Raver Lifestyle and Fashion Trends from the 1990s

You can never talk about the 1990s without mentioning the raves and the raver lifestyle. Also prominent in the 1990s were fashion trends that significantly impacted the world after. In this article, we will discuss fashion trends from the 1990s and the raver lifestyle.

What is the Raver Lifestyle

Raver lifestyle is essentially a celebration of music, dance, and freedom of self-expression, it is a lifestyle that embodies these principles. This lifestyle has its roots in the 1980s when parties were held secretly for dancing and self-expression. These parties were usually held in the middle of the night in many cities. Around this time the principles that would go to mark the raver lifestyle was slowly developed and is referred to even to this day as PLUR.

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, these principles guide the raver lifestyle.  The PLUR philosophy is inextricably connected to the raver lifestyle. The lifestyle is now part of life as we know it in the world, it has become much more embracing than how it was at its inception. These ideals are accepted by ravers all over the world. Part of the raver lifestyle is celebrating PLUR by one ritual referred to as Kandi trading. Kandi are bracelets made with very colorful beads that have things written on them or have charms attached to them. The bracelets usually signify deeper meaning than a usual bracelet.

Celebrating raves is also an integral part of raver lifestyle, people come together from several places to celebrate and appreciate one another in unity, love, peace and with respect, these things bind all ravers together. Kandi as an element of raver lifestyle usually tells a story, some special bond shared between ravers some time in the night. While exchanging kandi ravers would shake hands and repeat the saying “peace, love, unity and respect.”

Fashion Trends from the 1990s

Flared Jeans

In the 1990s wide-legged and flared designs were all the rage. Virtually everybody styled their denim this way, this style was everyone’s preferred style. The flared denim style was accompanied with crop tops to give a very modern 1990s trendy look for both day and night.


Whenever you look back at the 1990s you will be flooded with images of people in overalls, both adults and children. Certainly, if you had anything to do with the 1990s you most likely had or wore overalls. Overalls were usually made of denim and were sleeveless, they were considered indispensable in the fashion world throughout the decade. They were used by everyone, from kids to ladies, to men. You could rarely look around without seeing someone in jumpsuits. The look that was hitherto considered as that of farmers became embedded in mainstream culture and was considered fashionable, casual, and chic. Even to this day this look is considered fashionable if properly used.


This trendy accessory was indispensable in the 1990s, they were part of everyone’s accessory collection. They are necklaces that were worn tightly and high around the neck. They were considered “edgy”, “avant-garde” and extremely appealing. They were made from different materials, some from fabrics, others from plastic, some were metal but no matter the material they were always fashion-trendy in the 1990s. This trend has been resurrected in 2020 along with other 1990s fashion trends. They come with charms and can be big or stretchy.

What were your favorite fashion trends of the 1990’s raver lifestyle?