A Look Back at Historic Fashion Trends: Red Leather Pants for Men

Fashion has always been one of the greatest means of expression. You can tell just what kind of a person someone is by their clothing and fashion style. Some styles are extravagant while others are simply conservative, but it’s always changing. And sometimes fashion styles from past eras come back and are on trend again! Such is the case currently with styles from the 1980s and 1990s, such as the elusive red leather pants for men.

Who Wears Red Leather Pants for Men?

From disco pants to jumpsuits for both men and women, historic fashion trends do not cease to amaze us. One of the most loved and equally hated fashion trends for men – especially 1980s-era hair metal rock stars – was red leather pants for men – the louder and wilder, the better!

In the ‘90s, red leather pants for men came back into trend, and for some Millennial hipsters, the style is still fashionable today.

With the onset of punk fashion in the 1980s and 1990s, however, leather pants were considered to be oozing with sex appeal… although not everyone could pull it off.  While some rock stars like The Doors’ lead singer Jim Morrison rocked the hell out of red leather pants for men during the 1970s, others who followed the trend in later decades just ended up looking like they should give their legs some breathing space.

Origin of Leather Pants

This is not commonly known, but leather pants were actually first worn by Native Americans in the seventeenth century. Before colonization, Native American tribes would use animal skins to make clothing, and men often wore leather pants to keep warm. In addition, because there was a belief that wearing an animal’s skin could give you the power of that animal, wearing leather pants was a norm amongst Native American men.

Musicians and Red Leather Pants for Men

Upon the arrival of European settlers, leather pants were adopted in the nineteenth century and soon became a fashion trend that many musicians embraced. While the Beatles only experimented with leather pants for a short while, rock stars like Jim Morrison went the extra mile by putting on a pair of leather pants almost all the time, perhaps because they knew they actually pulled it off. Similarly, Elvis was another musician who made leather pants look good, not an easy feat. Musicians all over the world are still touting red leather pants for men. In fact, it’s still part of the latest fashion in French cities, along with the fuchsia fashion trends for 2019.

Soon enough, red leather pants for men became all the rage, and men in the streets and dance halls wore them with confidence, with no question of their sanity or health. Nonetheless, if you’re wearing red leather pants for men today or not, one thing we can all agree on is that health supplements for men are important in maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of the pants-wearer. We recommend New Chapter and Pure Encapsulations for all types of men – red leather pants or not.

Best Fall 2019 Styles in Stars Clothing

With fall already here, finding clothes to wear can be a little confusing as you want to look appropriate for the weather while looking your very best. That’s why we have celebrities who give the best fall fashion advice – spanning from trends in the U.S. to the latest fashion in French cities – and give you an insight on what to and what not to wear.

This is our list of 2019 best fall outfits in stars clothing based on celebrity interviews.

5 Stars Clothing Trends for Fall

Checkered Patterns

Checkered patterns never go out of style as they are a fall favorite of celebrities from all over the world, including Jessica Alba and Kirsten Dunst. It gives a delicate and sophisticated look, and you can match it with a trench coat, plain colored boots and of course, black sunglasses. They can be paired with other patterns as long as you know what you’re doing. Reds and yellows also pair well with checkered clothing.


Another favorite that never goes out of fall fashion is the denim look. It is simple, yet very fashionable. You can opt for a double denim look or pair it with plainer colors. Double denim would always give off a nice retro look, and you can pair it with your favorite sneakers or stilettos. A lot of stars are spotting the double denim look, and you might want to give it a try.

Maxi Dresses

It is no surprise that among the coolest types of dresses, maxi dresses are a top option among stars clothing. They keep you comfortable, make you look delicate, while also being very fashionable all at the same time. Stars like Halle Berry and Kate Hudson wear maxi dresses for a casual hangout and maybe something a little bit more sophisticated. The great thing about maxi dresses is that they can be paired with plain white sneakers or heels. Some even come with pockets!

Leather Jacket

Just like maxi dresses, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket. They can go with just about any piece of clothing you have on and make you look totally badass. Leather jackets have been fashionable since they ever existed, and this year is no different. So if you have a leather jacket, great, if you haven’t gotten one yet, why?

