Long Fashion Dresses for Fall

October is almost here! This also means that fall is very close! From all indications, this is the best time to ditch the tiny strapped clothing you wore during summer and cling onto warmer ones, or what do you think? 

However, because it’s fall does not mean that you should entangle yourself with boring dresses. Nah, that would be too bad. How about you putting on some long dresses? That would still allow you to keep wearing that cheeky look. These will provide you with indoor and outdoor comfort coupled with warmth against the fall weather.  This article will help direct you on some of the top maxi dress ideas to choose from.

1. Belted Button-up

If you are one who’s gunning for class, elegance, and absolute glamour, this long dress is definitely something you should think of getting. This dress comes in either red or brown colors and bears gold buttons in its front.

2. Kamali Kulture Go Turtleneck

As expected, a turtleneck dress has got to make this list because it has a way of protecting and providing warmth to your neck. It’s a plain, black dress—a beautiful dress. For a more pronounced look, you can opt for a belt or a corset as it helps to beautify it more.

3. Checkered Long Shirt Dress

Your wardrobe isn’t going to feel complete without the presence of a checkered print shirt dress. This dress has a button that has been arranged from the neck to the ankle region. You can decide to pair them with jeans underneath; it’s one of the most comfortable long dresses that you should get.

4. Mandevo Shirt Dress

A lot of us may want to be seen in long floral design shirt dresses, and that’s what the Mandela Shirt Dress is all about. The Taco Bacar brand is a Mozambican brand, and so the material of this dress is made by the local communities. This dress is worth having if you care to wear something really cool for the fall.

4. Chiffon Dress

The fall, like we mentioned earlier, is a time where all you need to do is stay fresh and warm. As regards keeping yourself warm during the fall, chiffon long gowns will be at your beck and call. This is because they are very warm and light. You can pair them with slouchy boots for an all-round great look. You should check out your desired specifications and get what suits you best.

5. Eva Shirt Dress

Looking and feeling sexy during the fall is something everyone would want during this time. The Eva Shirt Dress comes with a plunging neckline and some beautiful slits by the side; this makes it a lot more unique from the others. The Eva Shirt Dress can be paired with beautiful sneakers and sandals.

Outlined above are the different long fashion dresses for fall that you can easily pick up. However, there are a ton of other options to choose from. You just need to figure out what you want.

What You Need for a Retro 80s Style Aesthetic Outfit

To be able to create a perfect aesthetic outfit for Retro 80, you’d need to be updated with the fashion trends do and don’ts.

During the 80s, people placed a lot of attention and emphasis on clothing items and accessories which are mostly expensive. Most of the clothing tends to appear in bright colors. The women and girls weren’t left out as most of their apparels took an appearance that portrays glamour, success, wealth, and elegance. That’s because they wore large earrings, pearl necklaces, shiny jewelry, etc.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the things you need to be able to excel in fashion according to retro 80s, let’s go!

 1. Big Hair

One major thing that stood one out as a fashionista in the 80s was their hair. People were known to keep and nurture hair strands until they attained big volumes. So, at the end of the day, it gets heavily styled with curls. During the time, certain television shows like Dynasty often featured the glamour behind the hair, and this made it more popular.

2. Heavy Make-up

It’s not a surprise that women from the 80s loved to glam up with bright and heavy make-up. To achieve the 80s look, you need dark and thick lashes, light-colored lipstick, red or pink blush. They wore heavy makeup at every given opportunity.

3. Athletic Accessories

There were certain accessories that were specific to athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Due to the aerobics craze, people were mostly seen wearing wide belts, athletic shoes (sneakers), leg warmers, elastic headbands, etc.

4. Colorful Clothing

As mentioned earlier, colorful clothing was the order of the day in the 1980s. Some of the Clothing accessories that dominated the retro 80s era include:

●  Long will coats

●  Tapered pants

●  Spandex cycling shorts

●  Jumpsuits pastel colors

●  Fur coats

●  Beanies, etc.

These and many more were the trends then.

