What to Look for When Buying Vegan Sneakers

To start this article up, vegan sneakers are sneakers that are created using animal-based materials like leather. Some people say they want nothing but vegan sneakers, and they end up buying things that are entirely off. This article would explain all you need to know about what you should look for when you want to buy vegan sneakers. Are you ready? Let’s ride.

What to search for as you buy vegan sneakers 

You need to understand the materials vegan sneakers are made out of 

Knowledge is a lot of power, as is usually said. You need to get familiar with all the different types of vegan. These include cruelty-free materials. This would let you read the descriptions. You could ask the service customer reps the necessary questions. 

We have made a proper guide on some of the essential vegan materials. It is accessible on the internet. 

You need to research product lines and brands 

You should check and see if you have a brand with a vegan shoe policy available on their website. Several different shoe brands are presently promoting their vegan footwear collections. You can always get the details on this from the internet. 

If the brand you researched doesn’t come with its policy, we suggest you stuck to transparent companies. Make sure you big from vegan brands that are trusted like Ahimsa or Wills. You could reach out to companies too personally. 

We have friends available at Vegan8 who have handled a lot of your work. You could see the type of brands that are available there, also with the options for their products. 

Make sure you shop at reputable stores.

In 2019, there were many more options available via retail to purchase vegan shoes, from huge details like Zappos and Amazon to small retailers and boutiques like Moo Shoes. The options are so much. All you need to do is to select.

But from the beginning of the pandemic till right now, many of these retail stores had to close down. Then most of them started selling their services online through the internet. You could also access these retail stores from there right now if you desire. 

My thoughts on what to look for when Buying Vegan Sneakers 

Go for the best; look for the best. What I mean by my previous sentence is that you need to make sure you go for the vegan shoes with the highest quality. I know there’s also the affordability thing, but since you already desire vegan shoes, this already means budgeting is out of the picture. 

Also, make sure you go for the color and design you like personally. Don’t go shopping with someone that would be selecting what you would be wearing. It is different if someone gives the shoe to you as a present. If you are shopping yourself, make sure you purchase what your heart desires specifically. There we have it. Enjoy your day.

Live Stream Shopping is the Newest Fashion Trend

Like Luisa and Espirit, Bambuser is a live video shopping platform that showcases fantastic beauty brands and the latest fashion trends. Can you believe Live Stream shopping is the newest fashion trend? Well, I’m not surprised because the COVID 19 pandemic has done so much to the world. It has done so much I can’t even begin to explain its impact. 

The world has entered the world of live shipping. Being partners with Bambuser,  NAME IT is one of the highest-selling brands that launched its live shipping platform, which broadcasts all things available for sale. It has a dub name called NAME IT LIVE. Quite catchy right? 

NAME IT would broadcast a lot of times weekly. It has prominent Danish influencers on occasion. They take high part as guests or hosts. It has initially been restricted to a Danish audience. NAME IT LIVE’s inaugural broadcast kicked off on the 22nd of February 2021. 

We are all so proud of being one of the first Danish kids to have a brand that has launched a live shopping broadcast. This possibility is so unique, and we are glad that we could beautifully communicate with our customers. Using live streams, we would highlight trends and styles. We would also share content that’s more educational, like those from our Better Materials program. Matilde Louise Damsgaard stated this. She’s an international marketing manager from NAME IT LIVE. 

VERO MODA expects us to be available live on some specific days. We plan to run about three different shows on three different days. We have our main focus on Denmark, Germany, and then the Netherlands. 

VERO MODA expects to go live on Friday 26 February 2021, with a run of three shows in three days, with an initial focus on Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany.

When we checked out our statistics, we have fantastic live viewings from Facebook, which increased by about fifty percent all through the time the world was on lockdown. Viewings on IG increased by 70%. 89% of our consumers increased their live shopping in the year that’ll soon be here. That’s what VERO MODA stated. 

