Holiday Dress Trends for 2021

Need some ideas for your late-summer wardrobe or are you planning a killer outfit collection for your winter holidays look no further. In this article, some of the most fabulous and up-to-date trends are going to be highlighted.

. Extra-long Fringe

First up on this list is something you can’t resist twirling in for your entire day. This trend comes with a long list of variations to suit your taste. Go with a Tye Dye Fringe mesh dress if you are someone who likes attention or just wants to make heads turn, better believe a lot of heads will be turning when you appear at a party in this. Another variant of this trend that may suit your taste is Blanca’s long fringe. This long fringe design is a combination of simple and stylish with its asymmetrical sleeves and silky top and fringed lower half defiantly one that should be in your collection.

. Dramatic Puff Sleeves

This is one trend that never fully dies and keeps coming back even loader than it was before. You can almost never go wrong with this trend and its numerous design pattern out there. A good design example of this trend is a Denim puff sleeve top, looking good on almost anyone that puts it on.

. Bold Checks

With the right design, this trend can earthier make you look playful and approachable or sexy serious. A good way to show off these trends glow would be to rock it in some gorgeous Georgette Pleated Skirt. Those will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face showing off your happy mood.

. Bright Faux-fur Coats

And now for a trend that will make you look like a trendsetter, Bright Faux-fur Coats will keep you warm in the winter while making you look hot and stylish. With designs like the Snow Lynx Animal-Print Faux Fur Coat adding a touch of the wild to your outfit, there is no way you are not getting one of these for your winter collection.

. Cutout Marino Wool Turtleneck Sweater

Take your mind to your regular turtleneck now think of it getting a massive upgrade and you get the Cutout Marino Wool Turtleneck Sweater. Pair and variant of this trend with some lovely blue jeans and some boots or sandals and you are ready to ball.

. Rag and Bones Deconstructed tux without a shirt

If you feel like trying something bold then try out this shirtless tux combination guaranteed to keep eyes on you and set a very bold statement.

Now that you are done picking out your outfit check out Vogue for accessories and more celebrity trends.if these trends weren’t enough for you and you still haven’t found one that scratches your fashion hitch then check out  cosmopolitans list

black and white short coated dog

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Moving Day

Moving is stressful enough, but moving with a dog can add an extra layer of stress you don’t want. They get scared if they hear the moving truck or are left alone to restlessly wonder where you went. It may be best to leave them home to wonder why you’re gone all day instead of moving them somewhere new.

Moving can cause several problems for your dog because moving tends to be very loud and scary. There are moving trucks that have signs on saying “Don’t strand pets” in order to make people take their dogs with them when moving.

The moving process can also cause separation anxiety because it means its owner will be leaving for hours, which causes the dog to not trust the owner around other people (in this case movers) and be suspicious because it thinks the owner will leave them behind. Dogs may also chew or scratch because moving boxes make strange sounds when they are moved around by moving men.

If your dog doesn’t like moving or gets separation anxiety, it’s best to leave them at home with someone who can watch them during moving day. Pets also get frightened by moving trucks (and if you’re moving in the summer, there is the added threat that your pet could overheat). If your dog gets too hot, they could suffer from heatstroke which requires immediate medical attention while being brought back to a cool temperature while being given water/fluids via an IV drip. Because of this possibility, some companies have signs on their moving trucks saying “Don’t strand your pet.”

If you have to move with your dog, here are a few tips:

– Make sure they’re wearing an identification tag just in case they get lost in the moving shuffle.

– Bring their usual food and water so their stomach doesn’t get upset from a sudden change in diet.

– Crate train them before moving day so they’re used to being in a small space for a period of time.

– If they react badly to moving trucks, try putting them in another room where they can’t see or hear the moving process taking place.

– Bring a favorite toy or blanket to help comfort them.

– Give them lots of love and attention on moving day to make up for you being gone.

– Make moving day a gradual process by moving them to new areas of the house or moving their crate closer to the moving truck before moving day comes.

– Work with a moving company that has worked with pets in the past. A quick call with the moving company should help you answer this question.

Make sure you care for your dog on moving day and keep them safe from harm!

Ear Cuffs and Other ’90s Jewelry Make a Comeback

Ear cuffs and other 90’s jewelry are making a comeback with some modern twists as celebrities rock them on the red carpet. Sure there were a large number of styles on the 25th annual critic’s award but ear cuffs were what stole the show. Different celebrities showcased this 90’s trend in their own marvelous and unique way. An example was Kristen Bell’s ear cuffs which featured a dropped long diamond design. Another spectacular design showcasing this trend was Anne Hathaway’s ear cuffs which wrapped around her ears gorgeously.