5. Power Dressing

In the 1980s, women felt the intense need to attain the same level of confidence that the male gender exuded in their place of work and career. They did this by obtaining new wears that helped to empower their courage and professionalism in their chosen field. Through the help of shoulder pads and large sleeves, the power dressing became achievable.

6. Athletic Clothing (for men)

For the men in the 1980s, they wore athletic clothing which majorly consisted of:

●  V- neck sweaters

●  Tracksuits

●  Straight leg jeans

●  Polyester button ups

●  Beanies

●  Velour polo neck

●  Hoodies

●  Cowboy boots, etc.

Most of these articles of clothing became widely accepted in the UK. This means that men were allowed to wear them in some of the places that only required suits.

7. Parachute Pants

Men from the 1980s wore a type of trousers known as Parachute Pants. They are mainly recognized by the overly baggy cuts they come with.

This article clearly highlights some of the Retro 1980s clothing that helped people to stand out at all times. This should give you an idea of what it looked like then. Some of them are still in vogue too.

Baby Boomer Fashion and Beauty Mistakes: Clothes Your Parents Wear That Maybe They Shouldn’t

Do Boomers really think some of the things they do and wear appeals to our eyes? Nah, mum. Personally, I think they should be told about the things they do that are not so cool; I think it will help them do much better.

If you’re from the boom generation, chances are that you will definitely wage a war after this article, but that’s just all there is to it (tongues out). So, hey, just hang on.

Shortly, we will take you through some of the obviously annoying Baby Boomer Fashion and Beauty Mistakes that you didn’t think of yet. Shall we?

1. Crocs

Crocs as they are known, are majorly shoes invented for boating purposes. They came into being in 2002 and slowly warmed their way into people’s hearts—almost everyone practically wore them. You may think that by everyone, I’m referring to people who have enthusiasm for boat rides, but no, I mean everyone around me. I feel that what drew Crocs closer to people was the fact that they were so easy to wear, and most importantly, they are comfortable. But that’s just it—they are still ugly and shouldn’t have been worn by the Boomer generation.

2. High-waisted Jeans

High waisted Jeans aren’t so cool to be seen on a Boomer’s body. It has a way of making you look a lot bigger than your size, and I’m sure that isn’t what you wanted for yourself, right?

3. Capri Pants (Khaki)

Alright, down to the men. You can’t honestly think that Capri pants are appealing, do you? Most especially when it’s a Khaki; that’s a huge turn-off, and I’m starting to worry about whether you were able to woo girls while on those.

4. Making Everything about Denim

One piece of clothing that hasn’t ever been scarce in my wardrobe is the denim, so I love wearing them a lot. But it gets worse when you have to make a full attire about denims. This is exactly what the Boomer generation did. They do not understand how really annoying it gets, and how this isn’t as beautiful as they think!

5. Socks – Sandals Combination

The wearing of socks against a sandal happens all the time. Each time I observe this particular act, I tend to get confused and wonder how anyone was even able to think up such a combination.

Dear parents, sandals aren’t made to be worn with socks, so, quit the performance of this act.

6. Tight Shoes

I keep seeing Boomer women who maybe saw something different in tight shoes that ends up causing them pain. That’s pretty not cool. Shoes are supposed to offer you comfort and a balanced ground to walk on. At your age, you shouldn’t patronize fashion items that would stress you further.

7. Too Much Make-up

Wearing makeup is totally fine. But you should make it look good right? You can start by purchasing quality makeup products; as they will help you achieve good and flawless makeup.

So, there you have it; Baby Boomer Fashion and Beauty Mistakes that you shouldn’t make. I hope this article proves helpful.

Work-from-Home Fashion Trends During the Coronavirus Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic affected a lot of things and the fashion industry was not an exception. It changed our lifestyle and other vital components of human society. Fashion, significantly, was affected because of the quarantine and lockdowns in major cities and many more.

The internet became the only means for exchange, transactions, buying and selling, and most significantly by which new fashion designs are updated.

In this article, we shall be talking about the fashion trends during the coronavirus quarantine.

