retaining elegance. Every woman needs this!

7. Rixo

Petite women will most times want a dress that perfectly complements their small figure. Rixo is a striped dress with several traces of sparkles.

8. Uterque

This dress is an elegant dress that can be used partying. When paired with knee-high boots and maybe an updo, this dress will give you all the attention you ever wanted. Simple and sassy!

Just as mentioned before, sequined dresses are most likely going to be in vogue this season. This list highlights some of the best sequin-themed party dresses that anyone can wear in the coming holidays. I hope you find this helpful.