Top Oscars Mens Fashion Statements

Since its inception,  the Oscars have incited the creation of diverse fashion trends. The red carpet at the Oscars has not only witnessed some of the most groundbreaking dress designs the world has ever seen, but it has also inspired designers to be more creative with their artf when it comes to Oscars mens fashion, as well. 

But as the Oscars is becoming more and more renowned across the globe, the need to stand out has forced most celebrities to use the most devastating weapon in their arsenal to make an impression – fashion. 

So how can one narrow down the most audacious fashion-defiant Oscars mens fashion statements of all time, when elegantly dressed celebrities come to the event by the hundreds? Do you have to wear a gown to the Oscars, as opposed to wearing a tux, like Billy Porter, to make a fashion statement at the Oscars? Maybe not. It isn’t undoable to make a bold statement with your fashion choices for the Oscar events. Check out these daring Oscars men’s fashion stars, and be inspired by a fashion-defiant red carpet outfit. 

5 Oscars Mens Fashion Statements

Oscar 2019 –John Legend

It was a mesmeric moment, indeed, when the All-Of-Me crowner and 2019 People magazine’ Sexiest Man Alive stepped onto the red carpet in a black tuxedo adorned with an elegant bow tie. The Oscar red carpet scene has seen its fair share of tux and bow ties, but the wealth of detail on John Legend’s tux is more than a showstopper. 

Oscar 1955 – Marlon Brando

The Oscars have been around for a long time. Although this huge stage has seen plenty of dapper tuxedos over the years, Marlon Brandon’s outfit for the 1955 Oscar awards remains one of the most elegant ensembles ever seen on the red carpet. 

Oscar 2019 – Billy Porter

When you talk about Oscar men’s fashion statements that are defiant of the conventional methods of dressing, Billy Porter’s outfit for the 2019 Oscars comes to mind. As opposed to wearing a tux to the event, Billy showed up to the red carpet in an elaborate half-tux and half-gown. And to make things even more interesting, he was conveyed to the venue by six shirtless men.

Oscar 2019 – Jason Momoa 

When it comes to the red carpet fashion statements, Jason Momoa is a force to be reckoned with. In celebration of the 2019 Oscar awards, the star defied the norms with his pink velvet tuxedo.

Oscar 2019 – Steven James

Talk about fashion statements, Steven James’ white ankle boots make the loudest noise. Instead of wearing the old Oxford lace-up shoes to the event, he chose an ensemble that will revolutionize the red carpet trend for generations to come.

When it comes to the Hollywood red carpet fashion trend, there is no such thing as “too much.” You either go big or go home.