We do not doubt that this live format is highly relevant, and the direction retailers need to go through should be followed. Another essential thing for one to note is that consumers need to have proof before purchasing what they need, and they need to be reassured. Human-driven content like influencer streams is essential to create trust between the clients and the owners of the business.

My thoughts on live stream shopping

I’m excited about this, honestly speaking. Now people can shop for practically everything over the internet. WOW. Like, this great. Now I want a broadcast to go on. Let me select what I’ll like to purchase from Bambuser. They are doing a great job. I’m glad for them. We need more businesses to upgrade to this level of mobile freedom and innovation. Kuddos guys.

Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion and Design

Today I would be talking about Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion and Design. We all know that fast fashion shows garments made with machines, produced in high quantities, priced lowly, and then would have a deficient quality. They are the type of products that ends up in landfills. 

Slow fashion garments are those that are made using hand. They consume a lot of time, and they are done using a high level of talent. They have high prices and have very high quality.

These slow fashion clothes are comfortable and warm even after washing them over a while. They could last for a lifetime. 

Sustainable fashion is concerned with making use of upcycled, repurposed, organic materials. The selection is made by opting for materials with a reduced amount of chemicals, minimal impact, less waste, less resource, energy, and dyes. 

Slow fashion

The author of Sustainable Fashion, Kate Fletcher, explained the essence of shifting to a more sustainable fashion industry. This word was coined when she followed the prolonged movement of food. The main property of slow fashion is that it is produced with high quality and not in bulk. This is done with a high emphasis on craftsman skills. The raw materials are gotten locally as products are made with hands. All steps are checked gently, which makes the entire process very expensive. 

This slow fashion serves as an ethical bond between raw materials, the environment, and the labor force. The traditional and classic design methods of creating clothes and fabric are parts of it. This languid fashion is not seasonal. It doesn’t work as a trend, though. They all take time to produce and prepare, and they all have purposes with high levels of intention. This approach looks at the complete life cycle of the entire product. These are targeted and sustainable to serve for a very long period. These are available in tiny stores and not available in large retail outlets. Annually there are limited collections. 

What choices do people have?

Different people choose to purchase high-quality things; bio is degradable, limited edition, organic, primarily natural too. This is the result of the high amount of awareness caused by the harmful effects of speedy fashion.

My thoughts on Fast Fashion Vs. Sustainable Fashion and Design 

The thing is, the way everyone lives presently, we wear clothes for different reasons. Sustainable fashion and design are essential if you have essential places to go to, like a wedding or graduation or a classic dinner. Do you get it? But if you are staying at home. Not going anywhere special, there is no need for you to wear fancy cloth. That way, you can quickly wear something that was created massively. In other words, fast fashion has its time to shine; sustainable fashion and design also have their time to shine. The important thing is that you wear them when appropriate.

How to Clean Hats Properly

I’ll be talking about ways you can clean hats very well. I’ll be focusing my attention on baseball caps because they can get dirty. Let’s go. 

The Fast Clean

You can wash a baseball cap quickly using this method if it just needs an easy refresh. 

It would be best if you start by filling your basin or your sink using cold water. You can also drop some laundry detergent. Then dunk your hat and then let your water flow out. This way, you get to create some suds. Allow your baseball hat to stay in the foam for about five to ten minutes. 

It would help if you carried the hat and then rinse it seriously using cold water. Then squeeze the water out of the hat with ease. Do it like this so the brim wouldn’t get twisted. These could bend things out and rip the shape. Use clean towels and pat your hat down. You can hang your hat or change the shape of the hat. You can also use a towel to make it dry. 

But I’m sure this isn’t why you came to read this article. You want your baseball hat to look as clean as you bought it. That’s okay. That’s normal too. Read the next part of this article. That has precisely what you’re looking for. Don’t go putting your baseball hat inside the washing machine, though. 

The Deep Clean

Using these methods, you can change your baseball hat and make it so clean one would think you just purchased it. 