The Face Mask and Hoodie

Since the pandemic, the face mask and hoodie became very popular. The face mask is one of the protective wears prescribed by the health organization of the world. At first, when people began to use it, it was just for protection, but later human creativity began to transform face masks into a form of fashion.

Some face mask designs were like those of the turtle ninja, and many like the sub-zero-like kind of cover in Mortal Combat. When these face masks are combined with hoodies, they give a beautiful outlook. This fashion trend blew up the internet during the pandemic. Sales of designers face masks skyrocketed during the lockdown and quarantine period of the coronavirus.

For football lovers, many face masks designs carry football club logos and other pop culture images.

The Pillow Challenge

The coronavirus quarantine period birthed brand new beauty and fashion trends. It shows that no matter the restrictions placed on movement, there will always be an avenue to express our social life.

The quarantine pillow challenge on social media is a beautiful example. People creatively turn large pillows to mini dresses by tying them up with belts roundabout their bodies.

This has led to people searching for designer logo belts like Gucci belts, Moschino belts, Saint Laurent belts, and many more. Internet searches for designer belts have increased considerably during the coronavirus virus quarantine and lockdown period.

Loungewear and Sleepwear

Before now, loungewear and sleepwear are popular outerwear, but the pandemic has given it a new look because it can be used to attend different functions in that it can transition from work-from-home, to work out, and to Instagram appearances.

These wears were in high demand during the coronavirus quarantine and lockdown period, because they are easy to wear and comfortable.


Drops are in high demand during this quarantine period; for example, the sneakers drop. They are still very much in high demand for social entertainment on the internet despite the absence of live physical events and community shopping experience. Get one of these, and you can flaunt your style on the internet. Sneakers are still selling out. Nike is still selling out instantly; their sports-star backed Jordan.

The three listed trends above are the most popular fashion trends during the coronavirus quarantine and lockdown period. Social media is the central platform where these fashion trends were popularized.

What’s the Best Type of Collagen for Skin

Your skin is the first point of attraction and as such, it must get utmost care. You can have the most expensive outfits on, but if your skin doesn’t look like it’s being taken care of, you may end up not looking as good as you want.

In this article, we’re going to look at what the best type of collagen for the skin is. Skin care experts and dermatologists say that collagen is a vital ingredient in skin nourishment. We’re going to look at some of them that can help make your skin glow.

Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins

Collagen Peptides are some of the most sought after collagen supplements out there in the market. They’re in powder form, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t like swallowing drugs. You can simply shake a reasonable amount of it into your beverage and drink it down.

The good thing about these supplements is that they don’t change the taste or smell of your drink. Vital Proteins put in a lot of hard work into ensuring that Collagen Peptides serve the purpose that they were created for. The cows that are used for making this product are well fed and treated up to the standard of the Global Animal Partnership.

Collagen Booster by Researveage

This company uses biocell collagen for its products. It is the main ingredient. Some of the other ingredients include vegetable and fruit extracts like asparagus, acerola cherry, and pomegranate. Every single one of these extracts has been found to help with skin elasticity and aging.

Collagen booster doesn’t contain wheat, corn, sugar, soy, dairy, or gluten. It is free from all of these, and that’s what makes it even more healthy for consumption. Bear it in mind that the product is in capsules form, so you would have to swallow it.

Multi-Collagen Protein by Ancient Nutrition

Multi-Collagen Protein uses collagen from the eggshell membrane, fish, beef, and chicken. It was prepared specially for the skin. You know that collagen is beneficial to your bones and skin, but Ancient Nutrition concentrated this one on the skin. You get to step out, looking as radiant as possible.

Premium Marine Collagen by Further Foods

The name alone already suggests where the collagen content in this product is from. The collagen is obtained from the skin of fish. It is a lot easier to get collagen from fish skin than from scales because it is softer than the scales. The product is made in an NSF cGMP certified facility.

Every ingredient in this product is still intact as the collagen wasn’t extracted from the fishes with harsh chemicals, heat, or crude enzymes. When you get this one, you rest assured that it is going to give you enough satisfaction.

