What Skills are Needed to Be a Fashion Stylist?

Fashion is an art and a great one at that. How? Because it requires every inch of attention and creativity to be able to evolve and arrive at your ultimate style goal.

As a fashion stylist, you will work with different people from all walks of life, but you need to stand out from your peers.

What Are The Skills Needed To Stand Out As a Fashion Stylist?

To be able to succeed as a fashion stylist, you must study the experts who have come before you and devour every obstacle and master every possible skill you need to have. Now, to the question, what are the skills needed to be a fashion stylist? Read them below:

1. Have knowledge of current fashion trends.

Being a successful fashion designer requires that you develop a nose for current trends. Know the colors that are in vogue, the designs that are the heart of frenzies. Just be sure that you are trendy. A lot of celebrities have a huge preference for stylists that know what trends are, and you are doing yourself a huge favor if you place yourself on that spot.

2. Understand the differences in face and body shapes.

As a fashion stylist, understand that you will be coming in contact with different people every day of your career. It’s important that you study the several body shapes that exist as well as the face shapes, as this will help you in making decisions and also do a good job in dressing and complementing your clients in the most beautiful way.

3. Develop the ability to effectively market and make sales.

Apart from the passion which initially drove you into this job, there’s a high quest to make money from your passion. Develop the ability to effectively sell your passion and convert it into money. Poor advertising and marketing skills won’t yield fruits, so you need to ensure that you know how to go about it.

4. Pay great attention to details.

Have a keen eye for details. This makes people spot unimaginable differences in your work. This shouldn’t be overlooked.

5. Be effective with communication towards your clients.

Developing and maintaining communication with your clients is very essential. This will help you understand what they need and act accordingly. Communication should be of utmost priority as it helps your clients feel comfortable enough to entrust their work into your hands.

6. Get really creative and innovative.

Creativity is another esteemed skill that shouldn’t be underrated. As a fashion stylist, always wear your garment of creativity, as that would enable you to create new things and effortlessly stand out in any crowd.

7. Be well organized.

Organization is a huge part of every work sector. Being properly organized encourages efficiency and maximum productivity. Be organized!

We have carefully outlined the skills that will help you excel in your chosen field. These skills If properly taken into action, will help you evolve till you reach your limit.

Can Wearing Silver Affect Your Health?

Wearing silver pieces and jewelry happens to be one of the major ways of beautifully adorning yourself. They usually come in a metallic form ranging from earrings to bracelets to necklaces to anklets and more.

Can Wearing Silver Affect Your Health?

Wearing silver has done more good to our health than we could ever imagine. Silver has several health benefits as outlined below.

1.  With its microbial property, silver does well to help fight infections.

2. It helps in the prevention and cure, flu, and a great source of injury healing.

3. It helps to regulate heat in the human body and also improves blood circulation.

4. A lot of testimonies abound as silver also helps in regulating moods and improving energy in the human body.

5. Wearing silver aids to boost immunity and cleanliness.

6. It is used for sterilization.

Why Try Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23?

Natural Immunogenics is a health and wellness company known for supplements that help improve our overall body health.

Looking for a way to supplement physical silver metals? Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23 product line may be a good fit. Hospitals have already adopted using similar silver products and are using them to carry out health procedures on their patients.

Argentyn 23 is a bioactive silver hydrosol that promotes safe living. It’s a very efficient professional supplement type that thrives on its efficacy to make the human system better.

Features of Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23

1. It absorbs easily, because it comes in fragments as small as 0.8 nanometers, so it’s easier for it to smoothly go through every part of the body system without hindrance.

2. It’s charged positively at above 98% of silver ions of bioactives as well as silver nanoclusters.

3. It’s purified. The major thing that makes this product stand out is the mere knowledge of the fact that it’s made out of just two ingredients, which are distilled pharmaceutical-grade purified water, usually packed in dark non-leaching amber glass bottles.