There were different popular trends in the ’90s like baggy jeans and name-plated necklaces but ear cuffs have persevered and are making a come back. With this tread popping back up more and more one better be able to know how to put on ear cuffs and all the different designs to not be left behind by the times. Let’s start with looking at some ear cuff designs the will make anyone look stunning.

. Missoma Silver Pyramid Ear Cuff

These rhodium plated silver ear cuffs are little and don’t take up much ear space which allows one to put on multiple to increase your beauty.

. AeraVida Treble Clef Ear Cuffs

Next up on our lost will have people looking your way just like a charm. This sterling silver ear cuff features a dangling design the can be worn at an orbital position.

. Cherryzz Ear Wrap

Up next on this list, this 18k gold plated ear cuff is definitely going to make a statement. This ear cuff wraps around your ear before being hung up by an orbital hugging cuff.

. AeraVida Dreamcatcher & Ear Cuff Chain

This ear cuff is definitely going to be in a lot of people’s dreams as its simple yet stylish design will make the look fabulous even in people’s dreams. Made with sterling silver and very lightweight this can be worn on the orbital or helix.

. Missoma Claw Celestial Ear Cuff

This 18k gold vermeil mixed with solid sterling silver is simply just elegant. This is a piece that will surely be loved by start-inspired jewelry lovers. This ear cuff features a stacked design that gives it the illusion of being three in one then a star sits on the end.

. SLUYNZ Silver Wave Cuff Earrings

Lastly, ear cuffs made with 925 sterling silver can be worn differently, either by fixing it on your cartilage and dropping it to full length or securing the middle inside your piercing. Different patterns can be used on different sides to give more beautiful looks.

With so many different designs finding an ear cuff that helps you rock the red carpet should be easy enough. And. if you are worried about getting multiple piercings then fear not because some can be worn without piercing to enable you to ride the trend wave.

Celebs Who Use Liposomal Vitamin C

Looking at some celebrities you may think that they have never walked a day in the sun. With their soft glowing skin and no trace of any burns or scars on their body. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian have a seemingly ageless beauty. It makes you wonder what their secret is?, the secret is one beauty item that you should always have on your shopping list Liposomal vitamin c. But what exactly does vitamin c do to the body that makes it shine.

Benefits of vitamin c

We all know that vitamins, in general, all have benefits that they add to the body, but what makes vitamin c stand out especially in the beauty sector. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to protect you from the effect caused by free radicals. Its main job in the body is the help in development, growth and it also helps to repair damaged tissues in the body. Although vitamin C is essential for the body it cant produce it on its own so we need to constantly consume it. Women are recommended to have a daily intake of 75mg of vitamin C and an average of 90mg for men. It is soluble in water and can be found in different fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C is advised to be gotten from food but some people use supplements like Liposomal Vitamin C . Some of the major benefits  of consuming vitamin C daily are

. It increases the functioning of the immune system

Constantly taking vitamin c at recommended dosages will greatly improve the ability and strength of your immune system to fight against diseases.

. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure

Vitamin C helps relax the blood vessel that carries blood throughout the body which lowers blood pressure.

. It reduces the risk of heart disease

Studies have shown that people who take vitamin C at recommended levels have lower chances of having heart diseases than people who don’t.

. It prevents iron deficiency

One benefit of taking vitamin C is that it helps adsorb the irons needed for your body to function.

. It reduces the effects and duration of the common cold

No wonder you don’t see celebrities sneezing their noses out on the red carpet. Vitamin C reduces the severity of the common cold and duration by helping the body produce collagen that toughens the skin.

Why you should use Liposomal Vitamin C

At this point, you could wonder why you need Liposomal vitamin C when you can get vitamin C from your food? The answer is the in the definition of the word liposomes. Liposomes a nano-sized bubbles that have the ability to travel through the body’s cells by mimicking cell membranes. This aids in the absorption of the substance it is carrying, in this case, vitamin C. Although you may have to consume higher dosages to get the full effect of the liposomes. Now you know why Gwyneth Paltrow never gets on a flight without

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

You remember smiling when your kid suggested painting your nails for you. But you’re not smiling now as you spot the red nail paint all over your white pants. Aarrgh! Kids will be kids. And you, an adult will continue to be an adult- trying to clean up their mess. Just before you apply whatever solution you’ve found on that DIY (Do It Yourself) video and possibly make things worse, read this article on how to get nail polish out of clothes to learn of the factors to consider and the right way to go about it.