Wear gloves before you start. Use a basin or a sink with freezing water. Make use of Oxiclean as instructed by the producers. 

Target areas that have high stains. Put the hat inside the foam and then apply a detergent on the spot. You could make use of a very soft toothbrush and scrub the area gently. 

It would help if you allowed your hat correctly, along with your Oxiclean solution, for about an hour. You should check your hat, and then you should see if all those high stains are not there anymore. 

It would be best if you then rinsed your hat in immaculate cool water. You should follow the steps above to dry the hat by making use of a towel. 

If you’ve got a baseball hat that’s made with a brim from cardboard, you would not want to pour water all around. Make use of the detergent and attack those parts that have grave dirt.

Can I clean my Baseball Cap inside the dishwasher? 

You could wash it, I guess. But don’t do this all the time. It would be best if you washed it with your hands in the piece. 

If you want to use the dishwasher by force, use cold water and handle everything gently. Not in a rush.

But since you came here and I’ve taught you how you can wash your baseball hat by hand, why the dishwasher again. Using the dishwasher has lots of consequences, and you need to be very careful as you try using it on your lovely baseball hats. You’ve been warned.

How to Wear Leggings

There are some people that when you go outside your apartment to probably go to the mall or on your way to work, you see them wearing leggings in the worst ways possible. You would sit and wonder, why are you wearing those lovely pair of leggings like that? Well, this article would show you how you can adequately wear leggings and how you can look great. 

Ways you can wear Leggings like you’ve got a Crown. 

I’ll be looking at some of the things you should DO when it comes to putting on leggings. These tips are quite general. At times, you could have a beautiful outfit that looks great. These style tips could be broken, you know. It would help if you used these guidelines. They would help you in selecting leggings. They would show you how you can wear them and look epic. 

These tips are excellent. You don’t need to follow them through. It’s not by force, please. 

List of things you should DO. 

  1. You should wear leggings that fit you.
  2. It would be best if you stuck to only dark-colored leggings.
  3. It would be best if you stuck to solid colors


  1. It would be best if you remained classy. Don’t go for sexy only if you have plans.
  2. Make sure you wear sweaters or long tops that cover the beautiful part of you.
  3. Make sure you wear proper underwear.
  4. Layer your tops so you can get total balance.
  5. Wear your leggings with proper shoes.
  6. Make sure your leggings are the proper length.
  7. Make sure you’re comfortable. 

Ways you shouldn’t wear Leggings. 

Apart from the things, it would be best if you went above. This below is a list of what you should not do.

  1. Make sure you do not wear leggings that have crazy patterns. 
  2. Don’t wear leggings with bright neon colors. This shows parts of you that you want no one to see.
  3. Make sure you don’t wear leggings with shiny spandex.
  4. Make sure you throw out leggings that are faded.
  5. Don’t wear see-through or thin leggings.
  6. Don’t wear leggings to your office unless you fully dress them up.
  7. Don’t wear leggings with loose seams or holes, or rips.
  8. Don’t wear leggings with a top that’s too tight.
  9. Don’t ever wear white leggings. You can only do this if you have a tunic, long shirt, or you’ll dress them up. 

My thoughts on Leggings altogether. 

Leggings are quite remarkable. The thing is, are you wearing them right. I’ve seen people wearing some very horrible leggings. I wouldn’t lie to you. I have felt like stopping them down the tracks and asking them, “Hey girl, why did you put this on like this.” I want the best for you. I want you to put your clothes on, step out of the house, and I want you to feel glam. Do you understand me? I don’t want you going out and feeling shame and running back to the house. Dress well, feel well, enjoy.

Sunglasses as Fashion Statements Over the Years

Did you know that Sunglasses have served as grand Fashion Statements Over through the Years? Yup. Let me explain. These sunglasses have come a very long way since they got invented in the twelve hundreds. In the twentieth century, the entire world ultimately realized that these shades had become a product that changes according to time. This granted several different looks all through the years to come. 

