Women’s Clothing Styles for Fall

It is a known fact that the weather affects our choice of clothing and fashion. We tend to wear thick coats and furs during the cold winter months but wear lighter clothes that show a lot of skin during the summer months. The effect of weather on fashion cannot be overemphasized.

The fall is one of the four seasons. It serves as the midpoint or transition between the cold summer months and the warm winter months. One of its main features is the shedding or falling off of leaves from trees. Since the weather becomes noticeably colder, the clothing styles usually change from lighter to thicker fabric choices that match the colors of falling leaves, such as browns, reds, and oranges.

So what can we wear to keep us trendy and fashionable at the same time?

Here are a few tips.

1.     Choose the right fabrics.

Fabrics like linen, silk, and laces are usually meant for warmer seasons, especially the summer. The fall season is all about fabrics that can keep you warm like flannel, felt, wool, and cotton. To make it trendy and fashionable, it can go along with a long leather jacket.

2.     Wear layered clothing

The fact that the fall and winter are cold do not mean you have to dump your best tops that are made of lighter silk materials. They can still be worn as long as they are layered. They can be worn under a leather jacket or a sweater. For example, a knitted dress of cotton can be used over a long-sleeve shirt. To keep the legs warm, jean pants, long skirts, or garments should be worn. If you prefer to wear a short skirt, it should go along with leggings and high heeled boots.

3.     Choose shoes that will keep your feet warm.

Shoes like boots and sneakers will suffice. Or for a more comfortable appearance, choose shoes that are lined with furs to keep the feet warm. You can also choose some fashionable riding boots or knee length boots to go along with leggings or jeans.

4.     Choose the right colors.

During cold months, clothes with dark colors are usually preferable. Choose black, dark blue, dark brown, grey, dark green, forest, or orange green. Also, warm colors based on the fall of leaves are trendy too like cream, gold, bronze, dark red, and dark orange.

5.     Shop for some warm weather accessories.

Some warm weather accessories can go along with the right clothing to keep you trendy and fashionable. Some of these accessories include scarves, hats, gloves, cardigans, and mufflers. Leather gloves are usually preferable in cold climates. Wool scarves and cardigans are great too.

6.     Wear contrasting colors.

The fact that we’ve said darker color shades are to be preferred in colder climates does not mean we can’t mix and match contrasting colors (dark and bright colors) to be chic and fashionable. For example, try pairing a dark brown shirt under a bright red knee-length leather jacket, a black lace shirt under a dark floral sweater, or a flowing bright blue gown under a black turtleneck, while securing the blue with a colorful silk scarf.

Women’s fashion during the fall does not need to be boring. With the right combination of texture, color, proper layering, and fabric, you can still have that trendy, fashionable look that can turn heads. Check out more fall 2020 women’s fashion trends here.

What to Look for in a Wedding Shower Dress for Bride

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of many people. It is a day that opens up a chapter of joy and happiness for the couple, so lasting memories must be made both before, during, and after that day. One way to make such lasting memories is during the wedding shower.

This can be done by carefully selecting the best wedding shower dress possible for such an occasion. But to successfully do this we first need to know, is the wedding shower the same as the bridal shower?

Though both are gift-giving parties held before the wedding day, the main difference between the two is that the bridal shower is bride specific, held for the bride and is focused fully on the bride. The guest list will include just the bride’s friends and family members. Men are usually not invited or present. The occasion will be held either in a hotel or the home of one of the bride’s friends. So the dressing is not usually conservative and not too discrete.

Meanwhile, the wedding shower covers both couples. The friends of the groom as well as that of the bride are both invited and present for the occasion. The occasion is held in a more public place, usually, and a lot of planning goes into selecting the wedding shower dress to be worn by the bride.

Some things to look for in a perfect wedding shower dress for the bride include:

1.     Casual dress

The wedding shower unlike the wedding itself is a casual affair held in a casual venue, usually in the evenings. So the dress worn to a wedding shower must be casual. It shouldn’t be too formal because it will give the occasion a boringly formal atmosphere. You don’t want that for yourself, do you?

