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Birthday Gift Guide: Best Subscription Gifts for Your Friends

Your friends are some of the most important people in your life, so why not celebrate their birthdays with a subscription gift that keeps on giving? From food and drink to entertainment and self-care, we’ve rounded up the best subscription gifts for your friends.

For the foodie friend: A food delivery or cooking subscription

Is your friend always trying out new recipes and restaurants? If so, a food delivery or cooking subscription would make an excellent birthday gift. With a food delivery service, they can get all the ingredients they need to make delicious meals at home, without having to step foot in the grocery store. And with a cooking subscription, they’ll have access to hundreds of recipes and instructional videos to help them hone their skills in the kitchen.

For the music lover with golden ears friend: A vinyl subscription

Magnolia Record Club is a vinyl subscription service that will send your friend a new album each month, along with custom-made playlists and digital downloads. They’ll appreciate being able to add rare and limited edition albums to their collection, and you’ll enjoy seeing them smile each time they open up their Monthly Music Package.

For the fashion-savvy friend: A clothing rental subscription

If your friend is always on the lookout for the latest trends, a clothing rental subscription would be the perfect gift. With this type of service, they can rent designer clothes and accessories for a fraction of the retail price. Plus, they’ll never have to worry about wearing the same outfit twice!

For the friend who likes quiet time and meditation: A tea club subscription

Atlas Tea Club is the perfect subscription for your friend who enjoys a good cup of tea. With this gift, they’ll receive a monthly shipment of loose leaf tea from all over the world, along with information about the origins of each tea and brewing tips.

For the beauty junkie friend: A beauty subscription box

Is your friend always trying out new beauty products? If so, a beauty subscription box would make an excellent birthday gift. With this type of service, they’ll receive a monthly shipment of hand-picked makeup, skincare, and hair care products. And best of all, they can try out all the products before committing to purchasing them.

For the mama-bear of the group: A mama box

Agni means “fire” in Sanskrit, and this mama-bear gift box is sure to bring the heat! Filled with all-natural and Ayurvedic wellness products, Agni mama box is designed to help new moms heal, relax, and rejuvenate. From herbal teas and bath salts to skincare products and aromatherapy, your friend will love everything in this box.

For the fitness-minded friend: A workout or fitness class subscription

If your friend is always hitting the gym or working out at home, a workout or fitness class subscription would be the perfect gift. With this type of service, they’ll have access to hundreds of workouts and classes, so they can always find something new to challenge themselves. Plus, they’ll never have to worry about paying for a gym membership again!

For the entertainment lover friend: A streaming service subscription

Is your friend always binge-watching their favorite shows or movies? If so, a streaming service subscription would make an excellent birthday gift. With this type of service, they’ll have access to thousands of hours of entertainment, so they can always find something new to watch. Plus, they’ll never have to worry about paying for a movie ticket or renting a movie from Redbox again!

We hope this birthday gift guide has helped you find the perfect subscription gift for your friend. And remember, a subscription gift is the gift that keeps on giving, so they’ll always be thinking of you when they’re enjoying their favorite shows, movies, workouts, or beauty products.

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In modern times, gold jewellery has become a nice fashion trend and a way to stand out by the higher citizens. But a more elevated and much better gold jewellery is the Gold vermeil, which is much higher in quality than regular gold plated jewellery. What makes this jewellery so sophisticated is that it is the combination of the 925 Sterling Silver, with hard thick gold of a list of 12 karats, plated around it. This makes for a more magnificent look. So then, what are the Sterling Silver gold plating trends? Let’s find out.



This fantastic sterling silver ring is truly one of a kind. The ring features gold tones a gold-plated sterling silver hardware, with the ring is obviously of a circular design. To help increase the life and shininess of this sterling silver gold plated ring, it is best to keep away from water and avoid dry cleaning. This fantastic jewellery piece is worth more than a hundred dollars and is sold at about 412 dollars.