Trench Coat

This is a no brainer. Trench coats will always be a go-to item for fall, and it’s what everyone looks for whenever the season comes around. It is a cool, yet classy way to appease in just about any occasion, just make sure you pair a trench coat with other clothing appropriately. One important reason trench coats are loved is because they pretty much go with anything thanks to their simple designs. A little action such as pairing it with a belt can go as far as enunciating your waistline and changing your look. Want to really stand out? Try out a fuchsia trench coat, which is the most exciting color trend this year!

If you want to be trendy this fall, be sure you have these fashion staples of stars clothing in your wardrobe!

How to Do an Egg Cleansing Shampoo at Home

An egg is a great homemade hair treatment, specifically as a hair cleanser, and although it might be hard to believe, it is proven by science. Egg yolk contains an emulsifier know-how as lecithin that works well with removing dirt and grease in the hair that could be making it dirty.

Egg shampoo has a lot of protein, which helps thin, oily, and fine hair. Protein is a good hair strengthener and moisturizes the hair as well. Eggs also contain numerous vitamins such as A, D, E, B12 and the popular hair growth vitamin, Biotin. It adds volume and shine to your hair and takes off oils that make your hair too greasy and prone to dirt.

Although trying an egg shampoo may sound messy, it is recommended that you try it at least once, especially if you have fine or thinning hair. If you’re wondering how to do an egg cleansing shampoo at home, keep reading to find out!

How to Do an Egg Cleansing Shampoo: Step-by-Step

The main ingredient you would need for this process is an egg. You can also add the following ingredients your hair might need.


  • A drop or two of essential oils such as chamomile (for hair lightening) or peppermint essential oil: These help with aroma and cleansing.
  • 1-2 tsp honey: This helps in building moisture for your hair.
  • 1 tsp aloe vera juice: This adds moisture and shine.
  • 1 tsp lime juice: This removes dirt build-up in the hair.
  • 1 tsp Ayurvedic powder, such as Amla powder: This adds thickness.
  • 1 tsp olive oil: This smoothes coarse hair.
  • 1 tbsp henna: This makes hair darker.


Crack your egg in a bowl and whisk properly. Then add the ingredients of your choice and mix. You can dilute the mixture if you have dry hair, but if your hair is oily, do not.

If your ingredients come in a powdered form, ensure to mix them with water to form a paste before mixing them with the egg to prevent lumps.

The length of your hair plays a vital role in the amount of ingredients you add. You can double the egg and other recipes for longer or thicker hair.

Note: If you have dry, coarse or brittle hair, do not include the egg white as all you need is the yolk. Ensure that you add the moisturizing ingredients mentioned above, such as honey, olive oil, rose water and most importantly, aloe vera.

Other Shampoo Alternatives

Making an egg cleansing shampoo can be tiring and sometimes you may not have the time for it. There are natural shampoo and conditioner options, such as Alaffia and Acure Organics to help strengthen and build your hair the same way egg cleansing shampoos do.

Egg cleansing shampoos are what your hair needs to thrive and endure harsh weather and environmental conditions, especially if you have fine, dry, or oily hair.

So now that you know how to do an egg cleansing, why not try it today?

Fuchsia Fashion Trends for 2019

Fuchsia is the unexpected color that happened in 2019. This color has birthed many striking superheroes of fashion on the runway this year – from the U.S. to France and beyond. The 2019 Oscars had fuchsia flying around all over the place, and we have seen our celebrities rocking fuchsia on the streets too. Beyond the runway, fuchsia has also made it into our hearts. This color is a continuation of vibrant, bold, and statement colors that we’ve seen in the past years.

While going monochrome with fuchsia is a great fuchsia fashion option, there are also amazing and eccentric ways to use the color of the moment to create a pop of color in your look. A pop of fuchsia fashion from your socks, shoes, blazer, tee, or trousers can make you look more sophisticated than ever. Finish this year off strong and follow the fuchsia fashion trend to fit into the season’s hottest style. Here are six of our favorite looks!

6 Trendy Fuchsia Fashion Staples for Your Closet

Fuchsia Capes

Fuchsia capes can make you realize that capes are not only meant for superheroes, but they are also meant for you! Look radiant by wearing your fuchsia cape over jeans and a tee, or pair a simple dress with little fuschia accessories. When wearing a fuchsia cape, you should let it do all the talking.