Argentyn 23 existed for a very long time. It has been recommended by the doctors because of the level of expertise that was out into formulating it. It’s effective, it’s pure, and it doesn’t disappoint you.

Is available in a liquid, spray, gel and more.

Note: You can meet your doctor to be sure that you are safe to take this supplement. For dosage information, read the label on each individual product and get confirmation form your health care provider that it suits your unique health needs.

The saying goes ­– health is wealth. Protect your health by investing in foods and supplements that will help you. Silver is an important part of our health; invest in it.

Makeup Remover for Acne

It is very important to remove your makeup after you’re done with your outing or social gathering. Using one of the best removers of makeup is essential for a skin that is prone to acne. And for your breakouts not to increase, it is just as important as paying attention to how you wash your face.

Best Make Up Removers for Skins with Acne

DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

If you are not sure or you don’t trust this oil cleanser, know that it is created for combination skin types that have acne and those that are oily in mind. The formula removes all the dirt, sebum, and makeup on your face, leaving your skin completely clean.

Paula’s Choice CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser

It should be used as a second step when you are cleaning your face off of makeup. It works to treat and clean your skin at the same time. The gel formula has a silky smooth feeling on the face and it does not irritate it. It will help get rid of very stubborn makeup.

Bioderma Sebium H2O Micellar Water

You can begin your double cleanse off with micellar water. This works like all other oil cleansers, and it breaks down the oil and makeup on your skin. It also groups water surfactants like copper sulfate and zinc gluconate, which helps in the formation of micelles that cleans the skin without stripping them. This is part of the French pharmacy line-up of the best micellar waters created for oily skin and faces with acne. It could be used all over the face or particular areas. It works best for removing waterproof liquid lipstick or eye makeup.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes

Making use of any other face wipes will not help skin that is prone to acne. Using Tea Tree facial wipes instead helps purify the oily acne prone skin without making skin dry. Tea tree oil works wonders, as it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It naturally treats blemishes and calms redness.

Avène Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

If you have heavy makeup on your eyes, you’ll need a makeup removing routine to get rid of everything you’ve put on your eyes and to also protect your skin. This eye makeup remover is a good option if your eyes are sensitive. It is ophthalmologist-tested and hypoallergenic. As its name suggests, it is very gentle on the skin and both eyes. It is also oil, soap and fragrance-free. Making it work very well for people with sensitive skin or contact lens wearers.

Other ways of ensuring your skin stays healthy is to only use all-natural makeup brands, such as Jane Iredale, as well as sensitive skincare products from Derma E. We hope you love the skin you’re in.

How to Wear a Pashima Scarf

There are times you’ll need to wear your pashmina scarf.

When it gets a little chilly, your pashmina scarf could be draped around your shoulders. You could simply let the ends of the pashmina hand in front of you loosely and throw one end to the other shoulder. If you’re wondering how to wear a pashima scarf, keep reading!

Ways You Can Wear a Pashmina Scarf

1.     Make a Full Shawl Wrap

You could settle and drape the pashmina around your body, just like a shawl, and then you could tie the ends of the pashmina in front of your chest. This technique helps in keeping the shawl from falling away from your shoulders.

2.     You Could Wear Your Pashmina the Ways of the Europeans

Using this technique, you could bend the pashmina into two pieces and drape it around your neck. Then bring the ends that are loose through the loop on the other end and pull them through to get a snug fit. Then you could leave the ends hanging in your front or you could tuck them into your coat.

3.     Make the Knot Artistic

Slide the wrap of the pashmina around your neck, and make both sides of it equal. Then get a loose-knit in the middle of the right side and make it pass the other side through it. Then after you are done tighten the knot too

4.     Wear Your Pashmina as a Scarf on the Head

You could place it on your head and knot the ends of it and at the nape of your neck, or you could let the pieces that are loose drape around your shoulders and neck. If you do not feel comfortable pulling off this dramatic look then you could fold the pashmina shawl into half, and then wear it over your head like a headband. This would let your hair flow beneath it.