Factors to consider

The thing with nail polish stain is that it is way more than stain from dye stain and that is why you should consider the following factors:

  1. The kind of fabric stained

When trying to get nail polish out of clothes, it is important that that you consider the type of fabric involved. For fabric such as wool, silk, and others with natural fibers, the best option may be to engage the services of professionals who are best equipped to remove the stain. For synthetic fabrics or cotton, getting nail polish out of clothes is easier.

  1. Whether the fabric contains acetate, triacetate, or modacrylic

Acetate, triacetate, and modacrylic are chemical compounds utilized in the production of some fibers. If the fabric stained contained any of these chemical compounds, you have to be wary of the kind of nail polish remover you use lest the fabric deteriorates.

  1. Color

Before attempting to get nail polish out of clothes, you ought to consider what color the clothes areas the color could in a long way determine what kind of nail polish remover you utilize. I mean, if the clothes are white, you could apply a chemical as powerful as hydrogen peroxide. But if the clothing is of a different hue, hydrogen peroxide will most definitely do damage to it.

How to get nail polish out of clothes

To get nail polish out of clothes, where the stain is fresh, try to get as much nail polish you can off the clothes by dabbing the stained area gently with a clean white cloth. When you have confirmed that the clothes contain no acetate, triacetate, or modacrylic, you can use a nail polish remover with these components. Where the clothes contain those chemical compounds, it is best to source for nail polish removers without those compounds; or, use hairspray or another dry cleaning solvent to get the stain out.

Where the fabric is made of material that you can wash, after applying the required nail polish remover to the stained area, use a sponge in blotting motions while you place a towel under the stained area to soak up the stain. Repeat this until you’re satisfied with the look of the garment. Then, apply cold water and wash the garment as you usually would.


You can smile now! Apply our tips on how to get nail polish out of clothes and see that you don’t have to be so crossed at your kids. After all, kids will be kids!

Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends

We all know that fashion is fluid and never static. The dynamic state of fashion has continued to move with the times. In the new normal that is the COVID-19 pandemic, fashion has evolved to accommodate the “new normal”_ Athleisure clothing. “Athleisure” which is coined from the words “athletics” and “leisure” represents the combination of sportswear usually and formerly in the exclusive preserve of athletes or those who visit the gym and leisurewear. This merger, that is athleisure, are a growing trend and one that can be traced to the lockdown and certainly seems bound to continue for a long time after. We know you want to move with the times and that is why we have created this list of Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends for your perusal.

  1. Tennis Dressing

During the height of the pandemic, we had no choice but to stay at home to keep safe from the scourge. We sat in our short skirts and short like the ones donned by Tennis players and even now as the restrictions are being lifted, that trend is to continue. There’s something extra stylish yet so simple about tennis dressing that even if you’ve never played the sport, it is a look you should go for as it is set to continue trending this Fall 2021.

  1. Terry Fabric

Terry fabric makes it onto our list of Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends not just for its ability to keep you warm but because it is very comfortable. You can make your Terry Fabric work by styling it into shorts or sweat pants accentuated with jewelry.

  1. Sports Bras

Sports bras have always been a thing. But non-traditional sports bras backless tops and front with low rise cuts are expected to trend this Fall 2021. While these non-traditional sports bras will perform the task of normal sports bras, they are a riskier choice as they are shaped better.

  1. Cutouts

This COVID-period has had us all covering up to limit the risk of infection. But with the COVID-19 vaccine readily available and restrictions being lifted, it is expected that people want to show more skin. And with that expectation comes the trend of cutouts that are in themselves sexy and stylish.

  1. One-shoulder Tops

This Fall 2021, one-shoulder tops are bound to make a resurgence. They will replace your everyday tank tops. It is a classy and sexy look that shows just the right amount of skin.

  1. Brands

One trend which is bound to continue to trend this Fall 2021 is branding. Before now, it was commonplace to see designers promote their brands by plastering their names on their garments. In Fall 2021, their approach is more subtle. The trend now is for designers to use the logos of their brands as a design on their own.

  1. Jumpsuits

Our Fall 2021 Athleisure Clothing Trends would not be complete without jumpsuits. Jumpsuits save you the hassle of finding a bra that matches your leggings. They are a fashionable way to finesse that sophisticated monochrome look and they are set to trend this Fall 2021.