I saw something I didn’t want to explain. So I’ll go down to it. Sunglasses have represented time as we know it. Like there are some sunglasses you’ll see immediately and be like, “Hey, this sunglass is from so so so era,” do you understand. Like that how these sunglasses have served and remained fashion statements all through the years. Well, let me explain how sunglasses can now be recognized through time specifically. 

From the 1920S

This was the time that sunglasses joined the fashion world, specifically in 1929. This was the time when Sam Foster started selling protective shades on boardwalks on Jersey Shores. It would take a lot of time for them to follow the entire world. Earlier, Hollywood started adopting Grants. These include round frames that showed the world how great these glasses could be. 

From the 1930S

These are beautiful sunglasses. They were seen mostly on the streets. People like Bette Davis enjoyed these glasses so much. Here lots of people continued wearing shades. They did not follow trends that changed with haste. They created precedents that had a classic shape that returned every ten years.

In the 1940S

This year, we had incredible pilots wearing this aviator that was practical at war. These wouldn’t enter the space of fashion till the 70s and 60s. At home, we have trendsetters that enjoy maximal ways of re-making round shades. These were frames that were colorful and quite thick. They had pairs which you needed to have. Pairs that if you did not have them, then you were not cool. 

They also ended up looking like flowers. So lovely. 

In the 1950S

This era marked the first change in the shape of sunglasses. The cat-eye changed and became immensely popular because it started looking like what you needed to wear to show that the wars didn’t kill you. This look was flattering, and it became a significant part of that era. It showed up on celebrities like Hepburn Audrey. 

In the 1960S

This style marked the beginning of the Renaissance culturally. These sunglasses changed as fast as people sewed buttons. These sunglasses changed without wasting any time. 

I don’t have a lot of space, so I’ll bring it down to the 21st century. 

Well, you know how we have glasses of every kind and from every era. I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t have, even if it’s a pair of glasses.

Glasses, especially sunglasses, are excellent, superb, work very well, and sharp. They’ve genuinely served as fashion statements all through years come years passed.

What is a Midi Dress and What Accessories Complement It?

Before we talk about the accessories that can complement a midi dress, let us briefly discuss what this kind of dress is. A dress that has its hem ending halfway between your ankle and knee is a midi dress. Traditionally, a midi skirt or dress usually ends in the mid-calf. But, most people do not like it when it ends right there.

Wearing a midi dress is not just wear it stops. You also need some accessories to complement it. In this article, we will point out some accessories that you can wear together with your midi dress to look good.

Accessories to complement a midi dress

Use a belt to enhance your look

Ensure that your midi dress has a waist that is clearly defined. You can as well use a sash or belt to flatter your appearance. It will look nice both for casual and office events. If you are going for a party, then a metallic sash, colorful waistbands, or jeweled belt can be used to transform your sheath-style midi skirt/dress into a stylish midi dress.

Get nice shoes

Whatever shoe you use can also contribute to your appearance in a midi dress. If you are wearing a casual lightweight midi dress, you can put on a nice-looking strappy pair of sandals that have a little heel as well as laces that stop at your ankle. This will make your legs to be visually elongated. Other nice sandals that you can choose are gladiator or ballet flats sandals; these styles are comfortable and you can wear them without worrying that they might cut your height off. Wearing wedges or espadrilles with laces will add more height, and will also give your midi dress more subtle sexiness and style. You can use them both for semi-formal and casual events. If you want to wear a midi dress with heavier fabrics, then you can keep warm with knee-length boots and booties.

Chose the appropriate bag

If you are looking for a nice bag to complement your dress, then a cross-body trendy bag is a nice pick. If you are going for a casual event or work, then a solid color or leather bag is preferable. But, if you are going for a holiday party, fine dining, and any other fancier venue, a cross-body metallic bag will work out. 