5.     You Could Create a Short Scarf

You could crease and fold the pashmina into three or four times. You could use it to wrap around your neck for about two times and let the ends hand down. You could also tie the ends together for more personal security.

6.     You Could Dress Up Your Coat

You could join the pashmina and fold it for about four times using equal length, and then you could drape it around your shoulders under the collar of the coat. If you’re not wearing a coat you could leave the other end in front let it roam free of you could toss one end over your shoulder.

7.     You Could Slip on a Sarong

By wrapping the pashima around your waist, you could tie the end on your hips. It could be worn with fitted pants, a skirt, or a dress.

When you are trying to purchase a pashima, try to get a colour that suits your complexion. Getting neutral colours are the best. For instance, camel ivories and beiges are the best for people with pale complexions. Now you know how to wear a pashima scarf; enjoy!

How to Make a Knitted Midi Dress

There are many fun types of dresses you can make yourself. One of the most popular form-fitting options in a knitted midi dress. Keep reading to find out how to make your own.

Steps in Making a Knitted Midi Dress

First, if you want to make your very own fit and flare knitted midi dress, you need to get a T-shirt that fits you and then make sure it fits the curves of your body very well.

Put the fitted T-shirt on the table, make sure you can see below, get the middle and then trace around it. Mark both necklines and trace the length of the shirt. Make it reach where you want the skirt to attach.

Pull the sleeve back and scrunch the body of the shirt small where the sleeve touches the shirt, you should see a small S curve, that’s where you’ll trace.

Here you’ll get two patterns and then you cut on the fold. Retrace the pieces and add seam allowance as you cut the fabric.

From this point, cut two sleeve pieces and two bodice pieces, one with the back and the other with the front neckline.

Get two skirt pieces, they should be the length you want with an allowance. They should ask to be as wide as the measurement of your waist.

Construct the bodice, lay the back and front sides together and stitch through the shoulders.

Try on the bodice and adjust till you get it right. You could use darts. Pinch and pin all excess fabric till the top lays nice around your body.

Then sew the darts to be equal to the center and let them stop and start at the same place so they’ll be even. Sew them in and try them out till it’s correct.

Once you like this bodice then you add the sleeves and make sure the sleeve is folded into two. Mark the center with a pin and turn in inside out.

Match the pin and move it up. Put it into the armhole and make sure the sleeve has a different curve.

Do this with the other sleeve, and that’s it.

Then take one of the skirt pieces and put it flat down. Use the pen to mark the center then measure out 2 inches and mark it. Do the same on the other side.

Make pleats by holding the pin from the center and fold the fabric towards its center.

Create three pleats on the different sides of the center and pin them very well. It is a bad choice to sew through them with a basting stitch.

Mark the skirt on where the bodice side is and do the same with the other skirt piece. Mark the back skirt with where the bodice side seams.

Join the skirt pieces together at points you make. Making both points the same width as that of the bodice.

Now you can turn the skirt inside out and keep the bodice right side out. Then you can slide it inside the skirt.

Join all the raw edges and see with a stitch that would stretch like zigzag or stretch stitch. Now finish it, do the neckline and hem the sleeves also hem the bottom of the skirt.

Now you have your knitted mini skirt.

Fashion Tips: How to Distress a Sweatshirt

Upscale clothing brands sell a lot of merchandise, including distressed sweatshirts, but many of them are too expensive to buy. To save money and distress a sweatshirt yourself, you don’t need to be a vintage collector or a rock star to do it, you simply need to admire the style of distressed fabrics and do it on your own. It is easy to craft using items found at home with a little dash of creativity and ingenuity.

How to Distress a Sweatshirt Yourself

A lot of people love distressed clothing, especially sweatshirts and jeans. These fashionable people love the rebellious disheveled and grungy style. 