In conclusion, what makes a collagen product useful is not what it is from, but how well it was prepared for consumption. Before choosing any of these supplements, ensure that you read more reviews about the product and the company.

Brands that Support Front-Line Workers with a Portion of Your Purchase

As the number of coronavirus cases increases in number, the footwear industry has helped in various forms. These forms include donating shoes and monetary support. Employees all around the country that are not essential have been advised to stay at home. A lot of footwear companies keep their warehouses open to help in the shopping of products that have been donated to people in health care and in other front line jobs.

These products that have been donated could range from casual shoes to heavy duty shoes that have a slip resistant outsole which would be worn by workers who take on the battle head-on. A lot of different disinfected styles have surfaced. A lot of these solutions could be made at home, and they could replace professional products because these products are not at such a high level of supply at the moment. Some of these styles could be washed with machines and air-dried.

Brands that support front line workers with some of their purchase

1. Aerosoles

This fashionable and comfortable shoe brand has been donating pairs of sneaker style shoes to people who work in health care organizations and other important workers battling the war with coronavirus. Aerosoles is also donating about ten percent of its proceeds from its Share the Love collection to help in Feeding America.

2. Allbirds

Allbirds has donated millions of its shoe pairs known as Wool Runners to several different people working in the U.S in the health care community through this pandemic. Anyone interested could get to the company by sending an email to together@allbirds.com to place an order for a complementary pair.

“It is difficult to navigate what one does not know but as we get to understand how we can reduce the spread of this virus, we need to do all we can to keep our clients, customers, and employees in our local communities safe.” (This was stated by the company through a post on Instagram.)

Allbirds has given out more than $500K worth of shoes to health care workers. As these supplies last, it is extending this program for its customers to buy one and get another one free. So for anyone buying a set of Allbirds in the U.S, the brand would divide the cost of donating a set of Wool Runners. The shoppers could also directly donate a pair to themselves.

3. Bearpaw

This is giving away about 1,000 pairs of slippers for people who work head-on with the coronavirus patients across the U.S. This brand was set to start its #BearpawCares technique using social media to nominate employees that are essential to get a pair of their slippers. These nominations could be made at Bearpaw.com.

The three brands listed above have been supporting front line workers non-stop, and we expect others to join in soon.

2020 Fashion Trends for Men’s Wear

Fashion trends have not really been a thing this year, considering all the chaos that the world has had to go through just this year alone. However, we are beginning to wake up to the realities that we have to move past what has happened and move forward to some beautiful vanities of life.

In this article, we will look at some of the 2020 fashion trends for men’s wear that you might want to try. If you’re thinking of getting a present for a man in your life, then one of these trends will best fit the situation if they’re lovers of trends.

Vests for Layering

The coolest fashion trends are the ones that don’t follow any known rule or regulation. Wearing your shirt and leaving about three buttons open from the top is incredible. There was a time when you had to fasten every button. That used to be a style. There was another time where you could only unfasten your buttons if you have big chest muscles. This time, you go rogue with it. The sweet part is that it is sexy when you do it right.

Mid-Wash Denim

There’s a joke that whoever brought this idea probably bought some “new old jeans” from a second-hand clothes store and had to wear it around. Dark denim is popular among men; however, the sun’s heat this summer doesn’t give you the privilege of wearing anything you want. Whatever you want must be light and free.

The mid-wash denim is classy and can be worn with almost anything at all. You’ll find it in virtually every clothing store you visit. That’s why they call it a fashion trend, isn’t it?

All White

Another brilliant idea for the summer. Everyone knows the logic behind wearing white clothes. You know that it helps you look sharp, neat, and feel relaxed. Who wants to roast their skin this summer anyway? Dark clothing is for the cold weather.

To stand out from the crowd, you can just have a fine buttoned shirt with a beautiful suit trouser for a more formal look. If you want to take it up a notch, wear a fine white T-shirt and white Chino trousers. Whatever you do, don’t match these up with white office shoes. Please don’t risk looking funny.