While some people may prefer to wear a cotton mini dress, some will prefer a sexy jumpsuit, long pants, and crop tops or a romper. The bottom line is that the dress must be casual and not show too much skin. Remember, the groom’s friends and family will be present.

2.     A trendy themed dress

Most wedding shower parties are usually themed. So the wedding shower dress must match up with the team at that party. It will be out of place to wear a love-themed dress to a “save the Earth” themed wedding shower. Meanwhile, the bride has the liberty to select from all the available dress styles that will give her that chick and trendy look while sticking to the theme of the party.

3.     A color that matches the occasion

Even though most brides prefer to wear a white gown or dress for the wedding shower, this is not a rule. The truth is that a bride can choose from a range of colors that are appealing to the eyes and give off a trendy, soft but bold appearance. For example, a pale pink mini dress, a blue romper, a purple jumpsuit, a red flowing gown, a black mini dress, or a white lace dress are all perfectly acceptable colors, as long as they match with the theme of the wedding shower and are casual enough for the occasion. So it will be wrong to stick to a particular color such as pink or white as the color of the wedding shower.

4.     Sleek dress

A wedding shower dress must be sleek, stylish, and attractive. It shouldn’t be boring to look at. It should motivate the bride to step out in style and it should be trendy. The style should be of the latest fashion, not old fashioned. Of course, unless the theme of the party requires a vintage old-fashioned appearance.

5.     Weather friendly

The perfect wedding shower dress for a bride must be weather friendly. While a bride chooses from a wide range and colors and style. The texture of the material used to make the dress should match with the weather. A light lace material for hot seasons and a thicker material during periods of cold, especially if the shower is to be held in the evening hours. It will be graceless for the bride to start sweating profusely during these graceful occasions or for the bride to wear a sweater on top of a perfect dress because of the cold. So the style of the dress should not show too much skin during periods of cold.

Best wishes as you go shopping with these tips at your fingertips. Get that perfect wedding shower dress and make that day stick in your memories. Make it a day you will always remember.

Anti-Aging Boosters

For many, the word “anti-aging” resonates with a joyful countenance. It is a beacon of hope for older adults. Little wonder many have gone to great lengths to drastically slow down the aging process. If it was in your power, I bet you will completely eradicate all traces of aging in yourself. After all, we’re all searching for the “fountain of youth.”

Among many anti-aging products, more extensively many have subscribed to the use of probiotics. The use of probiotics has become a norm for many aging adults. You may have asked, “Are probiotics anti-aging boosters?” Well, it might interest you to know that they are slowing down the aging process appearance-wise.

Any bid to completely eradicate the phenomena of getting old would be a failure. Aging is an inevitable biological process that eventually affects everyone. What can be rightfully done to slow down aging in the proper way?

Many have veered to using beauty products, creams, and age-defying serums just to look younger. This venture does not go deep into the body. They are only superficial and with time may cause more harm than good.

Probiotics are yeast and life bacteria that is good for the body. In other words, probiotics can be rightly called “good bacteria.” This is so because it helps your digestive system and bowel to stay healthy. They can be found in some fermented food as well as supplements.

How do probiotics work?

·       After the use of antibiotics, some good or helpful bacteria are lost in the process. At this time there becomes an increased need for probiotics. It assists in replacing these lost bacteria.

·       There could be times where because of exposure to UV rays, there might be an imbalance between the good and the bad bacteria in the body. Probiotics at this point help to balance up both of them amicably.

Benefits of Probiotics

As mentioned earlier a foremost benefit is that it slows down the aging process. Apart from this, there are other benefits as follows. It may help:

·       Prevent abnormal weight gain

·       Prevent wrinkles

·       Enhance your hairs and nails

·       Proper liver maintenance

·       Improve the skin

·       Boost immune function

·       Reduce the decline of cognitive reasoning

·       Support joint health

·       Enhance energy levels

·       Treats conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea caused by antibiotics and inflammatory bowel diseases

·       Support urinary and vaginal health, oral health

·       Prevent cold and allergies

Getting probiotics from foods is the best option. You may wonder which foods will contain an anti-aging booster, so here are a few.