A distressed sweatshirt is a piece of clothing you intentionally rip or slash before you sell wear it. You could treat clothing this way or pre-rip it for it to have a roughed-up look. It is meant to be bold, edgy, and to give off a sense of unruliness.

Whether you’re pre-ripping a sweatshirt, jeans, or even some good old denim jackets, distressing clothes have a few easily recognizable trademarks.

These include rips and holes in the jeans that are at the pockets or the knees; ripped threads off the hems and cuffs; frayed or slashed edges; fraying, bleached, and colored spots, and more.

All these beautiful additions make the distressed sweatshirt a matter of choice and taste. The trend may not be popular everywhere, but it allows you to be creative with what you like.

Reasons Why You Should Distress Your Sweatshirt

1.     Loved by Designers

A lot of trendy designers like Calvin Klein call distressing your clothes one of the biggest trends in clothes for people these days. This trend has completely refused to stop. They dominate for a lot of reasons. And it’s stolen is completely flexible.

2.     They Tend to be Softer

Distressing your sweatshirt sounds like a horrible way to treat your fabric, but a lot of people do it gently to make your clothes last longer. During the production and manufacturing stage, these clothes get all the treatments and washes which gives it that distressed look.

3.     Express Your Creative Side

If you make it select a distressed sweatshirt, you determine exactly where the rips on the sweatshirt would go. You know where the paint would get splashed and how the entire shirt would look like. Distressed clothes do not need any particular structure or order, and this makes distressed clothes more random, creative, and chaotic.

4.     Distressing Works with Punk, Grunge, and Vintage Looks

Slashed and ripped clothing was a huge part of the British punk look in the 1960s. These days, the distressed sweatshirts are more stylish and intentional than their predecessors. The fraying, ripped edges and hems on distressed clothes lets you use the scattered pieces in a lot of different looks for a unique and fun style.

Celebrity Style Icons & Menswear News

When we think of our forefathers, we rarely think of them in a fashionable sense. However, over the decades, male celebrities have been taking more and more space in the fashion world. These days, you can barely talk about celebrity heartthrobs without thinking about their style and their consciousness of what is fashionable, what is fit, and what is good looking. (All you have to do is look at an issue of GQ magazine!)

Long ago ,the span of menswear news and fashion awareness did not go beyond a pair of jeans and t-shirts. With the aid of icons and statements, menswear fashion has been evolving.

This consciousness has given rise to several style icons, most of whom are celebrities, although in a sense, every man with an appreciation for fashion can be considered a style icon in some sense.

From menswear news below are some fabulous male celebrity style icons.

Menswear News Celebrity Style Icons

Tom Hardy

His celebrity is usually not the first choice of many when thinking of style icons, fashion or what is fashionable. This may be due to the fact that he doesn’t have much care for fashion trends and stuff. He is considered a celebrity style icon in menswear news mainly because his sense of fashion and style of dressing is effortless.

This sort of effortless fashion sense is what a modern man should embody; it is also trendy even though it is casual. He is one of our style icons, because he gives off the vibe that’s he wears clothes out of necessity. All these qualities make Tom Hardy a fashion icon, because sometimes you don’t need to overthink what you wear. You can wear a three-piece suit to the red carpet, but jeans and jacket is a fashionable way to step out of the house sometimes. These are exemplified by Tom Hardy.

Jack Guinness

This is another celebrity on our style list, as his style is usually showcased at the parties that he is invited to by his celebrity friends. He is a top male model, and his style is considered cool without effort. Part of his fashion style is his famous beard, accompanied with suits that have textures that are considered bold.

His suits usually have patterns. This is generally not easy to swallow, but somehow It works, perhaps because of the confidence that Jack Guinness exudes whenever he steps out in his iconic wears. You can try any of his looks and rock it with all confidence, because confidence is an indispensable accessory in fashion.