Beauty Benefits of Hair Oil

Just like our body system requires nourishing food to keep going, our hair also requires its food to keep it in good condition. Hair Oil is the food for hair. The right kind of hair oil like Ayush Herbs contains essential nutrients necessary to keep your hair shining and healthy. Ayush Herbs also has anti-greying properties and prevents your hair from falling off. Are you still in doubt as to the Beauty Benefits of Hair Oil? This article is for you.

Beauty Benefits of Hair Oil

  1. Nature’s own medicine

Hair Oil such as Ayush herbs is derived from nature. Studies show that they are part of the pharmaceutical heritage of India- a country where hair is a cash crop- and aims at preventing diseases that may affect hair rather than treating it. Hair Oil protects hair from swelling or drying scalp that usually results in itching, dandruff, dry hair, and ultimately, hair loss. Hair oil does this by serving as a bridge between cuticle cells.

  1. Helps with Exfoliation

Exfoliation in this context is the process through which the skin layer is removed. As nourishing food reinvigorates the body, so does hair oil revitalizes the scalp. Conditioners and shampoos do not come even close when you compare how hair oil penetrates the scalp. When Hair oil is massaged gently into the scalp, it can help to reduce the rate at which hair falls.

  1. Hair Treat

While the application of conditioner and shampoo has enormous advantages, there is no doubt that because of some of the chemicals that they contain, conditioners and shampoos have their drawbacks. These chemicals may sometimes diminish or remove certain nutrients inimical to the continued growth of hair. One of the essential hair nutrients that are usually affected by chemicals is lipid. Lipids help to make the hair healthy and glossy. And since they are one of the main components of the fatty acids that are contained in hair oil, you won’t have to worry whenever you wash your hair as long as you apply hair oil.

  1. Prevention of  frizzy hair

Hair oil ensures the beauty of your hair by preventing frizzy hair. A recommended way to utilize hair oil to achieve this is to gently apply the hair oil to your scalp and through your hair. Allowing the hair oil to sit overnight will produce the best effects.

Why Choose Ayush Herbs for?

Why not? Ayush Herbs utilizes the very best of Mother Nature incorporated with the very best of modern science to achieve the perfect mix. Besides, Ayush Herbs uses and advocates the usage of farming techniques that ensures the safety and wellbeing of our planet Earth. So, if you want lush, glowing, healthy hair, you know what product to choose- Ayush Herbs.

What is Fashion Design in 2021?

All through the year 2020, it was honestly a challenging year for a variety of fashion names. It is also seen as a talent explosion, from Central Saint Martins graduations to the TV Reality Competition’s winners. There have been many brand new designers that were unleashed into the world in a truly very dark year. Some of these designers became recognized by Netflix. Others became popular with stars like Kylie Jenner. Many others learn how they could run their businesses after they launched their brand during the Pandemic. All of these designers had epic skills, and because of these skills, they left grand marks in the fashion industry. These brands were around for some months or a few years. But it didn’t matter. These creatives enhanced the understanding the world had on the definition of fashion and what it could be in the future for many people. 

Designs From Chopova Lowena 

One of the breakouts that are the most noticeable includes the design from Chopova Lowena. It became a gem that was at Fashion Week in a lot of places. Harry Styles, in his brand new Vogue editorial, made use of my too. 

Designs from Minju Kim

In the year 2020, Minju Kim started on a great note, and she became a celebrity hurriedly after she won the competition from Netflix. The name of the show where she won was called Next in Fashion. As a result of her being a rising star, she released two great collections from Net A Porter, which featured her signature colorways. They had feminine and romantic volumes. 

Designs from Mowalola Ogunlesi

After  Mowalola Ogunlesi finished college from Central Saint Martins in 2017, her brand became known for its provocative gender-fluid designs. This designer born in Nigeria has pieces that draw inspiration from the seventies, and it has that awesome psychedelic rock. This makes several statements that are both provocative and sexy. These look like her bullet wound dress which the popular Naomi Campbell wore. She’s a 25-year old that has become a household name in the fashion industry. She’s now the design director for the popular YZY Gap. The YZY Gap is a rising brand which is going to grow because it is run by someone like Mowalola Ogunlesi. 

My thoughts on Fashion Designs in the Year 2021

These designs are awesome, superb, and brand new in their ways, forms, and styles. It surprises a lot of people that brand new designers create these fashion designs. People like LV and other popular designers are relaxing and leaving it to the new designers in the club. It is cool because that was the way the designers that created trends from the twenties allowed the set of designers before the new millennials to create awesome fashion trends. 