This Emanuele Biocchi coin signet ring is another significant trend this year. It is not just ordinary gold-plated jewellery but also features gold vermeil. This means that the set features gold plating, sterling silver, and an embossed design. It also has a polished look and a slip-in style. The Emanuele Biocchi ring and coin signet are almost similar and are only easily differentiated by design on the face of the calls. So as a result, both rings cost about the same price, at 412 dollars.

  1. TOM WOOD. 

The Tom Wood boa gold vermeil bracelet is one of a kind. It could be an perfect gift for your wife, our girlfriend. You could even use it as an anniversary gift to help show your wife or babe you care. This fabulous Tom Wood Gold vermeil bracelet is featured as a return to the 1980s. The bracelet is made from a sterling silver snake chain, coated with one micron of gold plating. So with this set, you get a gold-plated sterling silver snake chain with a polished finish. It could be easily worn with a night and steady clasp fastening. 


This gold vermeil jewellery is a number engraved ring with a nice polished finish. It features a gold-plated sterling silver design. The numbers imprinted on this Gold Vermeil jewellery are that of elite brands. Wear this great ring with style, and don’t be shy to flaunt it. 


This fantastic fashion earring trend is made with gold plated 925 sterling silver Korean statement. It is made to look fancy and yet sophisticated. You could also customize the earrings to whatever suits you. Give this amazing earring as a gift to your wife to serve as a complement to her beauty.

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You are reading this article because of your love for fashion. You also believe you have what it takes to be an authority in the world of fashion. Now you are considering being a fashion influencer, and you are probably wondering whether you have what it takes. You first need to understand what it means to be a fashion influencer to find out. 

Who is a fashion influencer? 

The role of a fashion influencer is slightly different from that of a blogger. A fashion blogger owns a website or blog where he shares his opinion, facts and thoughts on fashion and other fashion related topics. This is nothing, though, compared to a fashion influencer. A fashion influencer does not necessarily need a blog, But a solid social media presence is essential. A fashion influencer is never shy to share his opinion on the latest trends, designs and choice of outfits and more. The presence of an influencer is so strong that it can manipulate the choices and actions of his audience. To achieve this would require great patience and preparation. So what steps can you take to accomplish this? Let’s find out.



Before venturing into something new, you must get yourself prepared. You would need to be prepared financially and mentally. Do as much research as possible, create your brand, get a good gadget and camera. Having a good and powerful computer is also a plus. Practice on camera to help build your confidence. People are most likely to take you seriously if they see you know what you are doing. Do enough research and be an authority in whatever trends you try to promote.


Another essential step to becoming a fashion influencer is to develop a strong marketing strategy. This can be simple to achieve if you already know your audience. Once you know your audience, develop a plan to help sell yourself and your brand to them. This would be important if you wish to cement yourself in the work of fashion influencers.


One reason people seek influencers’ opinions is that they are constantly updated with trends and all related to fashion. So be ready to stay updated and be the first to identify a new direction and talk about it. Be prepared to feature in events and other shows related to fashion. 


There are many influencers out there having lots of different approaches to their niches. So the amazing thing you can do is be yourself. Also, try as much as possible to stand out as different, having something that separates you from the world of other influencers. This is very essential if you want to capture a wide range of audience



Another recipe for success is getting endorsements from reputable fashion brands. It wouldn’t hurt to get one to help sponsor your shows or posts. So try to reach out to as many brands as possible and share reviews and comments on their fashion line and latest trends. This is another recipe for success in becoming a fashion influencer.


Winter must have been terrible for ladies and makeup fanatics alike. We have to deal with problems during winter, like keeping our skin moist and refreshed and not dry and stiff. This was no easy task and must have required a lot of care. But thank God that is over now! A new year is here, as well as another hot spring. Have you been following the hot spring makeup trends of previous years? Are you probably wondering what hot spring makeups are trending this year? Then you   are in the right place. Please don’t go anywhere as I bring you the top five hot spring makeup trends of 2022.



