What is Fashion Design in 2021?

All through the year 2020, it was honestly a challenging year for a variety of fashion names. It is also seen as a talent explosion, from Central Saint Martins graduations to the TV Reality Competition’s winners. There have been many brand new designers that were unleashed into the world in a truly very dark year. Some of these designers became recognized by Netflix. Others became popular with stars like Kylie Jenner. Many others learn how they could run their businesses after they launched their brand during the Pandemic. All of these designers had epic skills, and because of these skills, they left grand marks in the fashion industry. These brands were around for some months or a few years. But it didn’t matter. These creatives enhanced the understanding the world had on the definition of fashion and what it could be in the future for many people. 

Designs From Chopova Lowena 

One of the breakouts that are the most noticeable includes the design from Chopova Lowena. It became a gem that was at Fashion Week in a lot of places. Harry Styles, in his brand new Vogue editorial, made use of my too. 

Designs from Minju Kim

In the year 2020, Minju Kim started on a great note, and she became a celebrity hurriedly after she won the competition from Netflix. The name of the show where she won was called Next in Fashion. As a result of her being a rising star, she released two great collections from Net A Porter, which featured her signature colorways. They had feminine and romantic volumes. 

Designs from Mowalola Ogunlesi

After  Mowalola Ogunlesi finished college from Central Saint Martins in 2017, her brand became known for its provocative gender-fluid designs. This designer born in Nigeria has pieces that draw inspiration from the seventies, and it has that awesome psychedelic rock. This makes several statements that are both provocative and sexy. These look like her bullet wound dress which the popular Naomi Campbell wore. She’s a 25-year old that has become a household name in the fashion industry. She’s now the design director for the popular YZY Gap. The YZY Gap is a rising brand which is going to grow because it is run by someone like Mowalola Ogunlesi. 

My thoughts on Fashion Designs in the Year 2021

These designs are awesome, superb, and brand new in their ways, forms, and styles. It surprises a lot of people that brand new designers create these fashion designs. People like LV and other popular designers are relaxing and leaving it to the new designers in the club. It is cool because that was the way the designers that created trends from the twenties allowed the set of designers before the new millennials to create awesome fashion trends. 

So if you want to wear the latest trends, you know the designers you should follow or who’s clothes you should patronize. You can’t go wrong when you wear one of the fashion designs from these designers listed above.