Rock a jacket

Presently, we are experiencing a comeback of denim jackets, and they are mostly used to top a midi dress to have an informal look. If you are attending a get-together party with your friends or are going to the office, you can use a nice denim jacket to complement your sheath or floral-themed midi dress. If you want to look edgy, then the best jacket for you is the cropped jacket on your midi dress. You will be ready to attend elegant events.

Complete the work with a lovely jewelry

Another accessory that you can use to complement your midi dress is jewelry. You just have to know the appropriate jewelry to wear and the ones not to wear, and you will be good to go.

Finally, do not forget to dress your hair and wear lovely makeup, and you will look astonishing in a midi dress.

Mom Jeans are back! Why High-Waist Jeans are in Fashion This Year

No one needs to tell you what they are; you will definitely know one when you see it. What are we talking about here? They are the Mom Jeans. They are always plain and simple with ballooning hips, generous thighs, and sky-high waist. Recently, these jeans were taken out of the market as many claims that they have become old-fashioned and unflattering, and that they are only for mothers.

These jeans that were once ridiculed in 2003 have made their way back and are now being embraced by sexy, slim celebs, including mothers Kourtney Kardashian and Sienna Miller, and also child-free starlets like Gigi Hadid and Jenner Kendall.

According to one global fashion-search podium, it was discovered that there were about 105% Mom Jeans searches. Right now, people, especially online shoppers in California and New York hunt more for mom jeans than skinnies.

Levi’s is already joining the train: In March, this brand made a new design of the old-fashioned denim shape. The global Women’s VP at Levi’s design, Jill Guenza, describes the Mom Jeans they newly made, as ‘familiar’, and that is actually what they are called.

The resurgence of Mom Jeans is on us.

Why high-way jeans came back in fashion

The creator of one celebrity-bog, Jessica Morgan, gives her verdict on why these jeans came back. She says that one reason why they came back is that they are so ’90s and that they will be like a kind of retro. She also says that people who wear them will find it entertaining.

Jessica Morgan also claims that the people who wear them, including the leggy, conventionally beautiful, and slim ones are rocking them not because they are so beautiful. She said that it is just fashion stuff where things are worn intentionally because they are ugly and interesting.

Amy Leverton who forecast trends and is also the creator of “Denim: Obsession, Vintage, Style,” explains that those mom jeans that have a high roomy butt and nipped-in waist, taper, and then hips and thighs, done in the acid wash or stone wash, were not always a sort of joke.

Leverton explains that the first appearance of these jeans in 1980 referenced the “starlet shapes” that are seen on curvy ladies like Marilyn Monroe. This style was restructured in a different and modern way, but it has a kind of pinup attitude.

This denim cut that is now divisive was a response to the straight-legged, skin-tight style that was molded in the Calvin Klein advert of 1980 by Brooke Shields. Instantly, one bottle-blonde singer, Madonna, adopted it.

Leverton said that she began to notice the renaissance of this trend in 2010 in Europe. This was after Jessica Simpson was cruelly ridiculed on the internet because she was seen with a pair of high-way jeans while performing in Florida in January 2009.

Since then, body positivity has become fashionable, & Morgan suggests that the growing trend of Mom Jeans is actually good news for women.

Since that time, mom jeans continue to become popular and many women and ladies are happy with them. Today, we have the high-way jeans in fashion again.

New Color Blocking Fashion Trends in 2021

The fashion week in New York may have been meandering down already, but the street style of the city has continued to pave way for trends that you need to be familiar with and need to try out today. From the classic dugout coats to audacious animal print, there is a continuous growth of the catalog of styles that you must have as we approach fashion month.

So far, the street style has also been experiencing color stories surfeits. The show-goers of New York and Copenhagen have together proven that investing in the all-over brown trend is really worth the penny. It is also now evident that secondary and primary colors, such as fire-engine red, classic blue, 2020 Pantone’s color, and Kelly green are now becoming core street style color-blocking that are worn together.