Eye shadows are everything this 2022. It is a trend we won’t get rid of any time soon. And for those looking for a simple but sophisticated look. One kit to recommend would be the 24/ 7 moon dust eye shadow. This could go with a simple Jane cradle fixation stain Lipgloss and blush. 


Blue liners are also a hot trend this summer. It offers beauty and glamour fit for any skin colour. We recommend using Yuax waterproof in navy blue. But you could go for a more dramatic look by saving it around your whole eye, or you could go for a more subtle look by applying only at the edges of your eyes. No matter how you apply it, you are sure to look good this summer. 


Aside from eyes and facial care products, skin care products are also sorted out. This is because of the growing desire to stay and look healthy. One way to look healthy is to improve skin condition, getting it as moisturized as possible. No product would do this job better than The Time Fall Coverage Mineral BB Cream


Just like skincare, importance is now highly given to the general health and care of the scalp. This is a priority for beautiful fanatics in 2022. And as a result of this new beauty concern, scalp care products have been made to help meet the needs of eager beauty clients. As a result, The microbiome boosting scalp/heart serum was created. With this serum, you can finally promote the overall health of your scalp. 


A standard finishing look now becoming famous is a simple blush. This exquisite but straightforward touch helps enhance beauty significantly and is now a common beauty trend. Achieve this excellent touch using any cream blush kits you have, or you could purchase one from our store. You could apply with a simple dab while working your way through your face to achieve the look you are seeking to achieve. 


Hope this post helped show you the hot spring makeup trends of 2022. Make sure to try some of these trends out this summer to help keep you looking beautiful and elegant.

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Lockdown-Wear Fashion Trends Continue with the Nap Dress

I talked about the long-armed trend through celebrities. This should be the continuation of that piece. This piece would talk about Lockdown-Wear Fashion Trends Continue with the ‘Nap Dress.’ There are some highly successful shows, like Bridgerton, which I also talked about either in that piece or in a similar detail like that one. It has boomed up the Nap Dress trends. Everyone wants to go to bed like a Disney princess. The clothing sales available in the United States have risen. And the clothes which are bought by practically every young lady out there include this nap dress. 

The House Home from Hill House has a signature product suited to remain perfect all through Lockdown. It was created from cotton, which is stretchy. The dress helped women to hop and move around with ease between calls through. These were the best things one could wear when they did various things at home. 

What were the designs on these Lockdown-Wear Fashion Trends? Continue with the ‘Nap Dress.’   

Some tiered skirts were layered and then embellished, which also had shoulders that were ruffled. All of these were available in dreamy floral patterns. All of these evoked the escapism from cottage core through the daytime nightgown times. 

It also added to the creation of viral sensations. At the end of spring, the company sold around a million worth of inventory in less than thirty minutes. Practically every girl wanted to wear one of these. 

I want one; I want one. The reason I want one is that I have watched the Bridgeton series. And I never knew how much I wanted one till I wrote this article. These Nap Dresses are effortless to wear, and you could use them when you want to engage in a video call with someone or a group of people. It is fun, engaging, and accessible. I love wearing free clothes. There are times that I even want to remove my skin and relax. Because of how much I desire freedom. I know what you are thinking. This writer might be a bit nuts. But don’t get me wrong. If you do not already have this type of nap dress, you need to get yourself one of it to grasp what I am saying entirely.

This lock downtrend, though the world is not suffering from the Covid-19 virus anymore like we were some years back, it is still trending never the less. You could use all of these trends and make yourself feel good. It doesn’t matter how you are feeling. It does not matter your mood. What matters is that you check online right now. After you are done reading this piece, you know that you check out for the closest place they sell Nap dresses. Get for yourself, relax and be comfortable in your spending. Join the trend. Look good and comfortable in your room or your study. It wouldn’t matter.