Kanye West

This is a celebrity style icon that has shaken the fashion world with his bold denim choices. Kanye West is a rapper that is a fashion icon for several reasons, his fashion line, and marrying one of the most famous female fashion icons of this age, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West is always in the spotlight, and he doesn’t shy away from it, this no doubt informs part of his sense of dressing well. The vibe of his style sense is highly influenced by the streets. You can always spot Kanye West wearing jeans that are ripped, hoodies, or t-shirts. It is obvious that Kanye West experiments with several clothing pieces and textures.

His appreciation is limited to single colors, as well. He loves black, ripped jeans, and bold Timberlands. Any street style you can think of that exists – Kanye West has most likely experimented with it.

No matter your lifestyle, fashion is an important part of life. Why not look to the latest menswear news and live in style?

How to Decorate a Womens’ Army Style Jacket

So you’ve got a womens’ Army style jacket, and you want to decorate it, but you don’t know how or what to use. Well, try these styles from downtown Los Angeles at the YMI jeans showroom for womens’ Army style jacket ideas.

Womens’ Army Style Jacket Decorations

These jackets range in any type of color, size, and design. Opt for bulky, complete camouflage, or a cropped version.

People use womens’ Army style jackets in casual looks, but you might want to know how to style it for a more sophisticated occasion.

So on the model, you could take a fitted green womens’ Army style jacket and pair it with a graphic t-shirt. This is great way to add some personal style to a basic denim jeans and t-shirt outfit. Use one with gold detail and skinny jeans to keep the casual cute look.

The sophistication comes from the high heels and accessories you wear. This is to add to how casual you could look with your womens’ Army style jacket. You could add sleek black pumps and use golden jewelry so it would match with the golden cuffs. Simple gold hoops could be added too to increase the design on your womens’ Army style jacket.

You could also emulate how some countries have Army uniforms with features like high boots, long greatcoats, and collar patches of various ranks. Decorate your womens’ Army style jacket with ornaments and decorations you desire in a similar way using brooches, patches, or lapel pins. You could also wear a peaked cap or a beret. In cooler weather, pair your jacket with a long fashionable scarf that matches your trousers. Voila!

Have a great time while you enjoy your womens’ Army style jacket.

Raver Lifestyle and Fashion Trends from the 1990s

You can never talk about the 1990s without mentioning the raves and the raver lifestyle. Also prominent in the 1990s were fashion trends that significantly impacted the world after. In this article, we will discuss fashion trends from the 1990s and the raver lifestyle.

What is the Raver Lifestyle

Raver lifestyle is essentially a celebration of music, dance, and freedom of self-expression, it is a lifestyle that embodies these principles. This lifestyle has its roots in the 1980s when parties were held secretly for dancing and self-expression. These parties were usually held in the middle of the night in many cities. Around this time the principles that would go to mark the raver lifestyle was slowly developed and is referred to even to this day as PLUR.

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, these principles guide the raver lifestyle.  The PLUR philosophy is inextricably connected to the raver lifestyle. The lifestyle is now part of life as we know it in the world, it has become much more embracing than how it was at its inception. These ideals are accepted by ravers all over the world. Part of the raver lifestyle is celebrating PLUR by one ritual referred to as Kandi trading. Kandi are bracelets made with very colorful beads that have things written on them or have charms attached to them. The bracelets usually signify deeper meaning than a usual bracelet.

Celebrating raves is also an integral part of raver lifestyle, people come together from several places to celebrate and appreciate one another in unity, love, peace and with respect, these things bind all ravers together. Kandi as an element of raver lifestyle usually tells a story, some special bond shared between ravers some time in the night. While exchanging kandi ravers would shake hands and repeat the saying “peace, love, unity and respect.”

Fashion Trends from the 1990s

Flared Jeans

In the 1990s wide-legged and flared designs were all the rage. Virtually everybody styled their denim this way, this style was everyone’s preferred style. The flared denim style was accompanied with crop tops to give a very modern 1990s trendy look for both day and night.