So if you want to wear the latest trends, you know the designers you should follow or who’s clothes you should patronize. You can’t go wrong when you wear one of the fashion designs from these designers listed above. 

How to Become a Fashion Model

Hi there, so you want to be a model. That’s no problem. This piece welcomes you. Today, I’ll show you how you could become a fashion model, and I’ll give you the head start a lot of people like you do not have. 

Ways you can get into modeling. 

Have you ever thought about how you could start? It isn’t an easy dream you have. But if you’ve got the talent and determination, you are already on the right path. 

List of things to do to start your fashion modeling journey 

You need to decide on the type of model you would love to become 

It would be best if you googled many agencies that are into the niche you want to enter. Check out those that have a strong reputation in your niche. 

Send applications to these agencies. 

You should either check out their forms on the internet or join an open call to know all it takes before you can be a model for these agencies. 

It would be best if you practice your modeling poses. 

As a lot says, it of masters on everything and anything. Practice makes perfect. Practicing your modeling poses would be easy, simple, and wouldn’t stress you out so much as it would have if you didn’t practice when it was time to do the job. 

This is when you create your professional portfolio, which showcases all of your talents. 

You organize all the things you can do if you could get gigs out of the agency you’re working for. 

It would be best if you created a very strong presence on social media 

Your physique and your complexion need to be taken care of. You can do this by exercising properly. 

It would be best if you were persistent. 

Being rejected by a lot of agencies is a huge part of the job. Don’t let it get to you mentally. If you get turned away or don’t hear back from the agency you applied at, never give up. 

Attend a lot of castings 

You need to act cautiously to ensure you are safe all through your castings and your transit to different agencies. 

What are the types of modeling available? 

There are top models like Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. These work for high fashion houses. In the modeling world, things are extremely competitive, and many agencies strictly prefer ladies/people that are slim and tall. 

There are commercial models. These models are used by catalog and high street brands. They feature models in their ad campaigns, and they promote the latest season’s designs. The requirements are more relaxed slightly as they opt out for looks that are accessible. 

Then there are models which cover only teenagers. These models are for those from the age of twelve to seventeen. Teenagers or adults can only do these jobs with petite bodies. 

So there we have it. With this piece, you know all you need to on becoming an awesome fashion model. 

How to Style Short Hair

Your beautiful short hair is one of a kind. The thing is, people don’t know it yet. I’m sure you’ve got hair like gold, but you don’t know how to style it. Don’t worry. This diva will show you some awesome tricks you can use to style that beautiful hair of yours. So get your comb to let’s do this. 

Ways you can Style your Short hair

I hope you know that Bobs are quite classic. This is a version that Kaia Gerber wears. It is so cool too. As instructed by Rosenkranz, for you to have this look, you should start by putting a smoothing serum, then make sure your hair is blown and dried using a wet brush. You need smooth hair, but you don’t need to stress yourself on getting it straight perfectly. After it gets dry, you should get your medium-sized sections and use a curling or flat iron to bend it gently at the end. Bend this both away and towards the face. This could alternate different sections for you to get a natural feel. 

Another excellent tool option is the brand new Styling Iron. This would help you shape your hair to different amazing styles. It is like a wand, curling iron and flat iron all in one. You could break your hairstyle using these different tools. You get to create natural looks instead of a pattern that’s uniform to the texture. 

Have you tried the Beyoncé short hairstyle before? This would make you want to cut your hair some more. For you to achieve this, you need to make use of some pixie cuts. These cuts are chic naturally. But, add in some textured take. This gives you that fresh, breezy look. To get this awesome but easily maintained look, you need to style simply using a little amount of wax or molding paste. You should try Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste. You can get this for thirty-nine dollars, and trust me when I say it will do the trick.

We all know Mica Arganaraz. Being one of the best poster girls of shag, she worked with the texture of her hair and embraced all of her curls. She achieved a beautiful look that is both cool and casual. Some layers got added to her awesome but shaggy texture. This created movement and softness. These reduced the high amount of frizz, and it let the hair curls enjoy themselves. Of course, you could always blow-dry this using a diffuser or air dry it instead. 

If you want to keep your beautiful short hair all healthy and bouncy, you should make use of a detangling conditioner when you take your bath. Then, all you need to do is put it on, comb your hair, apply it, comb it through one more time and then rinse everything when you’re done. But make sure you do all of this before you officially take your bath. This would keep your hair glowing after you’re done.