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What to Wear to Go Red for Women This February

The red month is here. And because it is here, I’ll be writing this piece in red and talking about the things you should wear to go red for women through February. So are you ready? Let’s begin. 

What you should wear so you’ll go red for Women in February.

There has been a lot of people waiting for February to arrive. So they could look fantastic, magical, and perfect for when February comes around. The thing with this red month is that you can enter your closets, enter your drawers, and bring out that beautiful red dress you have wanted on for a very long time, and then you could slay with it for as long as you want. You know February is a long month. Twenty-eight days is no joke, you know. Let me list out some things you can wear so you can go red for women this February.

  1. A Red Dress 

You need to get yourself a red dress. Because, of course, it is February, the month of valentine and the month where women all decide to go red. You could go shopping and get assortments of red dresses. That is if you do not have a lot of them at home. 

  1. A Red Cap 

If you want to do this low-key, you know, you don’t want to shout or scream out loud that you are celebrating women’s day; you could get yourself a red fine cap or hat. This way, everyone knows what you are celebrating, and you would rock your cap like it is nobody’s business. 

  1. A Red Shoe 

Like the idea I talked about, which involved getting a red cap, you could also get yourself a red shoe. This way, you get to walk with style and then tell the world that you are celebrating and going red for women’s day. 

  1. Get Yourself a Red Bag 

A red bag is all the class and style you need for your women’s red day to be the bomb. People would be marching around with their red dresses, red shoes, and reading everything. But you would come along with your red bag, ready to give and everything. You would end up being the star of the show. 

  1. A Red Phone Pouch 

Your phone and how your phone looks say a lot about you. That is, if you did not know or if you were not aware. So you could get a red pouch for your phone and walk like a king.

  1. A Red Hoodie 

Suppose you are a teenager or a young adult reading this. You would like to celebrate women’s day too by giving. You could buy yourself a Red Hoodie and then go to the event. You would be noticed by everyone who sees you.

Happy Women’s Red day. Make sure you have an enormous amount of fun. Okay? With these ideas above, there’s no choice for you but to look epic.

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How to Get a Flawless Film Star-Like Complexion

So, the techniques I would talk about in this article could be done by practically anyone. With these, you could get that fabulous and Flawless Film Star Like fresh complexion. Let’s begin. 

List of things to do so you could have a Flawless Film Complexion 

You need to make sure you take your bath twice daily 

Taking your bath twice daily would help you get rid of all the debris and oils from your body all morning and all night. This would end up giving you spotless and clear skin. You might want to wash your body frequently if you consistently work outside. You should make use of dye-free water and soap, which does not have any scent. 

Always check the ingredients of the soap and the moisturizers you make use of

In more cases than not, you should ensure that the products you are using do not have any alcohol or peroxide. These ingredients remove oils that help protect your skin; they end up spoiling your skin and giving you a complexion that is not even. 

Do not depend on body washes. 

Body washes have very harsh fragrances and stressful dyes. Suppose you want the aromatherapy experience of using your fantastic scented body wash without getting rid of your skin to damaging chemicals. In that case, you could add a teaspoon of your scented body wash inside an ounce of wash. This would be more gentle. You get to relax, and you have all of the moisturized d clean skin you desire. 

Make use of tissue so you can understand your type of skin 

After you take your bath, try using a tissue to clean both your forehead and your nose. If your tissue is oily, you should have oily skin; if the tissue shows some skin flakes, you have dry skin. 

For oily skin, you might desire to check out products that have light foams instead of heavy masks and creams because the oil available on your skin could make a shield that seals covers, and then it goes and clogs your pores. If your skin is dry, you should forget about soaps which has peroxide and alcohol. You should make use of moisturizers all around liberally. 

You could try applying Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These acids are lovely to keep your skin always looking young. Have you seen Ariana Grande recently? She looks like she is growing younger, not older. 