Pastel Pink

They say that men don’t like pink because they’re meant for women. Have you seen a beautiful man in a beautiful pink suit with a white vest for layering? Well then, you probably aren’t in the year 2020.

Pink is a resplendent color. When you combine it well with other light colors, what you’ll have is an absolute beauty. Get this for a slender man. It’ll look better on him than on a more muscular man.

These are some of the 2020 fashion trends for men’s wear. I hope you loved the list.

Black-Owned Small Biz Fashion Brands

When talking about black-owned small biz fashion brands, we are trying to recognize some of the brands that have influenced and promoted black culture one way or the other.

When you look at the world today, one thing is certainly common; some of the major fashion trends have their origin traced back to black origins, and even the Black Lives Matter movement.

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the small fashion brands that are led by strong, black independent business owners.

Subrina Heyink Vintage

Subrina Heyink Vintage is a bridal and vintage shop owned by a fashion enthusiast known as Subrina.

Subrina, who was brought up in Lagos, Nigeria, owns and operates this fashion brand from a small shop that practically houses some special items that can serve your bridal and vintage needs.

Most of the pieces which are found in the store are specially handpicked by the brand owner, Subrina.

To shop from Subrina Heyink Vintage, you can visit their Instagram page for more inquiries.


McCullen was founded and established by Sherri McMullen in 2007. It’s a concept shop that has succeeded in selling and distributing some of the highly recognized labels, which include Khaite, Jacquemus, Christopher John, etc. There’s a lot to know about McCullen, as it’s gradually becoming one of the fast-rising black-owned fashion brands.


We all have a natural tendency to develop a likeness for any brand that extends to focus on the aspect of encouraging women to wear their physical flaws with enough pride. One such brand that has turned to be an expert in this is the Carly Cushnie brand. Its collection includes some of the best ready to wear clothes for women. They also have a broad range of ready-to-wear accessories.

As a woman, if you ever need to switch from the office to party girl mode, rest assured that Cushnie can make that happen for you in split seconds. Top public figures such as Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and others are steady clients of the Cushnie fashion brand.

Kenneth Ize

Kenneth Ize was brought up in Lagos State, Nigeria. He’s of Yoruba origin. His first major breakthrough came earlier this year when his designs got featured in the Paris fashion week.

This fashion brand is particularly unique as it has to do with handwoven stripes.  Kenneth seeks to promote the Yoruba origin through these interwoven fabric designs and he’s doing extremely great at it. People are gradually reckoning with the brand.

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies is a fashion brand owned and operated by Aurora James. Its major concern is to produce and distribute a variety of specially handcrafted shoes and handbags. This initiative isn’t common but very innovative.

Most of their materials are textiles that are locally sourced. Their clientele span across South Africa, Kenya, and the rest of the world.

We’ve carefully outlined some black-owned small biz fashion brands. Which brand do you prefer?

2020 Winter Fashion Trends

We can’t possibly deny the fact that every new day, season, and time, gives room for fashion designers to update us on new fashion trends. This year, there’s been loads of fashion trends to follow, and a lot of people are confused as to which one to go for exactly. Today, we will be discussing the latest winter fashion trends of 2020! I know you’re so excited about this. So, let’s quickly go on.

Some 2020 Winter Fashion Trends

Below are some of the winter fashion trends of 2020.

1. Natural Tones 

If you are looking for something that feels really comfortable this year, this should be your go-to.

Natural tones have the ability to look good on almost everyone, regardless of their shape and size. Don’t ever feel like you’re overdoing too much if you’ve ever shown interest in the monochromatic 2020 winter suit.

2.  Slouch Boots

Remember, it’s winter and you need something to keep you warm, trendy, and beautiful at the same time right?

Slouch boots are something worth falling back on during winter. The way they sit below your knee and have you giving out those dramatic yet very cute steps are always something to look out for.

For the purpose of winter, having your slouch boots in a creamy color or any other warm color is something that is strongly advised.