1.     Yogurt: This comes from milk fermented by friendly bacteria.

2.     Tempeh: This comes from fermented soybean products.

3.     Kimchi: This is a fermented spicy Korean dish. Its main ingredient is cabbage.

4.     Miso: This comes from fermenting soybeans with salt in combination with a fungus called koji.

5.     Pickles or Gherkins: These come from cucumbers that have been pickled in a solution of salt and water. They are then allowed to ferment naturally.

There are many more foods that produce probiotics. In addition, using supplements to fill up your probiotic needs is both wise and prudent. Try Probiotics Caps Full Spectrum by Premier Research Labs.

Are probiotics anti-aging boosters? You will agree with me that they are. And when used appropriately, they could result in a potentially longer and healthier life.

How to Find Online Fashion Writer Jobs

Being a fashion writer is a lucrative job on its own. Many people who venture into this business do so out of their passion for fashion or because they want to earn money through it. The truth is that not all fashion writers get to find the job they want through the internet.

However, there are ways through which you can find out some online remote jobs in the fashion niche. In this article, I will be showing you the ways through which you can carve your flair for fashion into a money-making venture just by using your phone and sitting at home.

1. Pitch Yourself to Fashion Brands

One sure way to land an online fashion writer’s job is to send out pitches to fashion companies and sites that are interested in hiring good fashion writers. Ensure that you craft your pitch very well and make sure to reach out to established brands who have their goal and values clearly stated. This is because when you meet those fashion brands, you are likely to land bigger gigs in the fashion industry. Again, they pay well for the services they intend to get.

2. Start Your Own Fashion Blog

If you are interested in landing big writing projects, you should set up a space for yourself that positions you as a fashion writer. When you keep writing everything you know about fashion on your new fashion blog, chances are that when you start getting paid gigs your clients will always request to see your portfolio, and you can easily send them the link to your blog. 

To make things easier for you, research and write on the tips that will help you find a good writing gig. It encourages readers as well as makes prospective clients pick an interest.

3. Enroll on Freelancing Platforms

Employers who have an interest in getting the services of a fashion writer usually frequent freelancing platforms in search of a good fashion writer that can portray their brand voice.

Getting registered on sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and the likes can be the breakthrough that you’ve been looking for. Ensure that you fill in the right details while portraying yourself as the right professional.

Once you’re a successful freelancer and have your own fashion blog, the experience you gain will help prepare you to pitch your writing skills to fashion magazines for internships of entry-level writing jobs.

4. Socialize on Social Media

We are all aware that social media holds other importance apart from texting all day. Seize the opportunity to get into fashion groups, meet with people who own Fashion brands, reach out to them, socialize with them, and slowly pitch your services to them. The main thing you bear in mind is that you have to be strategic in all decisions you decide to take and never allow your sense of money to cloud your human mind. Getting them to trust you is the key and you should utilize it properly.

Here you have it! These are the top ways through which you can find fashion jobs online. Make use of these steps, and you will be on your way to becoming the next big fashion writer!

What is an Understated Style?

In the world of fashion, celebrities are often considered one of the best or worst dressed at red carpet events. As a non-celebrity, everything depends on how you choose to style yourself and if you’re trendy or not. It’s also about expressing yourself through your style. Many people, however, choose to avoid the frills and excessiveness of trendy clothes and instead opt for an understated style that’s more classic and relaxed.

What is an Understated Style, Anyway?

When you hear the term “understated style” one thing should come to your mind – simplicity. This is because understated style is fashion with no glamour attached.

Just like the name implies, there’s nothing special about it, it’s just there. Over the years we’ve seen our celebrities rock these styles while showing up at events.

Now, I like to think that no one should be caught or seen with a wacky fashion style (unless of course you’re Cyndi Lauper). Why? Because I believe in the saying that goes: “You get addressed the way you are dressed.” So, why would anyone want to be seen wearing clothing items that don’t suit their body or at least seem a bit attractive?

Are Understated Styles Uncool?

The truth remains that not everyone would want to draw so much attention to themselves, so they keep everything about them simple and short! Because at least we’ve all established the fact that wearing simple dresses makes us safe from fashion police and naysayers.