My thoughts on How to Get a Flawless Film Star-Like Complexion 

Make sure you eat healthy meals. Meals that make you feel like yourself. Meals that make you inside you happy, content, and thriving. Because if all you can think of is having skin like Shakira of Beyoncé, you have a long way to go. These celebrities are happy people, and they are always doing the best they can. You can follow in their footsteps and do the best you can with these. You’ll be more than satisfactory. Look beautiful and better than your dream celebs.

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The Return of 90s Hip Hop Fashion

Have you noticed a few things from the nineties coming back to the public eye? I’ll talk about them now. Well, come on already. 

List of things that show the return of 90s Hip Hop Fashion 

  1. Dungarees

Out of all the wonderful and weird styles, the popularity of denim dungarees is welcome. It is one of the hardest things to place. Baggy or fitted having strapped with one part of it not done and then styling it out with things like button-ups, hoodies, and T-shirts. The unexpected trends have gotten cultural cosigns like those from the Fugees, TLC, Will Smith, and strong men of that age like Tupac. 

  1. Bold, Big Patterns

When Hip Hop started, it was broken down into various minor genres. After the eighties, there were a lot of styles that broke out for every group, respectively. In New York, there are artists like Quest De LA Soul, people like Native Tongues who were musical collectives that helped promote pro-black, Afrocentric, and African concepts. These included spirituality and positive thinking too. 

Some groups were distinguished by the striking outfits they had. These outfits included tie-dye, African wax prints, and also bright colors. 

Some styles influenced Will Smith’s clothing in the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where he made us know and learn a lot about nineties hip hop fashion. This made everyone feel collective levels of positivity and complete joy. 

  1. Denim

This list would not be complete in the absence of denim jeans. It could be a fashion staple these days. That was not the case right from day one. It was used from a variety of subcultures like the flower power movement. The eighties denim jeans moved from pure workwear to credible fashion garments, which heralded a brand new age of designer pieces of denim. 

In the nineties, we had beautiful labels like Calvin Klein, Moschino, Versace, Guess Jeans, which all led through to the way in fashion-focused high-end pieces of denim. Black-owned titles including FUBU and Phat Farm cemented denim, making it a massive part of the nineties hip hop wardrobe.

Artists from the west coast like Eazy E and Tupac from N.W.I also took this style to a different level. They paired denim jeans with oversized denim jackets for one to get the complete ensembles. 

My Thoughts on the Return of 90s Hip Hop Fashion

It’s fashion time, people. If you are a firm fan of fashion, then it’s your time to go at it tonight. I remember Kanye West and Rihanna wearing heavy Denim jackets and jeans for their Four Five Seconds video. They looked excellent in it. This means the nineties hip hop fashion is indeed coming back. Let’s all go shopping and get the best fashion trends from the nineties and feel among. So we would not be left out. I’ll get myself baggy jeans and a denim hat. What do you think? It would be nothing but amazing. Dungarees wouldn’t be a bad idea too you know.

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What You Need to Know About the Nike Tech Suit

I would give you all you need to know about Nike Tech Suit. Nike has updated its classic styles, and it has made use of a revolutionary reimagining of the sport fleece. This has evolved the function, feel and fit of Nike’s most iconic sportswear silhouettes. Nike’s Tech Fleece Collection signifies the bevy generation of classic sports apparel.

Nike Tech Fleece fabric altogether offers lightweight ultimate warmth, which response to the natural wearer’s motion. There are plush foams placed in between strands of cotton jersey, which creates a tri-layer fabric that provides a high level of warmth and comfort when needed. This smooth jersey facing gives garments streamlined, modern looks both outside and inside. In contrast, inner foams enhance the functionality of the fleece. Suppose it is warmer, lighter, and way more breathable than all of its previous predecessors. It also looks as great as it performs.