Fuchsia Dress

When it comes to trendy types of dresses, nobody looks more vibrant than a lady in a little fuchsia dress. Just as fuchsia is the bright, bold color of the year, it can turn several heads in your direction when you step into a room wearing a fuchsia dress. Be the chic trendsetter and snag a fuchsia dress right now. This fall, try pairing a fuchsia maxi dress with a denim or leather jacket – three of the best fall 2019 styles in stars clothing!

Fuchsia Blazer

Fuchsia blazers are a top item in fuchsia fashion. Make your office wardrobe complete with a stunning fuchsia blazer. One of the top blazers in 2019 is the Jacquemus Raffaella Wool Blazer that is selling out everywhere. You can easily pair your fuchsia blazer with jeans and a white tee, or a flowing flowery dress.

Fuchsia Satin

Fuchsia looks amazing in satin. One of the best fuchsia moments in 2019 was when Rihanna turned heads in a fuchsia satin mini backless dress at her latest Fenty launch. It’s an excellent fashion staple for all seasons. It speaks elegance for every occasion you decide to grace. Steal the moment with a fuchsia satin piece at your next event.

Fuchsia Shoes

Create a smoldering hot look with a monochrome fuchsia dress by pairing it with your favorite fuchsia shoes. You can also create a color pop with just fuchsia shoes in case you don’t want to go monochrome. Several designers including Zara, Gucci, and others are making fuchsia shoes this year.

Fuchsia Leather

Leather is amazing but classic when in fuchsia. Fuchsia leather in a skirt and pants can make you look absolutely stunning and stylish. Fuchsia leather is one of the most amazing fashion items to own at the moment.

The Latest Fashion in French Cities

French cities are the homes of eccentric fashion. Paris has been an important fashion center since the 17th-century. Fashion all over the world will always owe a tribute to Paris as the center of development for modern fashion. French fashion is a trendsetter for fitting into Western world fashion.

French fashion has certainly evolved over the years, but as always, it is all about looking good while being comfortable. Becoming the latest fashionista in French cities isn’t the hardest thing to achieve, you only have to get to the end of this post to know the latest fashion in French cities like Paris.

5 of the Latest Fashion in French Cities

Fringe Jackets

What’s a French closet without a perfect fringe jacket? A fringe jacket is stylish and eccentric Western outerwear that keeps your wardrobe updated. Don’t feel laid back about rocking your fringe jacket any time of the year, because it’s perfect for all seasons.

Fringe jackets are a staple in every French closet. You can style your fringe jacket easily with a skinny jeans, a slim-fit dress, wide-leg pants, booties, sneakers, or platforms.


Cashmere is a fabric synonymous with wealth and luxury, which is why you will find a lot of it in French cities. This incredibly fine fabric matters to every French woman and man. Cashmere as a fashion piece is a very important one for all seasons in Paris.

The amazing thing about cashmere is that it is a favorite in French cities, so you can always update your styling according to the latest fashion trends. Nude cashmere has been making waves lately as one latest fashion items in French cities. 

Shirt Dress

When it comes to the trendiest types of dresses, rocking shirt dresses in versatile ways are among the latest fashions in French cities. The shirt dress has a striking aesthetic. One of the reasons why every French wardrobe should be updated with shirt dresses is that they are fantastically versatile to style. You get the choice to pick your desired length and hemlines. Pair your dress shirt with Chelsea boots, flat wraparound sandals, stilettos or loafers to create a look of sophistication. (Bonus: This year, try out the exciting fuchsia fashion trend with a fuchsia shirt dress!)


So, platforms are back in trend! If you don’t own any platform shoes right now, you should hurry to invest in a pair. Platform shoes go with anything and can be easily styled. This fashion item is one of the major highlights in the latest fashion in French cities. They can be styled with your midi dress, jeans, short skirt, wide-leg pants, or anything else you may want to wear.

Leather Skirt and Pants

Leather skirts and pants are the next biggest thing in French fashion. A leather skirt speaks sophistication, and they come in different styles, designs, and colors. They are great for every occasion, whether casual or formal. A leather skirt and pants can be mixed with all kinds of materials, whether cotton, silk, sequins, etc. This will make a great addition to your French wardrobe.

Now that you know the latest fashion in French cities, what fashion styles will you try next?