However, you can look your best if you are into simple styles. This is where your fashion stylist has a huge role to play. An outfit should be made with the utmost carefulness while bearing the mind photo of the client’s physical features in mind.

An understated style tends to rely on a simple color, style, and shape that is designed to suit a person’s body. I remember seeing Rihanna attend an event some time ago, wearing an all-white jumpsuit, coupled with white heels, and black hair with little to no makeup. That particular outfit was one of the best dressed that year. It didn’t have any drama or get any unsolicited attention, yet it was simple and beautiful.

How to Style Your Understated Fabric

1. Choose a good color that best suits your skin tone.

2. Look to choose articles of clothing that complement your body type.

3. Add accessories like sunglasses, a belt, and jewelry to flatter your look, but keep it simple and classy.

The key to understated style is understanding your personality, mastering, or repositioning your charisma to suit your motion. Loose items of clothing are the best for understated styles. You want to look like you didn’t put too much effort into the style, but you still are well organized, polished, and put-together.

Our Favorite All Pink Shoes for Women

As you all must have known by now, pink is the official theme color for celebrating breast cancer survivors and bringing awareness to the deadly disease. World Breast Cancer Day holds a huge impact on the lives of a lot of women, and some women choose to wear all pink shoes in honor of the day.

The word SHOES in breast cancer is an acronym that depicts: Strength, hope, optimism, endurance, and survival. In accordance with this acronym, I’d list some of the all-time favorite pink shoes we women wear to feel good about ourselves. Let’s go!

1.  Fashionable pink wedding shoes

The pink color is often the first color that screams “girl” when it comes to sight. It symbolizes love a lot of the time. These very fashionable pink wedding heels are suitable for wen who are going into marriage and women who basically want to use them to announce fashion statements.

2. Pink platform heels for women

Ever had a glimpse of what platform heels look like? If you have, I’m sure you can testify to how beautiful and how bossy these pairs make women feel and look. Paired with the right outfit, platform heels are great for parties and extremely suitable for when you intend to visit your office. Wearing the pink version of platform heels should be your next target, as they are great many occasions and events.

3. Blush pink flat shoes for your little one

Adorning your little one with beautiful flat pairs of flat shoes is one of the best ways to display your love, passion, and care for women. And of course, this is often effortlessly done as a lot of mothers find it usual to make their little girls get all dolled up in beautiful pink fashion items. Investing in a pair of blush pink flat shoes for your little one is a great decision that you should keep making.

4. Pink Gladiator heels

Talking about something that helps you breathe out your confidence and sassiness, then pink Gladiator heels or sandals are the best decision. Laced with a very high heel and some strappy leathers, your feet get comfortably trapped in these gladiator heels without you worrying about how to fall miss-steps. Personally, I love this pair and it serves as a great fit for petite women.

5. Pink sneakers for women

Are you looking for something that helps you move your feet to every angle to wish it to meet? Then the pink sneakers are your go-to. Apart from helping you create awareness for breast cancer, you also get to feel comfortable all through the times you have them on. Great for parties, fit-outs, casual dates, etc, a lot of women would love to have these pairs lying gracefully on their shoe racks.

In order to ensure that you are truly keeping yourself safe from breast cancer, get supplements such as Women’s Pure Pak by Pure Encapsulations to help your cause. These types of multivitamins help build up your immune system and protect your overall health.

Vegan Fashion Bloggers and Cruelty-Free Clothing Brands to Follow on Instagram

Vegan fashion is fast becoming a norm, since many people a lot of people are gradually embracing the vegetarian lifestyle and saying no to animal cruelty.

In respect to this, I’m going to be listing some of the Instagram fashion bloggers who have carved a niche for themselves in the vegan Fashion industry. They have taken it upon themselves to promote vegan life by consistently talking about them and they are 100% women.

Okay, in case you are wondering what vegan fashion is all about, it’s simply talking about clothing items and jewelry made from raw materials that don’t involve animal parts when making. Let’s dive into the details of these bloggers, shall we?