For the groundbreaking fabric to be highlighted, each style needs to be stripped down to its elements. Essentially end they need to get rebuilt from the inside to the outside. Some arms are also articulated, which helps enhance mobility, while restructuring also helps slim the seams and the top stitches. Also, ribbed cuffs were replaced previously by very dark elastic micro binds that have an updated appearance that complements very bold black zippers and a grey palette, which are traditional.

Other things to know about the Nike Tech Suit

Things like the collection’s backbone and then Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner recreates one of our most iconic jackets. These are also available for women and men. It mixes a complete zip front using side zip pockets and also micro elastic binding at hems. Also, the women’s features have thumb holes available at the cuffs for enhanced hand coverages.

The Nike Tech Fleece N98 and the AW77 Nike Tech Fleece were all updated using a bound seam instead of a kangaroo pocket that would be stitched. This gives for an immaculate appearance, access which is enhanced, and extra space for storage. There are left chest features which have zip pockets that are suggestive of the Nike Destroyer Jacket. There are also bolder, and they have bonded zips with media pockets internally for devices like phones and others. All of these are elements of the modern life available on the streets. Similarly, the Nike Tech Fleece Crew has its fantastic cut from the kangaroo pocket. There are also uneven ribbed hems which all add to the contemporary feel.

My thoughts on the things you need to know about the Nike Tech Suit

Nike is doing its best to keep its customers and then remain on top of its game. And I would have to bet on it that Nike is trying its absolute best. It is not easy to make a tech suit, let alone to make a tech suit that works and can even help the user hold their devices. That’s cool.

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Trendy Pet Clothes

For all the dog and cat owners out there. This piece is for you. Today I’ll be talking about some fantastic pet clothes that have been trending for quite a while now that you might not have been aware of. Let’s begin. 

List of Top Trendy Pet Clothes 

  1. Canine Styles

Of course, canine styles are number one on this list of mine. It is one of the top trendy Pet Clothes which you can see almost all the time celebrity dogs wearing on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. If you check the celeb dog, especially those based in New York, you will notice this fantastic design. You could even get a pair for yourself and have matching outfits with your pet, you know. 

You could go shopping for the entire collection at their website here

  1. Ruby Rufus

Ruby Rufus is an Amazing British Label from the UK. Have stunning fashion-forward snoods and sweaters for your dogs. This makes your dog look unique, different, and beautiful. Ruby Rufus has also teamed up with fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni around theblondesalad. Together, they’ve created a fantastic cashmere collection that she got the inspiration from Matilda, her French Bulldog. Ruby Rufus is also popularly known for her incredible variety of dog sweaters. These are wonderful, and they serve very well when winter comes. 

You could go shopping for the entire collection at their website here. 

  1. Ellen Degeneres

This fantastic TV personality and comedian has created her very own human clothes, accessories, home decor and now let clothes from unique bow-tie collars to the creation of preppy striped tees. Ellen will have your fantastic puppy dressing cooler than you if you let them. 

You could go shopping for the entire collection at their website here. 

  1. Oh, Joy!

The world cannot seem to get enough from the Oh Joy! Pet collection, which is available at Target. The designer, known as Joy Cho, has brought us very colorful and bright home decor. It also includes baby clothes, party supplies, and home decor. The new pet collection has had everyone racing to target before the supplies finish. 

You could go shopping for the entire collection at their website here. 

  1. Rororiri

This is officially designed by a brand new designer in nowhere but San Francisco. You already know that these designs would be both cool and easy to put on. This designer has created trendy Pet Clothes, including bandanas and cute-looking cardigans, for any occasion. These pieces are unique. Ensure that you do not run into another pet wearing the same outfit because the supplies were rushed.

My thoughts on these Trendy Pet Clothes

I love pets that look all special and unique and beautiful. Especially pets that are wearing the latest and the most trendy clothes. They end up looking good, you know. It’s pretty awesome, honestly. Oh well, get your pet one of these Trendy Pet clothes, shall you?. It is going to end up being a lot of fun.