Whenever you look back at the 1990s you will be flooded with images of people in overalls, both adults and children. Certainly, if you had anything to do with the 1990s you most likely had or wore overalls. Overalls were usually made of denim and were sleeveless, they were considered indispensable in the fashion world throughout the decade. They were used by everyone, from kids to ladies, to men. You could rarely look around without seeing someone in jumpsuits. The look that was hitherto considered as that of farmers became embedded in mainstream culture and was considered fashionable, casual, and chic. Even to this day this look is considered fashionable if properly used.


This trendy accessory was indispensable in the 1990s, they were part of everyone’s accessory collection. They are necklaces that were worn tightly and high around the neck. They were considered “edgy”, “avant-garde” and extremely appealing. They were made from different materials, some from fabrics, others from plastic, some were metal but no matter the material they were always fashion-trendy in the 1990s. This trend has been resurrected in 2020 along with other 1990s fashion trends. They come with charms and can be big or stretchy.

What were your favorite fashion trends of the 1990’s raver lifestyle?

What Fashion Trend Did ‘Miami Vice’ Make Popular?

“Miami Vice” (1984 – 1989) was a popular TV series that was produced in the 1980s. The impact of the series spans from music to pop culture to fashion. Most notable in its impact is that on the fashion trends from the 1980s to date. In this article, we will answer the question, “what fashion trend did “Miami Vice” make popular?”

The show “Miami Vice” is a crime series set in Miami, Florida. The show was shot on location in Miami to give it the originality vibe. It is regarded as by far the most iconic media production ever made in Miami.

The stars of the show are Don Johnson, who brought the character Det. Sonny Crockett to life, and the exceptional Philip Michael Thomas who acted the character, Ricardo Tubbs. The series was on for five seasons, and the above-stated characters were detectives who were undercover in Miami, so their fashion sense was highly commended. The show made certain fashion trends popular, amongst which are the following.

What Fashion Trend Did “Miami Vice” Make Popular: 5 Clothing Items & Accessories

1.     No Socks Look: As noticeable from the series, Don one of the main characters almost never wore socks, even though he wore blazers and formal shoes. This became a fashion trend, and to this day people copy this trend, this has also made the popularity of no show socks soar. It is now considered trendy and fashionable to have no socks showing when dressed in blazers.

2.     Pastel Colors: There’s no way you’ll watch “Miami Vice” or be a fan of the show without appreciating the colors of the star’s wardrobe. This became a huge fashion trend in the ’80s and even until now, the pastel color trend is considered absolutely necessary in the “Miami Vice” fashion trend. There is no room for dark colors in this fashion trend, therefore, you should get jackets within the pastel color range with trousers that match the trend. Also in line with the trend is getting V-neck t-shirts that go with the jacket and trousers. The t-shirts are tucked in the trouser just like Don does in “Miami Vice.”

3.     Blazer like that of Ricardo Tubbs: The blazer look was rocked by Ricardo Tubbs in the series, this look took hold and became a fashion trend. The blazer is usually double-breasted and sleek. The blazer is worn with matching trousers. Within the trend is rolling up the sleeves of the blazer and wearing a t-shirt with it. To this day this look is considered fashionable and it originated from “Miami Vice.”

4.     Shoulder Pads: “Miami Vice” popularized the use of shoulder pads in blazers, jackets, and even t-shirts. There is no way you can think of “Miami Vice” without the thought of shoulder pads popping into your mind as a fashion trend.

5.     Wayfarer Shades: One cannot write about the “Miami Vice” fashion trend without wayfarers. Presently wearing wayfarer shades is considered extremely fashionable, part of its popularity is owed to “Miami Vice.” You can barely go through an episode of the series without seeing one of the characters fashionably wearing one. It is arguably the constant element in the “Miami Vice” fashion trend.

Which 1980’s-inspired “Miami Vice” fashion trend will you wear?