As we already know, each year has its trend, and so does color blocking fashion has in 2021. In this article, we will talk about some of the 2021 colorful trends that you need to know and can also try out. Below are 7 ideas that can help you be on track:

New fashion trends in 2021 (color-blocking)

Tory Burch

The first that we are going to talk about is the tie-waist dress (Tory Burch)

If you are talking about a color-blocking dress that has contrasting colors, then this one is a typical example. You are free to pair red with green, as far as there is a contrasting color is used as a drawl or accent. Presently in the market, this Tory Burch dress tie-waist dress is available at 798 USD.

Mohair-blend Logo-Patch Loewe Scarf

The second on our list is the logo-patch Loewe scarf.

This scarf is now reckoned as a staple of the street style, and it is one of the trends that you may like to try out in 2021. It is easy to know why a lot of people love this fashion trend. The main reason is that you can use any outfit to wear this color-blocking scarf. If you have up to 270 USD, then this scarf can be all but yours.

The Row (Ballet flat canvas)

Another trend of 2021 that we have for you is The Row brand of canvas. Secondary colors have been added perfectly to this brand. The sum of 790 USD will get it for you.

Mara Hoffman Cloque Dress

Number 4 on our list of 2021 color-blocking fashion trends is this cloque dress that is being sold for $995. Mere looking at it will make you know its worth.

Ceramic Tray (Octaevo Apollo)

This little item can do two things for you. It can make your home have a touch of 2020 Pantone’s color and can also serve as a tray for you to keep your keys, and you know what this means; that will not get missing. Just $38 can get you this tray.

Panama Notebook (Smythson)

You can upgrade your journal from black to yellow with this brand for $105.

To follow the 2021 color-blocking fashion trends, then you may need one or some of the items/brands mentioned above.

Why Fashion is Important to Culture

First of all, I can’t imagine a culture that doesn’t have its fashion. Like that does not even make sense to me. Do you get it? Fashion is significant to culture. I feel it is essential to society because it lets people show off their personalities. I can see someone’s dress sense, and I can guess for sure that I know how this person behaves or how his mind works. And that’s just it. We all know that fashion has been a responsible part of culture and society all through the ages. As the human world has been developing, so has clothing. People wore all the things continued to create, from the epic arcs of printed dresses made of silk produced in the beautiful China dynasty to the corseted elaborate ball gowns from England’s eighteenth century. These are imaginative and colorful ways and designs that man, cultures, society, and people have developed over time. 

Fashion World Stigma 

We all know that it is a fact. There are many stigmas associated with the fashion world, which we can all follow, go through, and understand. These can be harsh and restrictive, and there are very unrealistic model expectations which not everyone can follow through. The available fashion should be about how unique culture is. The general sense of style should be about what one has got in them. It should be about what’s trending or what’s the latest. Fashion is essential in society. It brings in several different people from all parts of life. 

Many people feel that the modern fashion world could make people dress in a specific type of way all the time. Well, I believe that fashion in culture aids in helping everyone celebrate their very own individuality. The best way to love yourself is to put on what you love and enjoy and be yourself. 

Why Is Fashion Important to Culture 

As mentioned earlier, fashion is essential to culture because, to begin with, what is culture? Culture refers to the practices a group of people in a society, or a community performs. This includes their tribe, their clothes, the language they speak, which part of the world they are from, and other things. Without fashion, the culture of a lot of people would be left incomplete. And if it is not complete, that means it is not what it is supposed to be. Do you get my point? These are the reasons why fashion is essential and highly important for culture and culture.

Imagine if someone asks you which part of the world you’re from? The next question that’s to come would be which type of clothes is native to where you come from. That’s to show how important fashion is to culture. We are all from different parts of the world. If we aren’t, then our parents are. 

With hopes to bring us all together comes fashion in culture. I hope you fully understand at this point.