3. Tiger Prints

Of course, it is always going to rain animal prints. 2020 seems to let off a bang of tiger prints for the winter season!

The tiger prints offer you the exact way to look great, classy, beautiful, and what not without making it look like you are forcing yourself to. It’s effortlessly beautiful.

You can wear the tiger print jacket with a pair of jeans. You can also pair with accurately patterned shoes to create a complete outfit. You don’t have to be in boring outfits because it’s winter.

4. Yellow Maxi Coats

Aside from dull and warm colors, bright colors can also work pretty well during a time like this, or don’t you think?

If you’re longing to see that sunny effect on a very cold day, yellow is one of the best colors that can serve this purpose and even more. It is bold and announces you at every given opportunity.

Turtlenecks, brown boots, flattering jewelry, and so many more fashion ideas can help you complete this look to perfection.

5. Wide Leg Trousers Tucked into Boots

How does that sound? Awkward, beautiful, surprising, or what?

In this season, having your big wide-legged trousers get tucked into your boots seems to be a thing. Not just a thing for the sake of it, but something people have come to terms with and is actually enjoying it.

It has a new way of changing your personality into something pretty funky. You should try this today.

What can I say? Learning what is currently trending is the way to go! This here is something to help give simple directions regarding the 2020 winter fashion trends.

Women’s Clothing Styles for Fall

It is a known fact that the weather affects our choice of clothing and fashion. We tend to wear thick coats and furs during the cold winter months but wear lighter clothes that show a lot of skin during the summer months. The effect of weather on fashion cannot be overemphasized.

The fall is one of the four seasons. It serves as the midpoint or transition between the cold summer months and the warm winter months. One of its main features is the shedding or falling off of leaves from trees. Since the weather becomes noticeably colder, the clothing styles usually change from lighter to thicker fabric choices that match the colors of falling leaves, such as browns, reds, and oranges.

So what can we wear to keep us trendy and fashionable at the same time?

Here are a few tips.

1.     Choose the right fabrics.

Fabrics like linen, silk, and laces are usually meant for warmer seasons, especially the summer. The fall season is all about fabrics that can keep you warm like flannel, felt, wool, and cotton. To make it trendy and fashionable, it can go along with a long leather jacket.

2.     Wear layered clothing

The fact that the fall and winter are cold do not mean you have to dump your best tops that are made of lighter silk materials. They can still be worn as long as they are layered. They can be worn under a leather jacket or a sweater. For example, a knitted dress of cotton can be used over a long-sleeve shirt. To keep the legs warm, jean pants, long skirts, or garments should be worn. If you prefer to wear a short skirt, it should go along with leggings and high heeled boots.

3.     Choose shoes that will keep your feet warm.

Shoes like boots and sneakers will suffice. Or for a more comfortable appearance, choose shoes that are lined with furs to keep the feet warm. You can also choose some fashionable riding boots or knee length boots to go along with leggings or jeans.

4.     Choose the right colors.

During cold months, clothes with dark colors are usually preferable. Choose black, dark blue, dark brown, grey, dark green, forest, or orange green. Also, warm colors based on the fall of leaves are trendy too like cream, gold, bronze, dark red, and dark orange.

5.     Shop for some warm weather accessories.

Some warm weather accessories can go along with the right clothing to keep you trendy and fashionable. Some of these accessories include scarves, hats, gloves, cardigans, and mufflers. Leather gloves are usually preferable in cold climates. Wool scarves and cardigans are great too.

6.     Wear contrasting colors.

The fact that we’ve said darker color shades are to be preferred in colder climates does not mean we can’t mix and match contrasting colors (dark and bright colors) to be chic and fashionable. For example, try pairing a dark brown shirt under a bright red knee-length leather jacket, a black lace shirt under a dark floral sweater, or a flowing bright blue gown under a black turtleneck, while securing the blue with a colorful silk scarf.

Women’s fashion during the fall does not need to be boring. With the right combination of texture, color, proper layering, and fabric, you can still have that trendy, fashionable look that can turn heads. Check out more fall 2020 women’s fashion trends here.