1.  MARTA CANGA @marta_canga

When we talk about vegan bloggers, Marta Canga remains one of those topping the list. She is a YouTuber and lives in London. Marta Canga has been acknowledged as one of the best dressed vegan bloggers that makes you widen your eyes in awe at the mere sight of her. She encourages young people to make out their own style and quit following the trends. Head on to her Instagram handles and fees your eyes.

2. LOVE AND BLOSSOMS @l.o.v.e_blossoms

Love and blossom is a top vegan fashion blogger with the biggest number of followers on Instagram. Many upcoming vegan bloggers look up to her brand and are gradually trying to walk in her footsteps. She is highly recommended if you have ever wanted to evolve your choice of fashion.

3. The Green Monki @thegreenmonki

If you are into vegan trends and you’ve never heard of Chloe, then you are missing out. She’s a blogger and high-class vegan enthusiast. She lives in Belgium and coordinates a fashion revolution. Chloe has a variety of fashion sense and can be anything you want her to be at any time.

4. Waterthruskin @waterthruskin

Talking about a vegan queen, she comes first in your mind. She actively represents the vegan lifestyle. She seems to be a born traveler because her brand clearly lets you know about that although she is based in Miami. You want to know about food, lifestyle, travel and fashion tips as a vegan, Valeria is your plug. 

5. Vegan’s First

What’s that thing you really want to know about being a vegan? Well, Tully has got you covered on that. She’s a vegan blogger who’s going to sweep you away and let you drown in the raw passion and love for veganism. She encourages vegan life in the best ways possible and tries to give out comprehensive reasons why this lifestyle is the best anyone can live. She religiously believes in her cause and she isn’t about to back out as it seems determined to get a lot of people to join veganism.

Those are some of the women who are out to strengthen the vegan mission. If I were you, I’d go over and feed your brains and eyes with the wonders these women have cooked up.

What Skills are Needed to Be a Fashion Stylist?

Fashion is an art and a great one at that. How? Because it requires every inch of attention and creativity to be able to evolve and arrive at your ultimate style goal.

As a fashion stylist, you will work with different people from all walks of life, but you need to stand out from your peers.

What Are The Skills Needed To Stand Out As a Fashion Stylist?

To be able to succeed as a fashion stylist, you must study the experts who have come before you and devour every obstacle and master every possible skill you need to have. Now, to the question, what are the skills needed to be a fashion stylist? Read them below:

1. Have knowledge of current fashion trends.

Being a successful fashion designer requires that you develop a nose for current trends. Know the colors that are in vogue, the designs that are the heart of frenzies. Just be sure that you are trendy. A lot of celebrities have a huge preference for stylists that know what trends are, and you are doing yourself a huge favor if you place yourself on that spot.

2. Understand the differences in face and body shapes.

As a fashion stylist, understand that you will be coming in contact with different people every day of your career. It’s important that you study the several body shapes that exist as well as the face shapes, as this will help you in making decisions and also do a good job in dressing and complementing your clients in the most beautiful way.

3. Develop the ability to effectively market and make sales.

Apart from the passion which initially drove you into this job, there’s a high quest to make money from your passion. Develop the ability to effectively sell your passion and convert it into money. Poor advertising and marketing skills won’t yield fruits, so you need to ensure that you know how to go about it.

4. Pay great attention to details.

Have a keen eye for details. This makes people spot unimaginable differences in your work. This shouldn’t be overlooked.

5. Be effective with communication towards your clients.

Developing and maintaining communication with your clients is very essential. This will help you understand what they need and act accordingly. Communication should be of utmost priority as it helps your clients feel comfortable enough to entrust their work into your hands.

6. Get really creative and innovative.

Creativity is another esteemed skill that shouldn’t be underrated. As a fashion stylist, always wear your garment of creativity, as that would enable you to create new things and effortlessly stand out in any crowd.

7. Be well organized.

Organization is a huge part of every work sector. Being properly organized encourages efficiency and maximum productivity. Be organized!

We have carefully outlined the skills that will help you excel in your chosen field. These skills If properly taken into action, will help you evolve till you reach your limit.

Can Wearing Silver Affect Your Health?

Wearing silver pieces and jewelry happens to be one of the major ways of beautifully adorning yourself. They usually come in a metallic form ranging from earrings to bracelets to necklaces to anklets and more.

Can Wearing Silver Affect Your Health?

Wearing silver has done more good to our health than we could ever imagine. Silver has several health benefits as outlined below.

1.  With its microbial property, silver does well to help fight infections.

2. It helps in the prevention and cure, flu, and a great source of injury healing.

3. It helps to regulate heat in the human body and also improves blood circulation.

4. A lot of testimonies abound as silver also helps in regulating moods and improving energy in the human body.

5. Wearing silver aids to boost immunity and cleanliness.

6. It is used for sterilization.

Why Try Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23?

Natural Immunogenics is a health and wellness company known for supplements that help improve our overall body health.

Looking for a way to supplement physical silver metals? Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23 product line may be a good fit. Hospitals have already adopted using similar silver products and are using them to carry out health procedures on their patients.

Argentyn 23 is a bioactive silver hydrosol that promotes safe living. It’s a very efficient professional supplement type that thrives on its efficacy to make the human system better.

Features of Natural Immunogenics’ Argentyn 23

1. It absorbs easily, because it comes in fragments as small as 0.8 nanometers, so it’s easier for it to smoothly go through every part of the body system without hindrance.

2. It’s charged positively at above 98% of silver ions of bioactives as well as silver nanoclusters.

3. It’s purified. The major thing that makes this product stand out is the mere knowledge of the fact that it’s made out of just two ingredients, which are distilled pharmaceutical-grade purified water, usually packed in dark non-leaching amber glass bottles.

Argentyn 23 existed for a very long time. It has been recommended by the doctors because of the level of expertise that was out into formulating it. It’s effective, it’s pure, and it doesn’t disappoint you.

Is available in a liquid, spray, gel and more.

Note: You can meet your doctor to be sure that you are safe to take this supplement. For dosage information, read the label on each individual product and get confirmation form your health care provider that it suits your unique health needs.

The saying goes ­– health is wealth. Protect your health by investing in foods and supplements that will help you. Silver is an important part of our health; invest in it.

Makeup Remover for Acne

It is very important to remove your makeup after you’re done with your outing or social gathering. Using one of the best removers of makeup is essential for a skin that is prone to acne. And for your breakouts not to increase, it is just as important as paying attention to how you wash your face.

Best Make Up Removers for Skins with Acne

DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

If you are not sure or you don’t trust this oil cleanser, know that it is created for combination skin types that have acne and those that are oily in mind. The formula removes all the dirt, sebum, and makeup on your face, leaving your skin completely clean.

Paula’s Choice CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser

It should be used as a second step when you are cleaning your face off of makeup. It works to treat and clean your skin at the same time. The gel formula has a silky smooth feeling on the face and it does not irritate it. It will help get rid of very stubborn makeup.

Bioderma Sebium H2O Micellar Water

You can begin your double cleanse off with micellar water. This works like all other oil cleansers, and it breaks down the oil and makeup on your skin. It also groups water surfactants like copper sulfate and zinc gluconate, which helps in the formation of micelles that cleans the skin without stripping them. This is part of the French pharmacy line-up of the best micellar waters created for oily skin and faces with acne. It could be used all over the face or particular areas. It works best for removing waterproof liquid lipstick or eye makeup.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes

Making use of any other face wipes will not help skin that is prone to acne. Using Tea Tree facial wipes instead helps purify the oily acne prone skin without making skin dry. Tea tree oil works wonders, as it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It naturally treats blemishes and calms redness.

Avène Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

If you have heavy makeup on your eyes, you’ll need a makeup removing routine to get rid of everything you’ve put on your eyes and to also protect your skin. This eye makeup remover is a good option if your eyes are sensitive. It is ophthalmologist-tested and hypoallergenic. As its name suggests, it is very gentle on the skin and both eyes. It is also oil, soap and fragrance-free. Making it work very well for people with sensitive skin or contact lens wearers.

Other ways of ensuring your skin stays healthy is to only use all-natural makeup brands, such as Jane Iredale, as well as sensitive skincare products from Derma E. We hope you love the skin you’re in.